Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Usher's Insurance Wants Out of Herpes Claims

Last week several accusers came forward claiming pop star Usher Raymond exposed them to the herpes virus [click here if you missed that].

Usher's insurance company feels they should NOT be held responsible...

From People Magazine
Usher’s insurance company claims the singer didn’t just allegedly hide his herpes diagnosis from his sexual partners, but from them as well — which they believe means they shouldn’t have to fork over a dime on his behalf.
According to court documents filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court — and obtained by PEOPLE — New York Marine and General Insurance Company believe they are under no obligation to defend the singer in his current lawsuits in Georgia and California or any potential lawsuits that may come down the road.
The company has begun defending him in the Georgia case until a judge rules, and is asking to be reimbursed for any expenses they incur in the meantime, should they prevail in this case.


Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Is Grace still unbothered?

Anonymous said...

All this can be cleared up by a damn blood test. I don't get why this is still a topic

Anonymous said...

So Flounder doesn't have a case huh?

Anonymous said...


Insurance backing out...HE GOT IT!!!

But hey you can flip this and it will blow over just like MR Johnson and MR VICK.....People's attention span is so short many probably don't even trip over their statuses anymore....


Anonymous said...

This is suspect. What kind of insurance do they sell or provide Usher? Is it life insurance? Is it disability insurance? Is it income protection insurance? Is it travel insurance? Is this mortgage insurance? Surely this isn't health insurance because they know based on prescriptions. When I Googled the alleged insurance company, they don't even have a website.

Anonymous said...

Sea Biscuits Bucket List when she get her settlement will include:
Red Lobster= Shrimp all you can eat
Cracker Barrel 2X a day
Whopper wit cheez
Bucket of KFC
Large Dominos Pizza
A 12 pack of diet coke
A heart defibrillator

Anonymous said...

@2:31 This story has been suspect since Day 2. I think they are talking about concert insurance that protects the singer from lawsuits filed while on tour, but I'm sure they wouldn't write a multimillion dollar policy without a blood test.

Anonymous said...

@2:31 I found it...its under a different name

New York Marine And General Insurance Company (?)
A.M. Best #: 004676 NAIC #: 16608 FEIN #: 132703894
Administrative Office
412 Mt. Kemble Avenue Suite 300C
Morristown, NJ 07960
United States

Web: www.prosightspecialty.com
Phone: 973-532-1900
Fax: 973-539-4786
View Additional Address Information
Assigned to insurance companies that have, in our opinion, an excellent ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations.
View additional news, reports and products for this company.

*back to lurk mode*

Anonymous said...

@3:15 & @3:33, Thanks and good detective work team lol *inserts gif where Natalie Cole & Whitney Houston are shouting out each other*

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