Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Jay Z Taking Twins Rumi and Sir on Tour

When Jay Z heads out on tour this fall it will be a family affair because Beyonce, Blue Ivy and the twins Rumi and Sir are coming along with him...

Jay tells Rap Radar,
“I booked the tour in October so I could have at least four months… to like, really just bond (with the babies]. They’ll be with me anyway, but… (I wanted) a space (of time) for us where I’m not doing anything and I’m focused on them…”
“They (the twins) got their own dressing room. Blue had her own dressing room for five years now…! She has her own wing!”
“I had to literally book things in advance…I’m proud of myself. If I don’t book these festivals or book the tour before the twins come, I don’t book it. These days (as a new dad) are incredible.”


Anonymous said...

Why won't they just spend time with the twins? Why are they always on tour? My college professor used to work in the industry for several record companies. He said that when ever u see a person touring the need the money. J and B must need money bad

Anonymous said...

Of course they all coming. How else Bey gon watch his azz? lol

Anonymous said...

now you know you could have posted the whole interview and told us this shit in one post right? I hope his public relations firm is giving you a cut of their salary boo.

in other news.. i'm wondering why none of my favorite pinterest recipes never come out looking like the photos. :(

Anonymous said...

@10:20 you can't spend money and not make more, you would go broke doing that. Even me with my little monthly salary knows that I have to continually feed the beast if I want to keep living in the minimal amount of space I have...IJS...It makes since for JAY Z to go back to work, we do it every day, hell he gets to wait until he's ready.

Anonymous said...

*makes sense

Anonymous said...

(do your other secret children get to tour with you and the fam you claim to the world?? do they get their own dressing room(s) and wing(s)???)

Anonymous said...

How sad, small children dumped in separate rooms with nannies so their parents can go famewhore... Can't they have one room for the three so at least the kids can bond?
And why can he only talk in simple present and simple past? Oh I know, beyonce should teach him the other tenses in English.

Anonymous said...

This entire family is boring, pathetic, and exhausting. Including the demonic ass grandparents and Solange's ugly, manly, bipolar ass.

HoodRat said...

"My kids have their own dressing room on tour" ok weirdo and my kids have their own bedrooms. Familiarity is vital in the first months of life. Hope she carried them liver lip kids so they'll have her antibodies in order to combat all those road germs... Living on the road with kids is just gruesome, how could u live out of a bag with babies. No consistent bathing water, no consistent smells in their environment, curtains for walls. This is just abnormal and celebs think different. Having their own dressing room is not something to brag about. Dragging them noses and lips from city to city like lil rag dolls

Anonymous said...

jay z sounds like the mom. if the alleged rumors are true that he is a she, beyonce is a he and the kids are gender switched as well ( pay attention to blue. look at the body) to fool the pulic then all of these stories start to make sense. to me anyway

Sunni Daze said...

Now she has her own wing. You better spoil them babies.

Anonymous said...

So Blue will not be attending school with her friends?

The Carters can justify this behavior in any way they wish but a dressing room does not take the place of a bedroom (home).

Anonymous said...

@ 10:36

It Makes
"No Sense"
For 'Billionaires'
To Work
Like Slaves
W/ o

A Savior. None

Fxck Yo Low Rent Struggles Lol

@12: 12

"Rumors" ??!!

Th@ Is
An Understatement


The Veil Is
Bein Lifted

If U Read
The Bible
& Perform

A Simple
Human Anatomy

Some Hormone

& Uh Yea..

"Makes Sense"

"Jay Got Whispers
Like A . Rat "
Nasir #Ether

& 0
Muscle Tone

& 'Motherly'...

& 'Beyonce'
Says It All

It Literally
Translates Into
Boy . Once

As 'Praise Penis'
Is Exact As Well

& Is Y
TMH Warns Us
Not To Lust

Or Worship
False Idols/Stars
In Holly Wood

Remember ??

In The Beginnin
They Was Dressin
Blue Like A. Boy ??

Now S/he Is
All Girly
All Of A Sudden ..

Joan Rivers

Another Tranney ..
Said :: When S/he
Exposed Micheal ::

"I Said Michelle Obama
Is A .Tranney...We All R"

& Remember
When BK
Blasted Angela Basset ??

6mo To The Day
She Was Dead ...

Anonymous said...

bought a house to leave it empty huh??

Anonymous said...

^^^™Log off and go get the mental help that you obviously need! Next you'll be co-signing yourself!

Anonymous said...


dreadee said...

155 that's just what I was thinking...

Anonymous said...

12:49 and he said blue is excited to go to school!

Anonymous said...


Prove Me

I Will Eat
Ur Worn Socks
W/ No Sauce 100

No Worries

I Will Wait : )

Anonymous said...

^^^Gone somewhere and ride on out on your pink and white unicorn and go play with some fairies!

Anonymous said...

^^^ I Will
"Gone SomeWhere"

When U Prove
Me Wrong..

Still Here

Still Waitn ; ).

Anonymous said...

TheRealest from MTO. Your poetic style is undeniable. Tell em, girl! ;-)

Anonymous said...


Busted ; )

<3 & Peace 2 U Sis 100%

Anonymous said...

