Tuesday, July 04, 2017

LA Reid Cooking Up Something with Kanye West?

Last month there were rumors LA Reid was looking for investors for a new entertainment company after being let go from Sony Records [click here if you missed that].

Are LA and Kanye West forming a partnership...?

Could be.

Last Sunday LA Reid, who rarely posts on Instagram, publicized a meeting with rapper Kanye West who recently filed suit to end his exclusive deal with Tidal [click here if you missed that].

Fun Fact: LA Reid gave 2 Chainz' his first record deal for the rap group PlayAz Circle.


Anonymous said...

Whatever it is it will end badly. I mean i am not wishing them bad luck but lets call a spade a spade. Kanye is a loose cannon who doesnt listen to anybody and LA Reid lost his touch ages ago, he couldnt launch a hit record if it were strapped to a torpedo. Hang it up girls.

Anonymous said...

Get Outtttttttt!

Anonymous said...

Kanye looking like Donda in that pic. Him and LA could be a good match.

I troll it like I see it. said...

This could be a good business move for all of them. To 2 chainz your ass need to stop with horrible pink trap house, only our people would use something so destructive in our community as "art" There is nothing positive about a trap house. Typical Atlanta ghetto hoodrat fuckery. Then they had the nerve to have "community activist" holding trap church. I love my people but some of y"all just need to be culled from the race.

Monique said...

Could've have said it better.PREACH PREACH.12:36

Anonymous said...

12:36 PM ~ Could not have said it better

Anonymous said...

12:36 just said it all. I do worry about anyone who would enter into any type of partnership with LA Reid (especially now that the doors are closing on him, allegedly.)

Anonymous said...

Let's just hope that Kanye has learned valuable life saving/life changing lessons (thanks to JayZ) about friendship, business and how to spot male and female snakes and know what to do when you've spotted them.

Anonymous said...

I doubt that this Kanye is mentally capable of doing a joint venture with anyone, after seeing how much food he dropped on the table around his plate in that other pic. smh

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:


Bwahahahaha....you wrong for that. It's just something about these Kanye pics that just feel off.

prissa o said...

😂😂😂 @3:57
And I agree R in NYC - these pics just look wrong. This new Kane with the Cheshire Grin is just off.

Get Out indeed @11:54

Anonymous said...

They're cooking up:

"Backdoor fun"?
"Sword fighting"??
"Hide the sausage"???

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