Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Harris Family Take the Bahamas

Last month T.I. and Tiny Harris moved forward with divorce proceedings to end their 10 year marriage [click here if you missed that].

In totally unrelated news T.I. and Tiny take their entire family on a trip to the Bahamas...

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Anonymous said...

I was just there last month and oh how I am missing the Bahamas already! Can't wait to get back!

Anonymous said...

LOL at Tip showing he Team Scottie


I troll it like I see it said...

This is one dysfunctional ass two parent household, strippers in the bedroom, threesomes, daddy's dirty dick, low self esteem, door mat mother with no self worth or self love.

I remember years ago when Jada and Will were on the cover of essence magazine, with here sitting on his lap shea buttered down like an African king and queen couple, and their damn union is a lie, cue Alexis Arquette throwing the those who live in beautiful, gilded cage and look at how crazy their two damn kids are, they don't know if they are going or coming. This fool was outed on social media for procuring the services of black china in their bedrooms, now want to post up wholesome family photos. I'm so tired of this filthy hoodrat couple and their dysfunctional ass marriage. I hope you all save those coins for the health insurance plans later on. Lawd knows Atlanta is at the 10 std and aids capital in the country.

These tragic adult children and the children they being into their hot mess lives, no wonder the black community is so fucked up.

Anonymous said...

well, to be expected i guess they do still a couple of younger children at home so impossible to be too far away from each other. @ 12:03 pm you make a good point. i mean this is what folks champion for two parent homes but their home is ripe with bedroom shenanigans, outside babies, prison time, drugs, and mental abuse. i don't know. i guess tiny trying to make the best for her kids, but t.lie is such a jerk i wouldn't bother. but her life i guess.

Anonymous said...

Yet certain individuals are so intrigued with their lives that they write long diatribes
Oops! I mean comments full of negativity
While repeating themselves on every thread

On topic:

The kids look like they chilling.
Who wouldn't want to be in the Bahamas?

Anonymous said...

2:26 PM
Have a seat, the lives these upstanding "married citizens" lead is negative. The same "devoted father" is a felon, drug dealer, gun runner and had ATF shimming down roofs and kicking in their windows with their children in the house. I see no lies told with what was written. They are degenerates.

Anonymous said...

Tiny and T.I. know they make some ugly babies

Anonymous said...

2:26pm Go and have a seat right between TI and Tiny. 4:58pm Everything you wrote is true and so is Troll 12:03pm. 2:26pm you need to get your head checked out.

Anonymous said...

8:39 leave the innocent children alone. You are one sick puppy

Just an observation said...

I'm sure there is a hood booger lookin baby or two in your family. Leave babies alone.

Meanwhile the side chick is just waiting patiently playing her part.

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