Monday, July 03, 2017

Serena Williams Keeps Baby News From Her Ex

Three years ago tennis star Serena Williams was rumored to have gotten pregnant by her tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou [click here if you missed that].

In totally unrelated news, Mouratoglou recently admitted he had no idea Serena was pregnant and was upset she didn't tell him herself...

From The Daily Mail
Back in January the 35-year-old tennis champion racked up another grand slam win against her sister Venus during the tournament - but Patrick Mouratoglou confessed he had no idea at all she was expecting.
Speaking during an appearance on Good Morning Britain today, Patrick, 47, who has been coaching the 23-time grand slam winner since 2012, also cast doubt about her return to the court after she gives birth.
'She played yesterday and the day before so mentally she's already preparing for her comeback. But you never know, once she has the baby in her arms we'll see how she feels,' he said.
Asked by GMB presenter Ben Shephard about how he felt about his star player's baby news he joked he didn't have a clue. 'Not at all, and I'm angry she didn't tell me.'


Anonymous said...

Meh, she'll be back on the court eventually.

Anonymous said...

Boy Bye.... why does he feel the need to be told by his EX that she is pregnant for her man.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

I'm watching Wimbledon right now. I miss seeing Serena play.

Anonymous said...

She don't need to tell you shit. You're the employee. Tf

L. Eller said...

Get out!! Cracka in his feelings cause she didn't tell him she was pregnant??? I don't owe any of my exes any sort of "heads up, I'm pregnant." They'll find out (if they find out at all) through word of mouth. He is not her massa and doesn't own her body.

And Serena WILL be back. That baby will be in her arms for only a short time. It'll grow up and she will want to return to her legacy. Trust. I bet the game is hoping she doesn't come back. But a queen will always come back to her throne.

I troll it like I see it. said...

It's her pregnancy, she does not have to share anything with anyone. I hope she has a little girl like I dreamed. Also this Sekhmet warrior goddess will be back on the court, no mere baby is going to keep her from trouncing those dusty white heiffas on the court. I hope that lil baby as soon as she can walk get a racket, how cool it would be to see Serena's little daughter making her mark on tennis.

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