@4:22- Why would I try to prove you wrong when I think that you are delusional? You and your voices have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

"Y " Ask Y

Who Cares ??
Wh@ U. "Think"


U Do Not

Kno The Difference
Between Women & Men

Truth From Opinion

So U Play
The 'Delusional' Card
B/c Th@s Wh@

U r..

?? Ur Tone
Tells Me
If U Could

Me Wrong

U Would
But U Can
Not ??

Cute & Lucky
For U
I Am Patient ; ).#StillWaitn

Anonymous said...

Just checking in to see how many ppl are over the Carter/Knowles clan and to see how many ppl actually care what this geriatric father is up to.

This family is so out of touch that they say this with beaming pride while bragging. These plans for their children aren't nearly as cute as they think it sounds. This sounds like all kinds of dysfunction.

Anonymous said...

I believe u @1:52pm
I just cant understand how they go about it
bcus some of the "alleged" trannys have multiple births
And i seen pics of Beyonce when she was a little girl, so its hard to understand this

Heck , Supahead said Jay z was hung like a horse
And u know with her big mouth
If Jay was a woman
she would have been exposed it
But I dont put nothing passed hollyweird

Anonymous said...

5:12pm back at cha!! With this recent eclipse and this business going on in Texas, it's about to get REAL! I really look forward to your comments keep em coming. See you in the wilderness before HIS imminent return. Keep praying and stay sharp!

Anonymous said...

Gay-Z and Beyondgay are my favorite INTERSPECIES COUPLE...


Anonymous said...

Satan Is
The Master
of Deception

& A. Mess Lol

Is Obvious
& I Strongly Detect
Alot Of Imbredin

B/c Every 1
Looks Weird Af

Lol @ "SuperHead
Said" --The Devil
Is A Lie ...

Karrine W/ Th@ Huge
Brow Ridge & High
Cheek Bones..

Those Construction
Worker Shoulders
& Adam Apple & Male
Skull Is On Her Job

& Th@ Is To
Distract From
The Aforemention
'Drag' Marks ...

Like I Said
Unsure Where
These Female
Get The Children

::Who R
& Groom ::

Look @ Famous Children

Suri & Blue & North e.g
Those R Little Boys
In Dresses ..

1 Thing 1 Kno ..
2 For Sho

Is A Woman
When I C 1

2) & A Man
In Drag ...

Peace Sis
The Proof Is
Out There...

Go C ..

Laverne & Shirley
Brady Bunch
3s Company
Juelz Santana
Grace Jones
Chelsea Clinton
Martha Stewart
Nia Long
Jada Pickett
Lil Kim

For Starters
Shxts Crazy As
All Hxll Lol

Bless Up

Anonymous said...

Thank u s much @10:04pm for the info :) :)

OT: I know this not a conspiracy type of thread

But did u know the creator of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre movies died just right before the hurricane hit Texas?

U are right Hollyweird is just a illusion

Anonymous said...

This lady said she dreamed Beyonce went in labor labor and the babies turned into big alligators and tried to attack her! Thanks

Anonymous said...

@10:24 Of Course
YW #Spread<3..

& Kno
I Did Not

It Is
All A Mess
Tho Fr Lol

Anonymous said...

As for J being a woman and Bey being a man....all is not so crazy after all. But first let me say this about Michelle Obama, back when PB was running and the first time I saw Michelle I said to myself "Wow she looks extremely manly" Her face wasn't really an issue because the US had some pretty ugly first ladies in the past, so her face wasn't an issue it was how manly Michelle look never really sat well with me.

Now for Bey and J I think the story is a little deeper..I believe the steroids made Beyonce more manly and Jay sucking pee-pee to long made him feminine. Beyonce has been touring for sometime now and doing show after show for decades the steroids drugs will have some kind of effect on her looks.
Now she looks like a man all for fame, smh

Anonymous said...

I, I, I, I, I, that is all this dude said? No mention of his wife no "we" in his mouth?

This is what should have been said----

Oh, my wife will be chilling in the mansion we just brought, this will be a difficult time for me because I will be missing my twins while I am on road but my wife will make sure I keep in touch via snapchat and Tidal streaming. I grateful to my wife for staying home while I grind for the big bag for us"

Jay is a sucker duck money hoe

Anonymous said...

Satan is a liar and he is all thru this post! He'll holler....

Anonymous said...


All 1st
R. Men ..

& Queens
Are Men J/s
They R All. Menn

Anonymous said...

“I had to literally book things in advance…I’m proud of myself. If I don’t book these festivals or book the tour before the twins come, I don’t book it. These days (as a new dad) are incredible.”


Please dude Live Nation told you your work schedule even BEFORE your man wife dropped Sour Lemons the album. You been KNEW THE DATE lobster head rich bum.

Anonymous said...

Publicity...Jay albums sales weren't that great so making money on tour is how Bey and him have stayed rich. Bringing the kids along with Bey, is sure to make people want to come to the concerts. Not to mention Bey can keep her eye on him. It makes no sense why they would just buy a new home and then take these young babies on tour with Jay. OTR tour was all about visual and media blitz on their marriage. They are only using the same reciepe for Jay's flagering tour.

Anonymous said...

I hope one day, all this famewhoring will make BEYONDGAY KNOWLES a STAR!


Anonymous said...


Please request for the billionaire power couple, Beyonce and Jay-Z to donate at least 10 million dollars of their billions to the suffering people of Houston and coastal Texas!

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