Wednesday, August 02, 2017

R Kelly Dropped By His Booking Agent?

Earlier this week R&B singer R Kelly was forced to cancel three concerts on the After Party Tour after ticket sales ground to a halt following reports he was emotionally abusing his traveling harem of young women [click here if you missed that].

Now another show has been canceled and R. Kelly's booking agent has distanced himself from the singer...

This week following cancelations in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Dallas another show in LA has also been canceled.

When Billboard Magazine reached out to R. Kelly's booking agent for more information about the tour he would not confirm still working with Kellz and referred all questions to R. Kelly's lawyer.


Anonymous said...

R. Kelz was that young pun' and your alleged evil ways worth all that? You can't back track out / double CD with gospel of this one this time!!

I hope those brainwashed and cult girls alright because he must be really mad about now!

M C said...

Good. Only when his bank account hits a zero balance will he be held accountable for his actions. We are encouraging his behavior by supporting him and filling his pockets with money to seduce these women with. He has preyed on black women too much. He needs to be shut the hell down!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Too bad it didn't happen years ago. With that poor girl getting violated privately & publicly, and Aaliyah being so obviously groomed by him & then dying so young, and the countless others whose names we may never know. Hopefully this is the end of him, to be followed by his incarceration & that of others who think like him.

Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

The shit has truly hit R. Kelly's fan. Good!!!

Vernell Little said...

Hit Him Where It Hurts The Most. Money & Cashflow... Ouch!!!!

Anonymous said...

About Dxmn Time

Now It Is
Past.Time For
The Entire Black
Community Needs To
Do The Same

It Is
Way Past Time
We Put Energy
Into Preservin
Our Young Women

As We Do
Our Black Men
Durin Tragedy.

If This
Aint. Traumatic

DM Has A Story
Where Some Monster
Who Molested A 3 y.o.
Was Shot Dead
In The Streets

As The Townsppl
Took Pics
Best Justice
I Came Across
In A Minute ; )

U. Next

Let See If
U 'Sang' Yo Way
Out This 1..

prissa o said...

Can this demon take those black ass glasses OFF!!!??

I troll it like I see it said...


Anonymous said...

The feces have hit the oscillation!

This time I hope other celebrities will distance themselves from him, even in recording studios. He's not the only person that can produce a hit song. They should have cut him off a long time ago, instead of acting like just because he wasn't found guilty in a court of law he wasn't really guilty. He was as guilty as O.J. the as he is now.

Anonymous said...

The music industry and others that feed off these pedophiles should be held accountable for supporting them. All for the almighty dollar. Many lives have been ruin ...

Anonymous said...

Now his money is being affected. I wonder if he's the type of man to take his anger out on his women?

Anonymous said...

You can nail him to the cross, burn him at the stake, or bury him alive for all I care...

But when its time to get it on, or pull out that card table, or get the family reunion jumpin...his music will be playing. BS aint about nothin.

Anonymous said...

@3:00 Wouldn't surprise me. Especially now that the tea has been spilled regarding him being physically abusive to K. Michelle when they were messing around. The inside source on that said he was beating her azz on the regular and her eyes stayed blackened.

Just an observation said...

K. Michelle and the pedophile was messing around? She has a mouth which is no excuse for a man to put hands on a woman but that wouldn't surprise me. Plus she's too old for him which is how he is able to tame little girls on impressing them with money and material things such as shoes, weaves & purses.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a single note from this creep in my music collection. That stuff he puts together doesn't do anything for me. If I did have any of his music I would trash it, dump it, delete it, etc. He's never sounded like anything to me. My ears deserve better than this.

Truth said...

About f@cking time! As black women we jump to protect and protest on behalf of black men but don't put the same energy into our girls. Its time to boycott all these "musicians" who are not for us, the Pedos, women beaters, misogynists and colorists.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:37 Agreed! I totally agree!

Anonymous said...

When this story hit, I deleted all of his music from my iphone.

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