Monday, July 17, 2017

Will Smith Cast in Disney's Aladdin

Will Smith has been cast in the live action remake of Disney's Aladdin...
According to reports Will Smith has been cast as the Genie, alongside Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine and Mena Massoud in the starring role of Aladdin.

The roles of Jafar and Iago are not yet cast.

Filming for Aladdin is set to begin in London next month.


Anonymous said...

Buckdancing backwards for a paycheck I see......stick to producing. Maybe if he stuck with that rapper he dated, Beyonce, he would have a respectable role in Lion King as Flounder by now.

Anonymous said...


You mean Pepa? lol

OT: I hope it's better than that wack ass Beauty and the Beast remake.

Anonymous said...

Tinkerbell ass n#gga

Anonymous said...

He's nott a major star anymore.

Anonymous said...

Him and Jada produced the weirdest kids...don't know if it's an act but they're pretty identity confusion or something.

Anonymous said...

ummm....every movie Will Smith has starred in for at least the last 7 years has been a box office failure/bomb. The Suicide Squad was kind of a hit (made a lot of $$$) but people went to see it because it was a comic book movie that had Harley Quinn, Joker and Batman in it...not because of Will Smith.

Anonymous said...


Jada Is
A. Man...

Those Test Tube
. Children .
R A Sacrifice
To The Devil For
An Extenstion Of

Will & Jadas
'15' Min Of Fame
& Is Y Their Clones
R Androgynous
& 'Genderless'

Thus We Have Here

An Article Of On
A 'Bottemless' Bxxty
Has Been...

Anonymous said...

Calm the fuck down everyone! Will has been around long enough and made many block big ass money..he can pick and chose what projects he want. This nigga is not hurting for anything. his choice of work has nothing to do with his wife or kids. So grow up!

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