Saturday, August 12, 2017

Starz Blames Power Leak on 50 Cent?

This week Starz network announced they were vigorously pursuing the culprits behind the leaking of the last three episodes of Power [click here if you missed that].

Does Starz secretly blame Power producer 50 Cent for the leak..?

50 sure seems to think so.


Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Shut up Fiddy before you ruin a good thing. I swear you always acting like you're on your cycle.
For all we know you could have leaked it so why stoke the fire?
I will be watching that new episode in another hour though before some idiot on Facebook spoils it.

Anonymous said...

^^already happened to me. It said episode 9. I am so pissed.

Anonymous said...

50 Don't mess up your show it's a good series it's one of the show's I like and I don't like to many sitcoms so don't make enemies careful now I look forward to watching it quit play'en don't mess up

Anonymous said...

I always thought he was the leaker.

chevychick said...

"Game of Thorns"

Anonymous said...

of course he is the leaker because he's a petty ass woman

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