Saturday, July 15, 2017

Mariah Carey Biopic on the Way?

Insiders claim Mariah Carey has been working on a biopic...

From Crazy Days and Nights
Blind Items Revealed
July 12, 2017
This permanent A list singer has decided there should be a biopic made of her life. She also thinks she is the only person who can play herself and wants to do so for the past 20 years of her life. She is also planning to drop a bunch of her own money to make it happen,
Mariah Carey


Anonymous said...

Sorry Mariah your not that interesting to me but seeing how you want to play yourself and your basically paying for it might be worth a peek I mean nobody can play u better than you can so I might check it out but it seems like your a little perturbed that alot of other celebrities got biopic about them done and no one asked to do your life story is that why you want to do this? Well we'll see how it turns out I guess good luck

J Ray said...

Mariah is far from stupid. She sees these biopics that everyone is making and benefiting from and wants to take charge of her own. Smart move. Mariah is the Queen. Can't wait to see it

prissa o said...

This will only be good if she tells the TRUTH and addresses the following:

1. Mama Carey's alleged witchcraft practices and the rituals and sacrifices Sister Alison said she and Mariah were forced to watch at some backwoods church that she was able to take some gossip mag (Enquirer I think) to years later and the church was still there exactly as she described it.
2. Abuse (physical & sexual) within the Carey household (Bro Morgan terrorizing the family including punching Mama Carey in the face)
3. Sister Alison's jealousy & her setting the house on fire when Mariah was brought home from the hospital (is that why she was the only one sent to live with Papa Carey?)
4. Sister Alison's allegations that she prostituted herself so Mariah could pay for studio time, limos and outfits (and that's why she blames Mariah for her catching HIV)
5. Allegations that Mariah was also a high priced escort before the fame and Bro Morgan arranged her clients (that's why he takes "credit" for her success because he was introducing her to high profile/power clients)
6. The affair she had with Tommy Matolla (stemming from her being an escort) which led to his divorce
7. The alleged affair between JLo & Tommy which led to their rift which still stands today
8. The programming & abuse she experienced at the hands of Matolla while he kept her locked away in that mansion she called Sing Sing (that she also told Michael Jackson all about)
9. Her alleged mental breakdown & suicide attempt after Glitter flopped
10. Her mental break captured live on TRL live
11. Her rumored alcoholism & pill addiction and the rumor that she drank during her pregnancy and was so addicted to alcohol she had her assistant sneak beer into the hospital after she'd given birth which she later claimed it was to increase her milk flow (she was also investigated by California CPS because of this)
12. The strange "too close for comfort" relationship she has with her nephew (Alison's oldest son)
13. The "hit" that was placed on Sis Alison when she wanted to publish her tell all and how when Alison's house was broken into, she was assulted, and the only thing taken was some cheap jewelry and her manuscript. After which, when she tried to go to the police, Alison was forced into a mental hospital against her will for 3 months

That's all I can think of right now. Mariah has an intriguing story, but if she insists on a manufactured bubble gum rainbow lollipop version of events, that will flop too.

We already know the sanitized version of her life - people are more interested in the TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

I see Prissa had time today lol

I need for more info on 1, 12 and 13.....

Anonymous said...

Bye!! Allison is an old cracked out prostitute who is the only one to blame for her destruction. If she was a hooker its because her dumbass CHOSE to be a hooker. I think majority of what she alleges about Mariah is BS. She is just mad because her fug ass couldnt get anywhere in life.

Anonymous said...

Prissa o.... Oh my! Mariah will never get that raw about her life. What about her drug dealer boyfriend before Tommy? Tommy cleaned up her image cause they say she was a thot. What about her hairdresser getting busted at the airport with a bag full of pills. She took a charge for Mariah.

I troll it like I see it said...

@prissa o You know damn well she ain't about that life of truth. She will come with that bubble gum rainbow, hello kitty fuckery that will be a total snooze fest. I'm not here for Mariah' delusional, lying, fake, pill head drunken ass.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Hmmmmm I wonder if her kids have had any affects from her alcohol and pill use during pregnancy. I always thought they looked a little odd.

Anonymous said...

She already had a biopic: "SUNSET BOULEVARD"!

prissa o said...

@2:35 -

@6:29 - I didn't know about the dealer bf before Tommy. That is very interesting. And yes! I forgot about the pills at the airport. That assistant definitely took the fall for Mariah.

I don't know why these stars don't realize that honesty is the best policy. It's like a slam dunk. Even ppl like the Ks - if Kris came out and stated for the record she pimped/pimps those girls out and Alex Roldan is really Khloe dad - those ratings would sky-rocket. Everyone would hate her even more, but it might buy those girls a pity pass.

If Mariah came out with the nitty gritty her name would be on everyone's lips and her next cd would go platinum. She's have another 10-15 years of relevancy without the gay boi friend and disastrous lip syncing antics. Oh and she needs to drop that Russia handler/manager immediately.

But I guess after decades of telling so many lies and 1/2 truths, she has deluded even herself. Sad really.

Anonymous said...

Her russian handler or lover seems to not have Mariah's best interest to me.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Hot Tea! Hot Tea!

Anonymous said...

Prissa, I dont think Mariah will ever expose all that. At best, probably accouple of previews of her traumatic experiences but other than that, it will mostly be sanitized. Butterfly diva is probably what she will want the biopic to be. Just guessing. My opinion

Anonymous said...

@prissa I do love your tea selections.


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