Monday, July 24, 2017

Nole Marin Files for Bankruptcy

Last year three models sued former "America's Next Top Model" judge Nole Marin, accusing him of stealing half a million dollars in booking fees [click here if you missed that].

The models may be out of luck...

According to reports Nole Marin filed for bankruptcy protection in Manhattan Federal Court last month, claiming $106k in liabilities and only $621 in assets.

Angry model Devon White tells Page Six,
“I saw this coming! He can’t pay me but was buying f–king Louis Vuitton dog bags!”


Anonymous said...

He filed to protect the cash he has.... He is never paying.

Also I want to say THANK YOU SNITCH for always allowing us to speak freely unlike those other blogs with their OPEN POST bs!! I have been an ANON for 8 years and proud!!

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Bwahahahaha @ all these famous folks flossing while broke.


For real. I've been with Snitch since the beginning back in 2006 I believe. Even though we have trolls who get in their feelings and bitch and moan about the comments, we keep it real up in this muhfugga.
This is news from the bathroom wall. If you're looking for cute pics of your favorite celebs posted up at parties, your ass needs to keep on looking. We comment, talk shit and throw shade. And we're gonna keep on doing it.

L. Eller said...

And this is why this is my favorite gossip site eva. I check it religiously throughout the day.

Anonymous said...


Agreed except there was a time that Snitch would delete certain comments. Glad she hasn't done that in a while (knock on wood). And yes team ANON! Though the commenters did try to give me an unofficial name once lol...

I didn't start coming here til like 2008. Concrete loop was the first site I would frequent, that and crunk and disorderly. I miss Fresh site the most. She still funny as shit on IG.

Anonymous said...

@9:14 True, RWS serves it purpose.

@ 10:14 EXACTLY!!!

For me, I REALLY miss Concrete Loop.

That was my favorite blog Because there was more intellectual thoughts being exchanged in a fun way and A LOT less negativity and needless shade.

So disagreements became learning experiences not insults with street language with people who were angry before they even logged in.

Ahhh, the good ole days...

On topic:

This dude looks WICKED as hell.
So the allegations are not shocking.

Anonymous said...

Indeed!!!! RWS has been around FOREVER and has stayed constant and stable. I come here first.

Anonymous said...


Yeah ConcreteLoop was a great site. It was informative and positive but not in an ass kissing way. Also I don't recall any comments being deleted, they just went into moderation (remember that crap lol)

I wonder where that "Judah" character is. I liked him, he stayed dropping knowledge that folks here would appreciate. I bet he's commented here a few times.

Anonymous said...

this is 9:14.... I just had a moment with all of yall... Yea we old heads in here!!! Love this website and i come here 1st thing when I get to work..... Oh i mean I get to work do my work.. then on break read.. hahahaa

I troll it like I see it said...

Same here I been posting on snitch for years now, although I no longer post under the name I used to post under, as I have been in blog rehab and check it out from time to time. By far one of the best blogs. A lot of the regulars are still here but like myself post under anon or other names like I do.

Anonymous said...


You are nubian goddess right? I'm not gonna lie I missed your prose lol

Anonymous said...

@ 12:02

Yes! Judah was a trip and a half.
He did bring the knowledge too.

He use to tease me mercilessly...all in fun of course.

As a matter of fact I caught up with him on Bossip site because he responded to one of my comments. He even used his same pic & writing style. BUT changed his name to Hebrew777 or something like that.

Here is the funny part...

When I responded to his response to my comment I was like "Hey Judah, I know it's you and recognize your pic & writing from CL blog"
Then I gave him my old name too

Instead of arguing his point or dismissing it....He questioned me about "Judah" and denied being him for THREE days.

At that point, "I was like Judah give it up dude...because you wouldn't even have responded if it wasn't you."

He STILL wanted to tease me like old times

Mind you this happened a couple of years after CL shit down. I laughed about that for a while.

The closest thing to him on RWS was Bee-Gee
But he hasn't been on here in a while.

Bee-Her was that Dude !

Super Funny but knowledgeable too.

But yeah I miss Judah & Overstreet too.

Anonymous said...

* Autocorrect * ^ ^ ^



Bee Gee

And YES, i definitely remember being somewhat annoyed with comments being held up in moderation BUT relieved to see them displayed.

Anonymous said...


Yes that was the one thing I didn't like about him, he had a God complex. He was always right, and women should bow down. The OG hotep!

Anonymous said...

Chile that whole franchise was a scam.

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