Friday, August 11, 2017

Kim Kardashian Fed Up with Kanye West's Drama?

Over the past few months Kanye West has been involved in scandal after scandal [click here here and here if you missed that], and now insiders claim his wife is fed up with the drama...

From Radar Online
“Kim is just dumbfounded at what a liability Kanye turned into...she does not know what to do about the fact that the couple have a third child on the way via surrogate..."
As Radar has revealed, West, 40, and Kardashian, 36, are currently drawing up a mid-nuptial agreement, to protect her from the slew of lawsuits the rapper is currently involved in.


Anonymous said...

Really, how many times has then been posted? These two will remain married till the end of time!

prissa o said...





Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Cut it out Kris. Anything to keep your vapid daughter in the blogs.
The world has real problems like that lil idiot in North Korea and our dumb ass president. No one cares that Kim is not getting what she bargained for with Kanye.

Anonymous said...

What about Kanye we ain't heard two damn words from him ever since they snipped his vocals after that rant he went on.
Headlines read:
Kanye can't wait to expand family
Kanye can't wait to move into new home
Kanye plays the Easter Bunny on Easter

All with the same ridiculous picture of Kanye leaning in looking propped up and dazed.

Is he even still alive? How you just don't hear a nigga that can't shut the fuck up, All over medicated how much could he get on anybody nerves.

Anonymous said...

Will a mid nup stop the bill collectors from their assets while they remain married? Cali is one of those states where you're responsible for your spouse debts. Even if they dont go after Kim money theyre going to bankrupt Kanye and she'll be caught holding the bag. When thinking you secured your future with a rapper goes wrong

losing your mind and your money at both times sucks.

Anonymous said...

kim and her clone. Have they been seen in public since his JayZ rant?? This so did not go the way they had hoped and Kim's looks to get a new husband are gone.

Anonymous said...

Yeah buddy thats a clone. Kanye aint been that fine since the 1st CD. Look how healthy and young it looks. That shit just scared the shit outame.

Anonymous said...

These two are media swo*es, like Jay and Bey. They love every minute of it. Peas in a pod

Anonymous said...

i'm mad i even know this broad's name. hell that whole family. these are a bunch of basic white hoes that got put on by dumb ass black men. thanks negroes.

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