Monday, July 10, 2017

Jay Z Announces 4:44 Tour

Jay Z and Live Nation announce the 4:44 tour two weeks after dropping the album...

The 31 date North America tour kicks off Oct. 27 in Anaheim, Calif and winds up Dec. 21 in L.A.

Pre-sale for Tidal users starts today.
Oct. 27 – Anaheim, Calif. – Honda Center
Oct. 28 – Las Vegas, Nev. – T-Mobile Arena
Nov. 1 – Fresno, Calif. – Save Mart Center at Fresno State
Nov. 3 – Phoenix, Ariz. – Talking Stick Resort Arena
Nov. 5 – Denver, Colo. – Pepsi Center Arena
Nov. 7 – Dallas, Texas – American Airlines Center
Nov. 8 – Houston, Texas – Toyota Center
Nov. 9 – New Orleans, La. – Smoothie King Center
Nov. 11 – Orlando, Fla. – Amway Center
Nov. 12 – Miami, Fla. – American Airlines Arena
Nov. 14 – Atlanta, Ga. – Philips Arena
Nov. 15 – Nashville, Tenn. – Bridgestone Arena
Nov. 16 – Charlotte, N.C. – Spectrum Center
Nov. 18 – Detroit, Mich. – Little Caesars Arena
Nov. 19 – Cleveland, Ohio – Quicken Loans Arena
Nov. 21 – Montreal, Quebec – Bell Centre
Nov. 22 – Toronto, Ontario – Air Canada Centre
Nov. 25 – Boston, Mass. – TD Garden
Nov. 26 – Brooklyn, N.Y. – Barclays Center
Nov. 29 – Washington, D.C. – Verizon Center
Dec. 2 – Uniondale, N.Y. – Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Dec. 5 – Chicago, Ill. – United Center
Dec. 6 – Lincoln, Nebr. – Pinnacle Bank Arena
Dec. 9 – Edmonton, Alberta – Rogers Place
Dec. 11 – Vancouver, British Columbia – Pepsi Live at Rogers Arena
Dec. 13 – Seattle, Wash. – KeyArena
Dec. 14 – Portland, Ore. – Moda Center
Dec.16 – Oakland, Calif. – Oracle Arena
Dec. 17 – Sacramento, Calif. – Golden 1 Center
Dec. 19 – San Diego, Calif. – Viejas Arena
Dec. 21 – Los Angeles, Calif. – The Forum


Anonymous said...

Let the padding of the attendee numbers begin ... 1, 2 3, ....

Anonymous said...

Lincoln, NE? But no Philly? No AC, NJ?

DAMN, Hov...........

Anonymous said...

Damn broke camel

I don't want to see a buck dancing coon camel, so you

So 100 white men and Jay- Zero can get paid

No thanks

Anonymous said...

Do you

What is the allure, keep yo money


Does this look like something an accomplished Executive / Billionaire would be doing with his free time....Is Dr. DRE ON TOUR

After do know, that Live Nation charges the artist for the use of their Tour Facilities, ie, staduims, arenas, collosseums, out door arenas, even parking.

That doesnt include tickets sales, mechandising sales, VIP packages. Peueeew! Travel cost, Hotel Cost, Food per deim...

What about money still owed from previous tours and contracts...WOW...I can see why he is signed to Live Nation untill he well into his 60s.

Any other Live Nation Executives have to put up with this.?

Why isnt he in a corner office on the Top Floor at Live Nation calling shots when he isnt traveling Globally looking after Live Nation Intertest.?

Anonymous said...

I'll try to go if I can.

L. Eller said...

I will be trying to go to the December one!

L. Eller said...

Hell I just went and bought mine before the scalpers snatch them!!! It was about $54 a piece!!! I'm stoked!!!!!! They will sell out in Portland and will be $200 for the worst seats in just a week or two.

Anonymous said...

This your was planned before this crap
Oops! I meant album dropped & was falsely announced as going platinum...

Anonymous said...

