Saturday, July 22, 2017

Grandmother of R Kelly's Girlfriend Speaks Out

Last week R Kelly's barely legal harem was exposed after one of the girl's fathers demanded her return [click here if you missed that].

Now girl's the grandmother claims she even refused to leave Kelly's side to visit her dying grandfather...

From The Daily Mail
EXCLUSIVE: 'He has to be stopped': Grandmother of 21-year-old in R Kelly's 'sex cult' feared for her safety after her dying grandfather begged her to come see him one last time - and she refused.
Jocelyn Savage spoke out on Monday night to insist she was 'in a happy place'.
But the 21-year-old's family fears she is being held against her will by R&B singer R. Kelly.
Her grandmother told Jocelyn didn't visit her grandfather in the hospital or go to his funeral even though they were close.
Timothy, Jocelyn's father, told a press conference in Atlanta, Georgia, that she was suffering from Stockholm Syndrome She was 17 when she met Kelly after being invited backstage at one of his concerts with her mother, Jonjelyn.
Shortly after their meeting, she dropped out of college and went to live with him.
Three women who used to live with her in one of the singer's houses claimed on Monday that he was operating a cult-like house for young women.
Kelly, who has faced child pornography charges in the past, denies the claims.


Anonymous said...

I am so over this story. She is GROWN. There is nothing that can be done. She said she's fine so what are we supposed to do??? Maybe Cissy Houston has some advice. She had Whitney Houston removed from Bobby and placed in rehab so maybe yall should talk to her!

Anonymous said...

Kelley is a sick individual. He can fully afford to send the young lady to see her dying grandfather. I read an article on his underreporred pedophile ways. This girls family isnt concerned for NO reason.

prissa o said...

You know, I was just thinking all this attention might make things worse for her in that house - especially if she's being abused. And the other girls might resent her for putting the spotlight on their situation.

Also, her saying she's in a "happy place" sounds odd too. When people are being abused, they often say they go to their "happy place" in their own minds to escape the abuse.

R Kelly is so disgusting to me. I can't even stand to see his face.

Anonymous said...

At this point......there are some comparisons to these constant aligations. He needs to grow up and leave other people children alone. He not professional and would not send my children around him.

Anonymous said...

This man is going to burn in hell, he knows better but can't help himself. He should stop controlling those young ass girls, he's close to 50 so he knows what he is doing. All this drama just to satisfy his twisted sexual desires. He better be glade it wasn't me, my dad would have been in jail for sending him to hell early.

Anonymous said...

Yes just thinking about him being close to 50 with 21 year olds is so sickening. Poor misguided girls don't even realize they could have a young, viral man and not some old perverted man! And 11:35 my dad and/or mom and/or cousins would have handled this fool once the police didn't!

prissa o said...

I'm reading the BuzzFeed article and these parents sound stupid as hell.

Here is a quote from the mother of another girl who met him when she was 17. Mind you, her parents took her to an R Kelly concert and allowed her to be pulled onstage and go backstage...

"He is a lyrical genius — he is R. Kelly! And the fact is he went to court, he was never found guilty — he was acquitted — and we were led to believe there was no truth in it. Now I got all of these people asking about why my daughter is there, telling me, ‘All of that, the charges against Kelly, was true.’ Well, how come you didn’t tell me that before?”

This lady sounds like a damn moron. How come someone didn't tell you that before??? How about you do some research or maybe use your own damn brain and THINK instead of waiting for somebody to hand feed you information.

With parents this stupid I can see how these girls are easily manipulated. They were never taught to reason and use critical thinking skills. It's like the rumors have been out there for damn near 20 years on this man, and the mother is talking about she was "led to believe it wasn't true". What the everlasting fuck???

With something as serious as your daughter, why even take a chance? And yes, all the parents I read about so far were all seeking fame (music / singing careers) for their daughters.

Damn shame SMH

Anonymous said...

10:57 thank you so much for posting that story. I read it when it was released and appreciated that a mainstream publication (with fact checkers and a legal team) put out an irrefutable story.

I know many readers are "over" this story, but I applaud Snitch for still covering it. Legal age or not, if R. Kelly had a harem of white girls locked in a house it would be the story of the year. This is only allegedly the tip of the iceberg and while ALL alleged Hollywood abusers should be held accountable, I doubt it'll happen. At least we're aware of what to look for in predators whom allegedly stalk and prey on Black children and groom naive young people.

Everyone needs to be alert, be aware, be vigilant.

Anonymous said...

Prissa, this is the second 12:12 and I couldn't agree more! He knows what families to target. Any parent with sense would say no to a middle-aged man serenading their daughter. As I learned working with abuse victims years ago, predators push small boundaries first to see whom they can target. When the parents allowed her to go to the concert AND go backstage Kelly knew he'd found a good target!

Anonymous said...

She's been Dicktamized. Sadly her family presented her to a predator and are now shocked that she won't come home.

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