Monday, July 10, 2017

Prince Harry Stepping Out on Meghan Markel?

Suit's star Meghan Markel's boyfriend Prince Harry spotted with a mystery blonde at Hyde Park music festival...

From The Mirror
Boozing Prince Harry enjoys himselfie with blonde pal as he joins revellers at Hyde Park festival
At one point Harry looked deep in conversation with his female companion as they watched from a prime vantage spot in promoters AEG’s private suites, by the stage at Barclaycard presents British Summer Time Hyde Park.
Go here to see the pics.


Anonymous said...

Snitch no one cares about this couple!!

Anonymous said...

@8:53 speak for yourself. I'm very interested! This doesn't sound good for Meghan. Hopefully she will play her cards right and still pull this off.

Anonymous said...

@9:37 this isn't house of cards! Meghan knows exactly what she is getting into with Prince Harry. He likes women and that fact is lost on no one. If she can deal with that, then have at it!

Anonymous said...

Please. That is one of his friends girlfriend.

I troll it like I see it. said...

No one is checking for the royal family and their side pieces. The monarchy died when they killed off Diana the people's princess. If they want to garner interest let Harry get a real undiluted nubian like Serena Williams, or Alex Wek. Then get rid of William's ugly ass homely wife and make his a single dad all the women lust over, have him get involved in some scandalous affair, with Obama's oldest daughter, then we might be interested.

Anonymous said...

shit, can you blame him???

why go half white when you can go full white?????!!!!!

prissa o said...

This lady destroyed her original, thick bi-racial nose.

>that's all I got


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