Monday, July 03, 2017

T-Boz Calls Out Black Lives Matter

Last month TLC member Chilli responded with 'all lives matter' after she was asked her opinion about the 'Black Lives Matter' movement [click here if you missed that].

Now T-Boz is calling out #BLM for failing to raise awareness for Sickle Cell Anemia...


Anonymous said...

I was gonna go in on her bitter ass but she has a point. Black lives matter, whether it relates to the law, our health, our community, our kids, our wealth etc. etc. Instead of worrying about the racist folk (who won't change anyways) let's focus on improving ourselves.

Anonymous said...

its always a stupid bitch with bleached blonde hair trying to throw black movements under the damn bus. sickle cell (or any other disease) is NOT the reason why BLM was formed. it was to raise awareness to systemic racism and oppression so you can take that bull shit and stick it up your big wide bloated pussy. now I see why left eye was constantly dragging you and chili's coon asses!

Anonymous said...

As far as sickle cell goes, I don't know what can cure it. Shit how long have we been marching and raising money for cancer? Nothing has changed on that front (Keke Wyatt's child is battling that right now). Disease has been around since the beginning of time. All we can do is try to live the healthiest lives that we can.

Truthbetold said...

I hear what she's saying HOWEVER, the black live matter movement is specific to police brutality.

Anonymous said...

I get what she's saying but that's not why BLM was formed. BLM isn't supposed to tackle every single issue that effects black people that's just impossible. Instead of sitting around waiting for someone to bring awareness to sickle cell why hasn't she formed her own movement or started her own charity that does that?

Chrissy Snow said...

What does her hair color have to do with any of this?

Anyway, BLM was founded by a group of women who were sincere in their intentions to protest police brutality and other means of systemic racism.
The healthcare system is yet another way systemic racism has been enforced however the White billionaires who fund BLM choose to only bring awareness to the issues that threaten to incite racial unrest and violence.

Anonymous said...

The healthcare system is yet another way systemic racism has been enforced however the White billionaires who fund BLM choose to only bring awareness to the issues that threaten to incite racial unrest and violence.
9:32 AM

*Applause* Go head Chrissy!

Anonymous said...

however the White billionaires who fund BLM choose to only bring awareness to the issues that threaten to incite racial unrest and violence.


Anonymous said...

I pulpwood have sworn she would be eating coochie by now. I always got dyke tendencies from her. oh well **sigh**

Unknown said...

This chick had one job and she can't even apply the appropriate effort to that. Shut the he'll up and let BLM do its damnm job and you worry about that album that cost you and crypt keeper chili $20,000 dollars of that crowd funding yall stole.

dreadee said...

I need her to call out the National Medical Association and HBCU's who have health care clinics and hospitals to keep it equal.

Anonymous said...

Water the message down. Sickle-cell is still a natural death last I checked. Why can't each problem have it's own solution. Why does everything have to be completely about T-Boz not liking or following BLM unless they conform to her idea of them. Waterfalls and getting ripped off seemed to be her biggest issues in the past. We do die naturally, nothing is wrong with it.

Anonymous said...

I follwed her on Twitter for about a month and was made aware soon after that she was ignorant and uneducated. I can not stand to read her tweets.

You got me this time Snitch but never again.

Carry on.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:30
Please say that again!!!!!!!!!
Won't she get out and do something about it, make moves start a movement charity something.....instead of on social media ranting about it

Anonymous said...

I'm not down with the BLM movement. It's like having a Slave Mentality. Why do you need a White Man to tell you your life matters?

MsD said...

She had a platform before BLM was even thought of. What has she done with it. Can't get mad at another entity's angle, find and use your own.

Anonymous said...

FIRST OF ALL...THIS BITCH SHOULD'VE BEEN LISTENING TO LEFT EYE WHEN SHE WAS PUTTING THE BLACK COMMUNITY ON DR SEBI, WHO HAS BEEN CURING ALL FUCKING DISEASES KNOWN TO MAN. HE CURED LEFT EYE OF HERPES. HE CURED MAGIC JOHNSON OF AIDS, HE CURED MICHAEL JACKSON'S MOTHER. SICKLE CELL ANEMIA IS WHEN MUCUS PENETRATE THE BLOOD PLASMA AND CELL TURNING IT INTO A SICKLE SHAPE. STOP EATING MUCUS CAUSING FOODS BLACK PEOPLE. YOU GOT SICKLE CELL BECAUSE YOU ARE EXTREMELY ANEMIC AND BLOOD IS FULL OF MUCUS. Now Removing the mucus restores the unity of the cells. To maintain health the patient needs large doses of iron phosphate not ferrous oxide. Iron is the only magnetic mineral on the planet that pulls other minerals to it so taking iron means you also take a proportion of other minerals as well. A sickler will see results within 5 minutes of taking iron phosphate. SICKLE CELL ANEMIA Sickle Cell Anemia is when the blood plasma has broken down by mucous into a sickle. Mucous sinks into the plasma, into the cell itself, breaks and disunites the cell. Removing the mucous the cell unites again. To maintain that level, you have to feed the patient large doses of iron phosphate. Not ferrous oxide.

Anonymous said...

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Minerals. Sarsaparilla cleanses the blood and stimulates the absorption of iron, Sarsaparilla is Iron and helps with and the formation of healthy red blood cells, making it vital for persons battling sickle cell.
Irish moss is ideal for sickle cell and iron deficiency anemia as it is an iron 92 minerals.

Anonymous said...

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Jesse Love270 said...

Oh my! Really? So BLM needs to conquer the world of black causes?

Anonymous said...

Yes to everything 2:25, 2:30 and 2:32 said. T Boz must not have been paying attention to Left Eye and Dr Sebi back when she was alive. All this knowledge out here and you mad SMH. Left Eye gave plenty of awareness about diseases

Anonymous said...

BLM's mission statement is, was and always has been about the police brutality against black people. Throwing Sickle Cell Anemia in the mix makes absolutely no sense. T-Boz is an uneducated broke has been one time super star, hustling money from whomever will bite. Every black community in U.S. has Sickle Cell awareness programs. She should find one in Atlanta and become the spokes person.

Anonymous said...

@2:25 PM, 2:30 PM and 2:32 PM
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