Friday, July 21, 2017

Taraji P. Henson as Proud Mary

A first look at Taraji P. Henson's upcoming movie Proud Mary...


Chrissy Snow said...

Violence? Check.
Men with wonderful arms? Check.
Bad ass Black female lead character? Check.
I'm definitely going to see this. It's taken decades but Taraji and Viola have climbed from obscurity to the top of the heap. I'm proud of them both.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for the all-black action movies. Get it Taraji!

Anonymous said...

Cookie meets Contract-for-Hire. Yeah, I'm seeing this.

The King Of The Real said...

I'm liking this

Anonymous said...

Yassssss!!!! I want to see this! A black woman as a bad ass agent. To hell with the sistagirl Tyler Perry films, the downtrodden black woman, slave films or the black woman being a Aunt Mammy type. She's badder than Atomic Blonde.

But damn, Taraji looks hard in the face. :(

Anonymous said...

Which came first, this or Atomic Blonde?

Anonymous said...


Yeah hard in the face at times...true
But if that size Zero Saldana can get away with Columbiana then why not Taraji.

Columbiana was way too unbelievable for me.
So I couldn't get into it.

But Proud Mary looks interesting.

Anonymous said...

I see Lil Jahi Winston is in this too. Lil Ralph from The New Edition Story. Taraji i'm waiting on you girl. Charlize ain't got nothing on you.

Anonymous said...

Is this supposed to be a Tina Turner movie?

Anonymous said...

I'm watching

Anonymous said...

This trailer doesn't make me want to go see the movie at all. What's the plot? Although I like Taraji, she just doesn't do it for me in certain roles. I don't see her as an action type actress. Now, if they had cast an Angela Bassett type person, I could rock with this movie.

Reds4real2006 said...

I think the Empire Fame has gotten to her
I never taught she was a great actor but a good one
Action hero is not her strength
But she deserves her success in any case

Anonymous said...


But Zoe is a boring actress with her stick figure ass.

And I think Taraji makes a good action type. She played a similar role on a TV show called Elementary (I think that's the name).

The problem is that Black women of this generation are so used to the same, boring, stereotypical, crusty Black female roles:

-The loud, fat, sweaty, high blood pressure Auntie Types (like the roles Loretta Divine and Monique played).

-The loud, rambunctious, ghetto hoodrat girl

-The Essence-magazine, sistagirl type (Tyler Perry movies, films like Love Jones and Brown Sugar)

-The old Southern sharecropper black woman

-The black slave woman

-Black women as token friends to the white female protagonist

-Tragic mulatto biracial girl token (Zoe Kravitz, Zendaya)

-Biracial, mixed Black girl love interest to a dark skinned Black dude in a hip-hop themed film (Meagan Goode)

Black people need to thin outside the box more. At least Black women in the 70s had many action heros like Eartha Kitt as Catwoman, Foxy Brown, Cleopatra Jones and The Muthers.

The average Black woman is more comfortable with Taraji as Cookie Lyons because they can better relate to loud, ghetto, telling it like it is, stereotypical Negress behavior. But they can't relate to characters like Lynn Searcy from Girlfriends, Tia and Tamera or Issa Rae.

I troll it like I see it said...

What 6:49 PM said. I like Taraji but she looks hard as hell in the face, like she smokes crack heavy.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ What????

@6:49 From 2:06

Did you even read my comment BEFORE responding to it ?

I doubt it....

All of that crap that you wrote were more of a reflection of YOU and your Thoughts.

So either you misunderstood or took offense
Which would explain that emotional rant/ attack on black women.

You were basically projecting babe.

BTW I have NEVER watched Empire and don't plan to. Many black women don't watch it.

Also if Black producers had more creative control then TV & movies would reflect.
What we see NOW is what white Hollywood chooses to show.

@ 5:35 I see your point.
But just know that some people feel that way about Angela Basset.
( I know you said "type of person" )

To me Angela is a 1 trick pony.
All she does is get upset & go off...
It's repetitive.
I liked seeing her vulnerable side in Tina Turner movie tho.

Her and Alfre Woodard are my least favorite.
All Alfre does is buck her big eyes to show "depth". She is boring to me.

IMO they should tap into some of the Newer black actresses BUT I realize that Hollywood follows the same model.
They most likely picked Taraji because of her popularity for being "cookie".
That makes her a safe bet to them to draw in viewers.

I liked her in Benjamin Button and in Act like a Woman think like a man but not in that Tyler Perry movie " Do bad by myself"

She was cool in The family that preys tho.

So it just depends.

Anonymous said...


You must be on your period. The second paragraph that I wrote was not in reference to you. :} Only the first sentence was.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ uh-huh

That WAS my point....
The 1st 2 sentences didn't make sense in response to my original comment.

But once again, YOU took offense.
So it sounds like you're the one PMSing.

Stop deflecting & projecting.
It's not a good look babe.

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