Monday, July 24, 2017

Diddy Crops Kim Porter?

Last month Kim Porter posted a shady family picture on Instagram cruelly cropping Sean Diddy Combs' other baby mama Sarah Chapman and their daughter Chance from the photo [click here if you missed that].

Now it's Kim who's been cropped...

Over the weekend Diddy was photographed on a yacht off the coast of Italy with Sarah and Chance, girlfriend Cassie and the twins while celebrating Chance's 11th birthday with Kim Porter conspicuously missing.

Adding insult to injury, Diddy posted a video heaping praise on Sarah's co-parenting skills.

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Go here to see the pics


Chrissy Snow said...

There is something very sisterwives-like about Diddy's family. If they like it, I love it but I would need more.

Anonymous said...


Well you probably have dreams and goals....these girls don't.

HHIC said...

Eh. He's always praising Kim as well. I'm sure as long as they're content, don't cause any trouble that would bring bad press, and toss his salad on demand he'll continue to praise them. The first baby mama was the only one unwilling to play and out for blood. Does he praise her ass?lol

Anonymous said...

All these women are in line due to some sort of gag order, clause, contract or what have you that he probably had them all sign. You never truly hear none of them out of line

I troll it like I see it said...

The one thing you can say about this shady well dressed Scorpio is he is a good father. Kim seem's to me like she wants to be head wife, but Puffy's ass is obviously into Polyamory. She choose to be in a relationship with this type of male. At least the children are well looked after and he does see to it that all the siblings know each other and have a good relationship.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry, I can't get why people give him a pass cuz hes a supposedly a good father. A good father doesn't have 8 kids (calm down I'm estimating here!!) by 4 different women nor get 2 women pregnant at once.
A good father will MARRY and have children to pass on a legacy and build roots.

This guy is a greedy whore that managed to find the right dummies to incubate for him.

Anonymous said...

Diddy crop game is strong

Don't see why anyone would have an issue with grown people getting along for the sake of their children. The triplets seem close and grew up together. It's better than when Kim was acting like a bitch and didn't want her children around Chance. Say what you want but more people should learn to put their personal feelings aside for the sake of the kids.

I mean it's not like Diddy wants any of them. His heart belongs to French Montana.

Anonymous said...

A good father will MARRY and have children to pass on a legacy and build roots.


I know married men with kids who are HORRIBLE. You never heard of a Married single mom? Was Kevin Hart a good father to his kids and a horrible husband? Yes

Just one example trust there are plenty. Diddy is a good father even to the ones not from his seman. It's not like he's the type of father Future is...

Anonymous said...

Peter married Amina and still managed to knock Tara up.

Nobody should get married or stay in an unhealthy marriage for the sake of the kids. Kids sense unhappiness plus they will grow up thinking that it's okay to stay with an ass.

Sidenote: Girls Trip movie did great at the box office. It's a must see if you haven't already. Tiffany is hilarious.

Tired of blackwards logic! said...

Most men, IMO can be horrible. Im not saying P. DUMMY as a husband would be a better person, but it would make him a more responsible one.
People trying to normalize the fact that he fucked both Kim and the other without protection and had e kids our of it. Wtf?!?
MARRIAGE grants a family many protections that single mama-hood will not give you.

Common sense 101.111111111111!!!
Stop normalizing hoodbooger ghettotry, even when said booger is "rich"!

Anonymous said...

...and if marriage does not work, divorce is legal in this country last time I checked.
Kids deserve a 2 parent married home, like your grandparents had.
Breaking from tradition is the worst thing Black people have ever done.
But keep listening to Marge if you want.

Anonymous said...

All this is effeminate high school shit.
Look how people have become childlike, stunted and immature.
Can anyone imagine Marvin Gaye or Curtis Mayfield pulling this shit? No, cuz they stood for shit. These new age dummies only stand for money and as much sex as possible.
But he's a millionaire so it's ok,

I troll it like I see it said...

