Wednesday, July 26, 2017

R Kelly Accusers Turn Up the Heat with Intervention Video

Last week R Kelly was accused by Tim Savage of coercing his 21-year-old daughter Joycelyn into joining Kelly's harem of barely legal girls [click here if you missed that].

Tim releases video of his family aggressively confronting Joycelyn about her sexual relationship with the Grammy Award winning singer / songwriter...


Anonymous said...

No such thing as barely legal.

MsSapphire9800 said...

Why? Why? Why? If you saw her in person why didn't they call the police...she was away from the some-call cult house!!! I am starting to think there is something going on with this family.

Anonymous said...


They gave her to Kelly so she could have a career but it didn't go anywhere.

This is why you have to validate your kids at home. Don't push them into fame, it's not all that.

Anonymous said...

@10:09 Heyyyy Robert

Anonymous said...

Russel Simmons, Kimora 16,
Jay Z foxy, 14, Aaliyah was 15
Quincy Jones,
Don Cornelius,
Bill Cosby
Micheal Jackson
Reverend James Cleveland
Reverend Eddie Long
R Kelly

On and on and on the list is quite long. On one hand you could call all these men Pedo. On the other hand you could say they just liked them young.

In terms of Legality, the question that matters in regards to law is what was the legal age at the time in their respective states.Then, why were they not Prosecuted if that law was violated.

In some cases like alot of celebrity cases. Fame and money wins.

In other cases Large mega entertainment complexes
will protect their investment

R Kelly has a long history, most of that was behind him in terms of the law, but just like Micheal Jackson, R Kelly just could NOT stay away and once again he is in the headlines just like Mike was returned to public scandal for his tendency's.

SO FAR all these girls are of legal age, BUT the hiring of Bill Cosbys old attorney means there just may be some new under age girls, Sony is his current label it looks like they plan on protecting their investment.

Anonymous said...

damn they coming with receipts. they probably didn't call the police because she is of age..what the police going to do but get there and say ummm she can come and go as she pleases and not like she's going to admit to be sexually exploited by kelly..and the police wouldn't even consider it because she's of age...kelly was (evilly) smarter to have them barely legal because it makes it harder to go after him.

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson was framed shame on you @10:58 smh

Anonymous said...

11:04 His tendencys loving to be around children brought him down, this is what I was talking about

Bahama Jackson said...

Right at @11:17. You'd think after he was found not guilty the first time, he would have stayed his Melanin Hatin' ASS as far away from children as possible!!!

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