^ Tour ^

Do Reme said...

Damn does live nation own everything jay is claiming he owns?

Anonymous said...

I see the list of dates dictates the coke use that you see in the below pic...poor J got a 9 to 5 now.

Anonymous said...

why are people hating on this man so much? first off why would dr. dre go on tour? when was the last album he dropped? aren't you people still waiting for detox to drop? there are plenty of artists who tour for as long as they can because they do like to interact with their fans and they just like the art of it. but you crabs on here just don't want to see anyone be great do you? it's like it burns your skin personally to see jay-z doing well. if you don't like him, that's cool but why hate him? where is that going to get any of you? is it going to make you a billionaire if you can prove jay z isn't one? come on now people.

Unknown said...

Y'all all sound bitter af. Stop hating on black success.

Angie K. said...
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Anonymous said...

Nobody is bitter f Jay zero and his hating.azz.down talking every one now his massa sending him out for a money grab

But if folks want to see a coon camel buck dancing to get massas crumbs so be it

Anonymous said...

Hells yeah!! DECEMBER 5TH!!!

Anonymous said...

Jay tours every five years so shut up. After his first Live Nation deal he toured TWICE!! Just TWICE and you are giving grief for touring every five years. Dr Dre's career trajectory is not the same as Jay's. JZ is the better rapper and entertainer and DR DRE is a producer.
I have never seen a billionaire stop working in my life.

Anonymous said...

This goes to show you Camel is not only NOT retired but Live Nation got him on the hoe stroll. So sad.

Anonymous said...

@3:37pm Everything the Carters do they receive so much scrutiny.
Dr dre has been begging Snoop and Eminem to tour since 2015. Diddy tours, Nas do concerts here and there but it's a problem when Jay-z tours once in a while
The same people have a problem with Beyonce touring every three years when every pop star does the same thing. The jealousy this couple receives because they are prospering is so evil and nasty. Like seriously you are not a fan. What do you want from them? Why do you even care?

Another note I wonder if Jiggaman is coming to London or Manchester. I want to see him.

@2:53 Jay is good, he dont need to tour for the White Man said...

@2:53 Jay is not some Label Artist. He is the CEO Roc Nation the number one label in the Nation, Ceo of a Sports Management Company, Ceo of an Artist Management Company, Ceo of TIDAL,Ceo of Ace of Spades Champange, Ceo of 40/40 Clubs, A Movie Producer. Manager of Beyonce and now, Blue and the Twins. He owns a Jet, he bought Beyonce an Island and Gave Kanye 20 Million with out even batting an eye. Bey and Jay are going to buy a 180 million dollar home.

He overseas a Billion Dollar empire.Do you think he wants or needs to tour. He does not need to be sweating on stage under those hot light, scrambling from city to city for peanuts.

Plus he definatley doesnt need Sprint to buy 1 Million albums to go Platinum.

Anonymous said...

*Ronnies Voice*

Live Nation : Now Lets Go. HOE !!

Anonymous said...

Y'all are so blinded by the smoke and mirrors

And nobody has boast3d and bragged like the happy for a crumb Carter's

Hey if people want to hand over their money for some old down talking rapper so be it

Anonymous said...

If my date wants to see him, i will go with him. Not a bad album i would say.

But i do think his cleaners are here to defend him now lol. Anyway, congrats if i dont get a chance to go, i will still support

Anonymous said...

Live nation slave trade. A tour anddddd the festivals this year, omg I hope he eats right. All that sweating will ruin ur kidneys.

Anonymous said...

LOL At a comment section full of broke ass 9-5ers calling somebody a slave. Is this real life?

Allihave2say said...