@2:59 PM
Eddie long, Steve Harvey, Bill the pill Cosby, Bill couldn't keep it in his pants if you paid him Clinton, Kevin Heart, Dion Sanders, Woddy Allen and Legions of others, my own grandmother was married for 50 years to a man who treated her like shit, and bullied his children and kept the house in such a state of fear, anxiety and depression, all four of his kids despite being college educated turned out to be fucked up adults with a ton of issues. To you and other harping on marriage, this is why we have so much fucked up people on the planet, most came from married homes. You idiots need to move past your indoctrination of marriage, marriage was created by patriarchy women were considered properties of their husbands, in India with bride burning and flinging acid in wives faces, middle east routine honor killings of wives and daughters, Asia where women are treated like shit. Yeah marriage is really the gold standard of achievement. Diddy is a pos, but he does take care of his children which is more than you can say of the average married man. No one is normalizing his shit, these low self esteem women choose this promiscuous man, like Cassie wasting her youth on a narcissistic male. For the type of male he is, its surprising he's "appears" to be a good father. I know plenty of horrible married man, in my family and outside. Every last one of my associate sister friends who are married are unhappily married, their children are unhappy in a home devoid of love, compassion, nurturing and caring. But these women are too attached to the "image" of being Mrs so and so. I stopped listening to them complain about their miserable lives and fucked up husbands, because I realized they themselves are also fucked up why they stay in a unhealthy, dysfunctional "union" Please stop placing such a high value on an outdated institution, most of the republicans are married that has not stopped them getting caught in bathrooms with underage boys lol I could go on and on.

Anonymous said...

What kids need are parents who can get along. Parents who can love them unconditional. It doesn't matter if it's under the same roof or not. Two people shouldn't have to be forced together if they aren't happy together. People grow and fall out of love everyday. This isn't the 50s.

I would say the Welfare system destroyed the black family more than old traditions but then half of yall wouldn't be able to post here with your Obama phones.

Responding to someone in the twilight zone said...

Hey, "I troll it like I see it" AKA "Nubian Goddez". Nice to see you commenting again, but you're gonna have to suppress this manic state you're in, for the sake of my ADD. Please.
Listen, I read up until you got emotional and called me an idiot.
Sorry your family was fucked up, but I stand by my opinion.
And for the sake of your blood pressure, I'm gonna step aside last you want to stroke out.
But you can rant more if you want! Just know I'm scrolling through your diatribes from now on. Lol.

Anonymous said...

3 28


Thank you! People act like coming from a 2 parent home is the key to success.

Anonymous said...

Right 3.41 because your 2.59 comment was laid with sweetness and compliments. Why would Troll not follow that same tone.


Anonymous said...

Why not just abstain from having kids with a man or woman you don't see yourself with in the long run?
Kids are not like having a puppy litter with a 12 year life span. Lol
Why are these new age black women sooooo against remaining single with no kids or getting married before ya have an?

It's because Becky and the liberals have taught you in the 70s that you could be strong and single. Now we got niglets, Tyrones and Blac Chynas with major mental issues and missing daddy syndrome at an unseen rate!

Connect the dots, Black people. It isn't hard to do, really.

Anonymous said...

@3:47. Stop.
My post at 2:59 wasn't a direct stab at her. Lol.
But you know what they say about hit dogs.
It's the ones that need to heed to logical advice the most that will come out swinging the quickest.
Both y'all, carry on. Live.

Anonymous said...


So what about the people who start out in love , get married have kids and then fall out of love? Should people stay in unhappy marriages or relationships just because? When your partner is running around sleeping with everything moving, not holding up their end of the deal... what should those people do? Do like Tara from LHHNY and stay "for the kids".

Life isn't black and white so those dots don't always apply.

Anonymous said...

No what do they say about hit dogs? Don't hit and run? Don't hit them in public because that leaves you open for criticism? Or did they say a hit dog will bite your fucking head off..

Swing on dez nutz. HOLLAR

Anonymous said...

@ 3:56 I concur

Because I know of a man that had 3 sons with his wife and then 5 outside sons During the "marriage"

Sometimes men get married to the mother of their kids to block child support.
Then dump her as soon as all kids are 18

@3:41 Ignore the troll.
That's what most of us do.
She is not worth your time.

Anonymous said...

@3:56. You answered your own question the way you saw fit.. so why again are you asking me.
And so is marriage.
Black women need to practice birth control, Especially when our marriage prospects and rates are so fucking abysmal.

This is pure common sense, yet sensitive feeling and emotions will always battle it and rationalize it.
Think logically, people.

Y'all need counseling said...

I am 3:41 so I suppose I am the troll. Making a valid point and whether one agrees or not isn't trolling.
You women are very emotional and can't see the forest for the trees.
Life and marriage isn't all black and white but there is a common strand our ancestors followed.
If that means NOT having kids with 3 different negroes that want 10 other chicks, yes I'm down.
If that means after 4 years I wanna choke a motherfucker, then hey I divorce and retain my part of OUR property.
Common fucking sense 101.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

P. Shitty and his harem.....***yawn***. He's still f**king all of them, believe that. He keeps them in line with sex and money.

