Saturday, July 22, 2017

Drake Comes for Jay Z

Earlier this month Jay Z dropped his critically acclaimed 4:44 album with the track The Story of O.J. where he bashed rappers putting money to their ears [click here if you missed that].

Drake is NOT here for it...

In a video posted online Drake puts TWO stacks of money to his ears while questioning Jay's wisdom.

Fun Fact: Last year during Kanye West's infamous onstage meltdown he exposed Jay Z for keeping him off Drake's triple platinum 'Views' album because of the rivalry between Apple Music and Tidal [click here if you missed that].'


Anonymous said...

Remember that time Drake put Jay on "Pound Cake" after Rita Ora sent Drizzy pics with her in bed with Jay trying to make him jealous after Drizzy hit and quit? Ever since then Drake has been feeling himself.

Anywho...does Odell still live with Aubrey?

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^ Yaaaawn. Stop listening to Media Takeout and Crazy Days, please.

Anonymous said...


Hush stanley, I know what i'm talking about and MediaFakeOut is for losers.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy bye!!!

Anonymous said...

"but I would never disrespect Beyonce like that" as if, anyone believes Rita.

Anonymous said...

Drake shows he's not whack by showing himself to be whack?

I really can't stand him nor his stupidity.

Anonymous said...


You don't have to believe Rita, Aubreyisha will spill the tea one day when the Carters lose all their power.

Anonymous said...

I would put money on my ear too. Jay aint telling the people anything about how they should spend their money or "invest" money they aint got when he owes a boat load of money to live nation and wont "retire" until another decade.

I troll it like I see it said...

I know this manufactured, studio created "entertainer and rapper" is not coming for Jay. Half negro you are the definition of a studio created entertainer, who had to be taught how to mimic, the walk, lingo, hand movements and everything else about the authentic entertainer, despite Jay and his fronting I will take him any day over this Modern-Day Orwellian. Sit your soft ass down Jamila and stick to having porn star beards claiming to have your child. This half negro barely escaped looking like a troglodyte.

Anonymous said...

3:03 I thought he was telling Black people how to invest their money in the song. I got that re: put your money back in your pocket/stop flossing buying dumb stuff, stop renting/try to buy property, build credit, etc.

Without those three financial keys there are no investments to be made because anything you "invest" in would be eaten up through capital gains taxes. Fledgling investors can look into annunities (15 to 30 year) and the occasional municipal bond when you become financially solvent. Simple saving of money (under your bed or in a high yield savings account) is a great way to start building wealth if you can't do the other things.

Jay-Z is a musician and you can't depend on him for investment tips anyway., first-time investment books as well as CNBC International (which has better financial news) can be watched online. I hope this info helps.

(I dislike Jay-Z but I do believe there are certain people who are mad he put Black folks and whomever's listening a few tips about dumb spending. And white folks love when Black folks put money to their ear. That way they know where "n*gga's" money is and never have to worry about them breaking cycles of poverty endemic among certain Black neighborhoods.)

Anonymous said...

but i thought everyone knew that it's fake prop money just for show. most of em ain't even wearing genuine jewelry. oh well.

Anonymous said...

4:01 I respect what you are saying. But he wants to talk about saving money but when you save you dont make much compared to making sound investments or having a retirement fund. Things happen. The economy fluctuates. You may not have the means the money this month compared to the prior montths. Sure, when you invest with the "hot/winning stocks" you have to deal with the drawbacks of paying an exorbantant amount of taxes. The "losing" stocks not so much. You invest small, not in expensive things like art pictures, for example. According to what he said in OJ. Also, by saving and investing small, their is a higher probability for a comfortable retirement.

These things the banks dont tell people. They give you only a small percentage in money markets.

Anonymous said...

4:32 this is 4:01 and we both agree on sound financial and retirement planning and even small savings.

Small things i.e. Making pizza at home rather than ordering it; Making your own lattes rather than going to Starbucks; And my personal favorite making sure you put an equal amount into the piggy bank for every purchase you don't need i.e. if you spend $80 on a random shopping trip, put $80 in the piggy bank that week too. $80 is how many tanks of gas? How many bus passes? How many bags of groceries? How many prescriptions or personal grooming items? Oh, and shopping with cash rather than a card helps one keep track of finances more closely.

Your tips and perspective are the types of things that grow generational wealth (which many Black folks had before integration but that's another discussion for another time.) Thanks so much and peace.

Anonymous said...

Drake wanna be Jay....but he was too lame to lock down the Badgal....

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

These rappers tickle me. Their lives are just so shallow.

Anonymous said...

drake go somewhere and stop playing telephone with your jewish allowance

Anonymous said...

5:22 Absolutely. And I will definetly take that advice on saving some for a rainy day. Along with creating your own things, its helpful to use some digital marketing strategies to take your product/services to the next level. But that is also a whole other conversation for some other time.

People need to educate themselves. If anyone learns and study the concept of business/marketing/finance from creating your own product/service. You would be a straight Boss/bawse from your competition

Anonymous said...

Jay is renting and being forced on tour he can't give financial advice he's a slave and mascot

Anonymous said...

^^^^ and very few people are responding to his publicity.

Anonymous said...

At least Drake aint frontin and forced to be on tour until he 70.

Anonymous said...

^^^ LoL

@4:01 and 4:32

Yeah good advice for those who "need it"

BUT in the grand scheme of things ...we are headed for a cashless society....

