Monday, September 04, 2017

50 Cent Urges Fans to Cancel Starz

Rapper 50 Cent urges fans to cancel Starz after the season finale of Power...


Anonymous said...

I watch Starz for the movies, so fuck off Curtis.

Now, how has your "adopted" son been? Is that Missy Elliott's child that she gave up after you dumped her and went back to your BM?

Anonymous said...

Nobody is watching Power because of 50 cent. They can kill his character off and the show will not miss a beat. 50 cent brings nothing but bad acting to the show. Now if you try and kill Tommy or Ghost off the show, that's whole different story. 50 cent's ego is too big, he doesn't make the show.

ouzad said...

@9:24...agreed, he may have peaked audience interest in the beginning because his name was attached, but right now his character would not affect the ratings if he died.

Anonymous said...

^^^This. Ain't nobody checking for you on the show 50. It's all about Tommy and Ghost. You keep it up, you gonna put yourself and a whole lot of people of color out of work.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I only subscribe to STARZ because of TWO great shows... POWER and SURVIVING THE GAME. After both have their season runs I cancel STARZ 'cause they really don't have a lot else to offer for the money. The draw for me, is the story line and the actors as a whole. Not 50's presence.

Anonymous said...

Starz give zero fucks. Them white Jews who own Starz can easily pull that show off their Network. Fuck around and Power ends up like Underground with no continuation or Network.

Anonymous said...

He's asking people to cancel not because of his involvement in the show as an actor - but as an executive producer who feels slighted by the network. He mentions no "for your consideration" push on the part of the network to awards committees (any of the award shows that celebrate TV). He hates that they cut the # of episodes down, which made the story & time line disjointed and sped up. He's frustrated that although he's brought viewers to the network who would have never been subscribers to STARZ, POWER is still not treated w/ the respect & love he sees other shows getting that are of that same level on other cable networks.

Anonymous said...

Addendum to 9:57... I meant "SURVIVORS REMORSE"!

jeremiekirksey said...

Well said @10:19

nichole baby said...

Hes absolutely right

Anonymous said...

@10:19 I feel EXACTLY exactly what you are saying & you stated ALL Facts

HOWEVER, the problem is....

I don't like 50.
I can't stand him.

If he would shut up sometimes and not put out so much unnecessary negative commentary about the lives/work/children/spouses etc
THEN I would care a lot more.

If this was ANYBODY else he would be clowning them # FACT

When it comes to other Black celebs he is extra critical and promotes devicive...

BUT now ( because it's HIS situation)
He's trying to call folks to Unity ???


Anonymous said...

^ I meant to say ^

About the lives/work/ children/spouses


THEN I would care a lot more

Anonymous said...

@9:57 Me too. As soon as Survivor's Remorse ends, I'll be cancelling until the next season of Power starts.

Anonymous said...

10:08 just said it all; Somebody better let him know. "Producer" is a cute title they gave him to let him feel important. All these antics will lead to the show getting cancelled and Curtis and the showrunner blackballed with no new network trying to pick it up. He signed up for this so it is what it is.


Anonymous said...

The young man that plays Tariq is a very good actor.
When Ghost kissed Angela I wanted to fuck him all the way up. I absolutely love Tommy's loyalty to this family. No matter how angry or betrayed he feels when shit goes down he is right there.

That black lawyer works for Simon as does Lawrence Tate. Tasha is making me want to fight her ass. Just when Angela was backing off she runs to the bitch telling her more business.

I hate Dre he is a jealous little bitch.

I think Lala is going to throw them all under the bus she is always watching and listening and asking questions.

Angela has Tariq's prints from when he stole her gun and took it to school. She also ran ballistics on Tasha's gun when she searched the house. That bullet in the wall is going to bring Tariq down which is why I think Tasha went to the lawyer saying she did something.

All those people in the house supposed to be mourning Raina's death they eating and drinking in people's room playing video games.

And that cut on Tariq's hand more than likely left blood at the scene or on Tash's gun.

@10:19 is right about 50's reaction and he has every right to feel that way and I never agree with his baby ass.

And yall should stop revealing cancelling and re ordering networks for certain shows. They will find a way to lock you in if they catch wind of it.

Anonymous said...


Last paragraph = so true.

Just like AAA got hip to people using their benefits to help others and NOW they go through your tag#

Different industry but same concept

Keep that trick on the Low

Anonymous said...

@2:36 exactly. they have interns and low level employees read the blogs for feedback, suggestions and recommendations. Letting that cat out of the bag will just make them and a clause that you have to sign up for a year or their will be cancellation fees or something close to that. I think it is a clever idea but shouldn't be exposed on the net.

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