Saturday, August 12, 2017

Starz Plans Legal Action Against Leakers

This week upcoming episodes of the Starz hit series Power leaked online [click here if you missed that].

Starz is NOT taking the leaks lying down...

A statement from Starz parent company reads,
“The final three episodes of Power’s fourth season were leaked online due to a breach of the press screening room.”
“This seems to be a case of password sharing that resulted in homemade videos of the episodes which were taped off a TV screen and posted online.”
 “Starz has begun forensic investigations and will take legal action against the responsible parties.”


Anonymous said...

I am SO annoyed that someone posted that shit and before I could scroll down I read the stupid title.
Miserable people get on my LAST nerve!!

Anonymous said...

Oh well...all yall that watched that shit on bootleg better watch out! Pay yo cable bill, LOL!!!

Just an observation said...

2:19 I am paying mine....lmao!

chevychick said...

I'll wait.

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