This is what folks REALLY need to prepare for

Because once the economy collapse it won't matter how much you have in the bank.
It will all be worth zero dollars

So those "tips" are only for the Interim

A real plan of what is truly needed is NOT found on 4:44

Anonymous said...

They are ALL sell outs and fake

Both Jayz and Drake

They are probably both laughing at the regular people while going to the bank

And they probably even have lunch with 1
Every other day

@10:59pm, the future is very scary indeed

Anonymous said...

Is drake wearing highlighter and eyeshadow in this video? Also, are is eyebrows penciled in? I need answers.

Anonymous said...

10:59 you should be entitled to receive 250,000 from the FDIC if you lose over a certain amount. Assuming its over 200k.

But yes, we are headed to a cashless society soon. And we will end this conversation there to be nice.

Anonymous said...


Once the economy collapse there won't be any entitlements from the FDIC or any other banking institutions.

A cashLESS society is just that...

After it collapse ( and it definitely will)
The whole world will be forced to use a One world currency.

So the Value of the new cashless currency will NOT be based on the economy of any one country

The U.S. dollar, British pound, Mexican peso and Europe's euro will NOT exist at all.

It will start with a card then a chip.

Why do you think that the banking institution made it a LAW for ALL Debit cards to have that chip by July 2017.

It is NOT about identity theft... uh-huh
It's to prep folks for what is to come.

People who either:
1. Don't believe this
2. Believe it will happen in 20 years
3. Believe that the U.S. will remain on Top

Are all Delusional or Naive....

That is the same mindset that had folks jumping out of windows when the stock market crashed the last time.

My point is this...
Yes, it is wise to save some money (for now)

BUT it is in no way securing your Financial Security in these present times.

Don't focus on what is happening nationally !

Look at the geopolitical climate INTERnationally. ( Open your eyes)

The WISEST thing to do is Research & make plans for survival/ security BEYOND your bank balance...

You CANNOT trust in a Savings Account Folks.

America will NOT remain a Super Power forever

Right now "we" run things ( so to speak)

But turn off RHOA & Hip Hop Atlanta
And look at International News Oulets
China, Russia & N. Korea ain't playing.

Pay attention to the bigger picture.

Don't be distracted or deceived people.

Anonymous said...

2:17 this is 2:34. Thats why i didnt want to go continue on with the convo. I had a feeling that it will happen. I just didnt feel cpmfortable getting into the specs. But you are Brave for discussing and being factual to this paradox. Yes, all that you explained defines a cashless society and the debit card requirements is the precursor to that.

I believe it. And im neither of these three types of people. China, Russia, and others got U.S like a foot on their neck like a chiropractic. Reeeaaallly!!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^ok,that's cool

It threw me off a bit when you responded to my original 10:59 comment by talking about the FDIC insuring lost money.( at first )

But it's all good because either way it compelled me to put the whole truth out there

My goal was to inform ALL who read this blog
And to encourage awareness because 4:01 and 4:32 were looking at the small picture while giving out Banking "Tips" while leaving out the most vital piece of info.

Anonymous said...

^I meant to say im not the 3 types of people mentioned in 2:17. But i am also 4:32 and 8:28 to name a few.

Yes. Our advice is still legit right now.
Either way, thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

^^^ ((( Deep Sigh )))


Yeah it was VERY obvious that you were either 4:01 and/or 4:32.

That was a foregone conclusion...

Just like it was also obvious that you were:

-Talking out of BOTH sides of your mouth
-Took offence at 10:59 comment
-And DESPERATELY want the last word by PRETENDING to clarify something that didn't need clarification.

You are definitely ALL 3 of the above.

You are also the type of person who drags out meetings by asking for the microphone like you are about to add a NEW point to the conversation

then preface your comment by saying that you want to "piggyback" off of prior speaker

only to repeat EXACTLY what they JUST said to try and get credit for what was already said.

Then you sit down like you "DID" something or added some value or validation

Self-serving and Typical...
But your intentions are transparent.

People like you play mind games with yourself SO I'm gonna go ahead and let you Argue with yourself below.

Bye-Bye now :)

Anonymous said...

^ Sweetheart. Your sounding lame fighting with me. No one disagreed with you. You sound pathetic and nasty. There is a way to make a point without sounding like a Dumbass Fucktard/Fuckturd. Dont sigh. Just shut up. Good day.

Anonymous said...

@3:36 thank you, To all the people thinking Jay is broke or HAVE to go out on tour YOU'RE CRAZY. Please do your research. JETSMARTER app, ARRIVE which will invest in starter companies, JULEP beauty products, UBER your research.

Anonymous said...

Aubrey is smart and not nigga smart. For someone to think he wants to be Jay, uuumm what? Certainly not because he has the baddest girl in the game. She's so bad he still cheated. He cheated with women he can have an intelligent conversation as well. Jay's envy is so obvious. The only reason one can't see it is because they think his success speaks for itself. He still human. He know he ugly as fuck. He is also being hypocritical. Take a ok back at his videos when he was the same age. His ass is flossing and bragging too. Just because Instagram wasn't the thing then doesn't mean he wasn't out bragging too. Drake corny ass is the ladies man and Jay is just jealous. Don't be fooled by Drakes corniness, he is saving money.

Anonymous said...

I hate when anonymous brainiacs try to school people on saving money on a blog about rich people. It's annoying and you just add to the comment section ratchetness.

Anonymous said...

12:00 take a look back

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