Thursday, August 03, 2017

Child Custody Victory for Pilar Sanders

Back in 2013 Deion Sanders won custody of his three children with Pilar Sanders after a bitter divorce battle [click here if you missed that].

Now Shilo Sanders is back with his mother...


Magnus 21 Gunz said...

Sounds like his mama wrote that...but OK good for them both!

Question..... Is his mama still claiming to be a Moor or a sovereign citizen, because she obviously showed up in court in order to win her child back. Folks think they can just claim sovereignty and they're exempted from everything. It just doesnt work that's a long long technical process.

Anonymous said...

Leo men aint shyt!
With Pilar out of the way, he had to find some1 else to manipulate
He probably tried to turn kids against each other
Smh, I was married to a leo man over 10yrs
They are the worst
They are very sneaky and big liars!!!!!!!!!!
Im so glad to be rid of him

Anonymous said...


U Left Out
Weak & Whxrish Af

I Am "So Glad To Be
Rid Of Him " Too

JDent said...

@10:3 @10:34

Try a damn capricorn negro. Lies. Always. Hoish, psychotic. I divorced his ass and when I wouldn't take him back. We stayed in family for a few years. He didn't win. But he tried.

Anonymous said...

I have a Leo and he is my biggest a Scorpio with a Leo moon btw...
Here's the worst. Dated like 2-3 of each sign:

Gemini: confused, whorish, flighty, can't commit. Good convo.

Scorpio: possessive, jealous, vindictive motherfuckers...but good sex.

Libra: he was a cheap bastard that only wanted to hang out with his low budget friends. Fun tho.

Sagittarius: are they really whores??? Inquiring minds want to know.

Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn. Blah. No comment on them cuz the chemistry sucked.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Men suck period.

Good night.

Anonymous said...

@10:03, 10:34, 10:47...don't ya'll mean most if not all men. It's hard finding a good man no matter what the sign.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Leo and none of my exes would say these kinds of terrible things about me. I think we are very loving, smart, candid and loyal. It sucks that a couple of you came across the kind who used their attributes for bad, but I think leos, both make and female, are in general, far from "ain't shit." LOL!

Everything surrounding Deon Sanders during his divorce did scream "he ain't shit" to me. An outlier.

Anonymous said...

If you are a leo woman, then you are good

The women are mostly loyal, generous , family oriented, very hard workers
And are usually very good friends and mates

But when they are in a relationship, they love too hard most of the time and are very gullible and naive when dealing with the opposite sex
The usually choose the bottom of the barrel type of trifling man and totally devote and committ their total existence to them

Example: J Lo, Vivica Fox, Bad Medina (Floyd Mayweather's girl)

But otherwise, the leo women are good people
Totally opposite of the male leo

If you are a leo man
You are a LIAR, LIAR, pants on fire !

I dont think you know what truth means and you all are SUPER messy too

You all are the worst!

Anonymous said...

@10:34pm Yup! They are

@10:47pm Good for you! Its not worth it

@11:19pm Good summary
Them Libras are cheap as hell though
I dont know about the women, but the men sure are

@12:01am and @12:58, Bottom line and I agree

iketernr said...


Anonymous said...

you heffas living vicariously through D listed celebs and you wonder why you have problems with men. Wake Up!!!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^^says a person that is on a celebrity blog and commenting in the same post about a D lister. Pot meet kettle!

Anonymous said...

Libras= Hypocrite, WHORES, shameless.
Scorpio= Murderous, JEALOUS, sadomasochistic freaks (I have a spiritual restraining order against Scorpios)
Gemini= Double minded LIARS (they make excellent spies and sex slaves ( honey pots)
Taurus-boring and miserable
Piscies ( Spelled wrong, I know) The women are very mysterious but once figured out, most of them are quite stupid. Mental institutions are full of them and many of them are also prostitutes. The men are SNEAKY,insecure and JEALOUS.
Sagittarius= Very strong, easily bored, very BLUNT
Leo= passive aggressive ASSHOLES

That's all I got.

lyn said...

Deion isn't going to be a happy camper because he is going to have to now start giving her child support. Remember he didn't have to give her anything because he had custody of all three of their kids. Their daughter may soon follow her brother and want to live with their mom. The courts will listen because they are older. If I remember correctly he didn't want to give Pilar any spousel support. If he did I think it was very little compared to his net worth. Deion is wealthy I believe. But I could be wrong.

Chrissy Snow said...

How are these descriptions so accurate, lol.
Thank you 1:06, 1:43 and 7:39 are on the money. We Leo women are the best mates but we make the worst choices.
On the flip side, I'm also passive aggressive like 7:39 stated but the Scorpio moon part of me is nothing like described.

Chrissy Snow said...

OH I meant to ask why is that boy posting family business on Twitter? Cute kid, though.

Sunni Daze said...

It's a lot of of carpet munchers on this post. All this men aint shit....yall must have girlfriends.

Anonymous said...

All you bitches found problems with all this man hate and and all along. SMDH !

M C said...

I'm happy Pilar finally got her children back. Deion became unhappy with her when she was trying to get her own coins on that reality show. She was like a beautiful prisoner in her home.

Anonymous said...

Pilar got her son back but he's 17 years old and ready to leave for college.
I remember when Pilar was on baseball wives she walked around thinking her ass weighted a ton and her shit didn't stink. I hope all the shit she has been through has humbled her cocky ass.

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