Friday, August 18, 2017

Meek Mill Arrested on Instagram Live

Meek Mill live streams his arrest for reckless endangerment in New York...

Last night Meek Mill was arrested for reckless endangerment one day after video of the rapper riding his dirt bike through the streets of Manhattan was posted on social media.

Meek was scheduled to perform his new single Young Black America on the Jimmy Fallon Show tonight.

The appearance is now in jeopardy.


JDent said...

Negroes. I thought he was still on paper anyway. Coulda been a lawyer? Not if you slinging dope on the corner. Totally fed up with these Negroes with that ain't my fault the system jammed me up. That's what the system has always done. Ain't new. Besides Judge Mathis did a bid AND BECAME A LAWYER AND A JUDGE. SO FUCK YOU.

Negroes stay propping up that cottage industry of the penal system.

Collect phone calls
White tees /boxers
Money on books
Prison/jail concession
Trac phones
Cigarettes etc

Anonymous said...

A fully grown crackbaby.

Anonymous said...

Just get tired of "I'm a victim" shit. I rob, sell crack, bust guns no matter who around, stomp dudes, and everything else cause the white man and the system aint giving me any other way. Preying and exploiting your own people and if you make it rich, you continue to do the same. Shoot a nigga in the face one minute and talking about lets unite against the system the next. Fuckers just keep the same bs culture going but they just keeping it real, right??

Magnus 21 Gunz said...

Drake is somewhere laughing his ass off!

Anonymous said...

He proves time and time again, that he ain't used to shit.

Anonymous said...

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Damn Meek, he stay on that L grabbing streak. Smh.

prissa o said...

@1:58 - "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes"

Promise said...

10:32, 11:48 and 1:58.....🤣😂

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