Anonymous said...

Now I see why so many black women hate Aisha Curry, the new Ciara and Beyonce.
The dysfunction is real.

Anonymous said...

@4:27 PM
You just named 3 women who's husband's are nothing more than industry prostitutes. In that they make money for their corporate pimps and have carefully manufactured images. You have no idea what goes on behind closed doors in those "marriages" Please do not name industry folks with handlers lol. Anyone who can see behind the veil do not envy these women, good for them being in high profile "successful" union, but again you have no idea what goes on behind closed doors or the real image and character of these people. The fact that you named these three shows you are dysfunctional as well, believing the hype.

Anonymous said...


Who, who and who?...

Anonymous said...

@4:43 I named 3 celebrity couples that get a lot of hate despite the inner goings-on that you say occur.
3 women that get plenty of hate for various reasons and one COMMON reason.
So how bout Viola, Angela Bassett and Kerry?
Is that better and does that disqualify me from being dysfunctional in your valued opinion? Lol.
Really, that group any better?

Anonymous said...

@500. No, according to these chicken heads, marriage is a sin. You can't beat sense in to these chicks so you might as well give up

Anonymous said...

@5:00 PM
Same thing for Viola, Basset and Kerry who is a known lesbian in a bearded marriage, as for Basset I love her too much to say anything negative about her, albeit all is not as it seems in these marriages. They all work in an industry that caters to illusions. Good day.

It's a mind trick said...

Ok I get it now.
When a person is denied or deprived something that they really do want but can't get, they pretend they don't want it and never did.

It's a defense mechanism.
Got it!!

Tippie Toes said...

Damn at these comments. Looks like they're all enjoying themselves and playing their role.

Anonymous said...

@3:28 THANK you!! Society has been so programmed to believe that you're less of a man or woman if you're not married that it's sickening. When I tell guys that I don't want to be married and have never had a desire to be, the first thing they say is, "you just haven't met the right guy yet," or "you just haven't been in love." Ummm, negative. I currently have the right guy and I'm in love. And I have someone who shares my same ideals on marriage. I'll grow old with you, but I'm not signing a contract that the government turns into a bond to collect money off of, and I don't want anything that's not as easy to get out of as it was to get into. It's nothing but an additional commercial scheme by the government, which is why you have to be granted permission by the courts to get out of it. I'll pass! We both have insurace policies and wills in place, so we're good!

Anonymous said...

You sir are so full of shit. Have a seat next to Steve Harvey's wives.

Anonymous said...

You are right on point. Adolf Hitler and Donald Drumpf came from a two parent home!!!! GTFOH!

Anonymous said...

You ghetto birds. A good parent is a parent that spends time with his kids, that makes sure his kids have a relationship with him, that involves himself in their academic and extra curricular well being. Puffy is not married and doesn't need to be married since it's not in his heart to do. Making sure his kids are able to understand while he is not perfect as a partner to their mother(s), he is always there for them and not just financially.

Anonymous said...

Do y'all know what it does to a young boys psyche when he sees daddy don't love mommy and he got another girlfriend or 3? That child grows up with issues respecting women. And forget about what it does to girls.
You dummies are on here defending this fool, but in real life daddy is not a multimillionaire. He's broke and can't even feed you.

Anonymous said...

Stop being petty. Everyone knows and nobody cares that y'all are all sister wives. Live your life.

Anonymous said...

@3:48pm, Believe it or not (google it)
Tokyo Toni was married (white wedding dress and all), to Blac Chyna's father

I dont think they stayed married for long
(he cheated on her)
But they were married
(Google the wedding pic)

Anonymous said...

Iceland is the #1 country with the highest number of out-of-wedlock births at 70%...and Iceland is 94% Caucasian.

kupkake said...

I really cant see how these woman feel that they are privileged being just a babysmom. Co parenting... Really Men dont even relize how women feel about love. I guess were here not to be loved. Just for a romp in the sack for the purpose of being a single parent...Hello welcome to the life of being a Average Glorifide Babymama...

Anonymous said...

So niggas really shitting on marriage because their relationships or other people's marriages didn't work out??? Lol may you miserable bitches be lonely for the rest of your lives. You only good for fucking and toss to the side with a shit load of kids left behind. No wonder men don't marry you. You aint worth a damn. You are the reason the nation is fucked up. Real talk. You and that muthafuckin White race aint.

Anonymous said...

Is that why the majority of the prison population is black.

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