Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Power Episodes Leaked Online

Earlier this month 50 Cent threatened to take his hit series Power off Starz in an angry rant on Instagram [click here if you missed that].

In totally unrelated news the last two episodes of season 4 just leaked online...

Last night piss poor copies of episodes 9 and 10 circulated on social media.


Anonymous said...

He should learn to SHUT THAT HOLE IN HIS FACE!

Anonymous said...

I have never watched this show and never will.

Anonymous said...

Well there goes my next two Sunday nights!!

Anonymous said...

Please take this show to a new network and add more shows or shorter breaks

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

I'll just wait to watch it on Starz. Not interested in watching some blurry, low quality boot-leg version.

Anonymous said...

Still gonna wait until Sunday. And next season, we need more episodes.

Anonymous said...

@11:21AM I'm so over this 8 or 10 episodes of a TV show once a year crap. It was bad enough with True Blood, The Sopranos and Dexter BUT at least you got 12 full hour long episodes. Who wants to wait a whole year or year+ to see 8 funky ass episodes of something?

Westworld was good but they only had 10 episodes in 2016 and that show is not airing new episodes until late 2018 or early 2019. Fuck'em. LOL.

Anonymous said...

It seems like Starz is purposely sabotaging Power.Nothing else makes sense. Why would you not give the most watched show the typical amount of episodes most shows get?

More then likely it is probably due to not wanting to work with Curtis anymore. Who knows what he is like behind the scenes and at those meetings.

The last episode was worse then the one before with all that stuff just crammed in.

Did Tasha know that lawyer previously? Where did that chemistry come from?
Who were those russian people?Who was the man they killed and why did they take they baby? Why are the tarot cards coming back?
Moving to another network will kill the fanbase and the show so its not a good idea.
Even the walkind dead show like 6 episodes take a 3/4 week break then finish the season.

The housewives franchise even get 3 months worth of episodes. So this seems to be purposeful as well as these leaks.

All I know is Tommy better not kill my boo Procter lol.

Anonymous said...

Lol Starz said fuck Curtis and leaked this shit. And I hate that good shows get 8 episodes while bullshit like love and hip hop get damn near close to 20

Anonymous said...

Tell it @3:17 and @3:27, Starz!!!

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