Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sean Kingston Denies Arrest Warrant Rumors

Earlier this month a Florida judge issued an arrest warrant for rapper Sean Kingston over his failure to appear in court concerning a $44k unpaid jewelry bill [click here if you missed that].

Sean denies the reports after skipping town...

In a post on Instagram showing off his new mansion and Mercedes in Jamaica Sean tells his fans, "Don't believe what u read. Believe what u see!!"


Anonymous said...

Sean, section 8 people have the same thing.

Anonymous said...

...and I STILL dont know who this dude is and what he does...?????

hell he gets more media time than the entertainers that I do know

Anonymous said...

Maybe if he hadnt paid off those rape accusers back in 2011 he would have money to buy jewelry cars and houses instead of lying about it on instagram. (Sips tea)

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Fool just pay your bill!...damn. This does not make you look innocent, it makes you look irresponsible. Buying new ish when you won't pay the bill on old ish.

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