I've never been a fan of Jay Z and I'm straddling the fence on Beyonce. I respect anyone with positive work ethics. That said:

I think the Carters raise so many emotions because they are boastful, they have said out of their own mouths things that are anti-supportive of blacks and the chronic issue we face. There are videos showing Jay Z beating a woman down to the floor with his fist, while threatening to burn Chris Brown over Rhianna. There are videos of Jay Z refusing to buy as much as a candy bar from a black kid funding raising for his school; while exclaiming that his name alone is a charity. When the community cried out for him to pull his support from Barney's he sided with the money and not the people. These are a few amongst many reasons people have issues with Mr. Carter.
The Carters have had a lot of media pull including getting people fired from their jobs and shows cancelled. They easily could have spoken up for Flint or Katrina. Their support seemed to come years later when the nation of blacks were united or a cause. Needless to say their expressions only appeared years into the movement and at the time of marketing the Super Bowl and album sales.
With their media pull the could have stopped all the bragging about their wealth and colorism but they perpetuated the divide further.
It really doesn't matter to whom Jay Z and Beyonce owe money. At the end of it all it's them who has to work to pay the debt.
Billionaires don't usually retired but they also don't put out songs about a "billion dollars in an elevator" while not owning even the simplest of personal homes. ISJ.

Anonymous said...

There is no video of Jay beating down a woman. Go to Sandra if you wanna lie to people...

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

No the ki is that these billionaire need What's in our pockets for their lifestyle cause I nor anyone on here needs shit from them

Anonymous said...

I can tell you right now the last thing Jay wants to be doing right now is a 50 City tour.

Most artist hate touring.Exspecially if they have a happy family life.Jay just had twins, new borns.

Touring is gruelling. The city to city rush, traffic, the large crowds, dealing with police in each new city, the fire marshall, and them trying to effect crowd capacity, waiting for sound checks and equipment test, dealing with venue managers and insurance issues, safety issues, security issues. If your signed to a label dealing with the label calling every day trying maximize their money and micro manage every detail. Its well know in the business that if you have your money right you wont be touring when you get old.Only if YOU want to treat your fans.

Jay should be at the Celine Deon level, or the Barbara Streisand level. ONE show ever few years getting paid Mega Bucks in advance.

This multi-city tour crap is not what he should be doing.

Anonymous said...

^ Yup touring Sucks, said many an artist in that hellashous industry. Much better to do anything else But tour. Unless your a classic artist that can do a few shows spread out over months.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

If you haven't noticed by now whenever there is a Jay post, his "people" come swarming in here to defend him.
Personally I don't waste my money supporting these rappers and hip hop dudes for a variety of reasons. Doesn't make me a crab or anyone else who chooses to do the same.
I'm pretty much disgusted with music these days....what passes as music anyway.

Anonymous said...

Exactly it's only all good when everybody is kissing they azz

And no they deserve a pass they made their beds let them lie in it which includes a legacy of awful and destructive 'music'

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have to agree this is way too crazy for a man who just had twins....yeah I know he or his wife didn't give birth, but its just bad taste. But NOTHING gets in the way of J's money..SMH

I see J's team is trolling hard above...they need many sits like this an't J's 9 to 5...we all slaves human slaves get it right...J just straight sold his soul for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

And thus here is J today the same man he was yesterday!!!!!! They need to rename the tour to "Forever On the Run"

Anonymous said...

***And thus here is J today the same man he was yesterday!!!!!! *******


@10:pm So well said, very wise and prophetic statement of the year.

Anonymous said...

Jay should be at the Celine Deon level, or the Barbara Streisand level.

**** ONE show ever few years getting paid

This multi-city tour crap is not what he should be doing.

Deserves repeating lol lol

Anonymous said...

Celine does not do ONE show every few years. Why are yall so stupid? Snitch is that you trolling your own blog to keep the conversation going?? Something aint right because some of these comments are just.....

Anonymous said...

@5:54 is a celebrity, give us some more tea bish. U know too much

Anonymous said...

@3:11 Celine and Barbara perform, not tour, when ever they get ready and get paid up front. They would never do a 50 city tour lol lol.

Shut your dirty ass up Jay!

Anonymous said...

The 'Haters', well some, been knew the TRUTH about these lying indebted braggadocius clowns that hide behind massas headlines

So disgustingly fake

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