Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Prince Videos Available on Youtube

Music videos from the late rocker Prince are now available on Youtube despite his staunch refusal to allow it while he was alive...

Prince was notorious for keeping his music off Youtube accusing the video sharing giant of not paying equitable licensing fees.

Well so much for that. Prince videos from the Purple Rain era began appearing on an official Prince Youtube channel last week.


Anonymous said...

Good. The kids can get into him. He's not here to collect any royalties anyways and his family don't need shit.

Anonymous said...

his vids were on YT but there was no sound to them. Prince didn't like folks parodied his videos and shit.

Anonymous said...

I am sad that "Take Me with You" does not have Apollonia in it. Did they ever perform that song live together?

Anonymous said...

I would rather have u here...O+>

iketernr said...

10:01, ME TOO! 😢

Anonymous said...

The music industry and the entire world changed, but Prince refused to evolve with the times. He once called the internet "a fad." It was all very shocking for a man who was such a cultural revolutionary in his prime.

Anonymous said...

Kind of gives new meaning to the phrase, "over my dead body." SMH.

JDent said...

There were vids on YouTube before he died. The Purple Rain one at the Super Bowl was an awesome performance. Performed in the RAIN.


Anonymous said...

I'm heading over right nowwwwwwwwwwww!

Anonymous said...

@10:01 and 12:05 EXACTLY !!!!!)O+>

I LOVE me some Prince...Always have

@8:41 Good point...but I miss him so much

@11:18 Very Distasteful Attempt at Humor

@11:13 You are Soooo misinformed

Prince was the FIRST artist to have his own streaming service and the FIRST artist to sell his actual D's on-line.

The man was a visionary and Prince actually told Record Company Execs that " once the internet takes off there will be no need for Record Companies"

Which is Exactly what happened !!!!

The man was MOT behind the times.

He was WAY ahead of everybody else.

Far ahead....

Built his own studio in his home
Made music videos at home
Had all clothes custom made
Have other artist free studio time
Maintained use of REAL instruments in music
Employed numerous musicians
Played multiple instruments himself
Etc, etc the List goes on and on

So give credit where it is clearly Due

And NEXT time...Do your homework First.

@12:26 Now I will follow suit :)

Anonymous said...

^ Autocorrect ^

actual CD's on-line

He was NOT behind the times

Anonymous said...

@ 2:21 pm correct. i think that's why he was willing to get involved with Jay's doomed from the start Tidal (wave) streaming service. he was really interested in independent marketing of artists via the internet. unfortunately he put his faith in a hack "businessman" the camel, so not surprised his estate ended up seeing jay's azz.

Anonymous said...

^ Maybe....maybe Not

When one Looks at ALL of the artist that initially signed with Tidal ( black, white, hip hop and rock artists) it makes sense.

Upon inception, Tidal was a Good Idea.
It still is ( in theory )

Artist are and have been taken advantage of repeatedly by Music Entities #Fact

This is what Prince was against & fought for

BUT was is truly unfortunate is how threatened the industry heads were of Prince.
Their Jealousy led to his MURDER!!!

The man had plans and future endeavors in the works that we'll never get to see. #Fact

His murder CANNOT be blamed on Jay Z tho.
That was Warner Bros wicked Bastards #Fact

People keep referring to Prince as "Rocker"
Which is only partly true.

But in actuality, Prince did it all.
Made GOOD music in every genre and did it well

No other Artist has done that #Fact

Aside from being sexy, good looking & talented
Prince cared about others & showed it

THIS is why he was/ is Loved by many and will be missed.

Beautiful inside and out #Fact

Anonymous said...

Yes 4:06PM, you said it!

Most of us KNOW the work Prince put in and how he changed the industry and the world in his own way. No way would he have had buildings around the world lit up in Purple in his honor, especially being a black man, had he not made such an impact on the planet. So there U have it! There will never be another Prince. And, kudos to Prodigy of Mobb Deep as well, who was also a visionary and a force. Prodigy may not have had Prince money or the same opportunities but he had the talent, knowledge, will and skill along with the courage to do so.

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