Friday, September 08, 2017

Carmelo Anthony Pops Up on La La

Carmelo Anthony pops up on estranged wife La La for the launch of her denim line at Lord & Taylor in New York...

From Page Six
Spies said the Knicks star arrived at the launch of La La’s new exclusive denim collection for Lord & Taylor among thousands of fans.
“He surprised her . . . He walked in with no entourage, it was totally unexpected,” said a source. “He stayed the entire time. He seemed happy, and she was ecstatic about her night.”
However, the pair did not interact much.
“She lives in her place. He lives in his. There’s still no talk of divorce. They’re taking it one day at a time. It’s still possible they may repair things,” said a source.
Carmelo and La La separated earlier this year after news of his secret side baby leaked [click here if you missed that].


M C said...

I hate when men do something wrong and then want to be all up on your face begging for forgiveness. It's ridiculous. Give her some time to get over your disgusting act. Don't keep forcing yourself on her!

Tippie Toes said...

Dang this is a dumb story to report.

Anonymous said...

Her fashion will never outsell Beyonce's collection

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gemini's are fucking nuts!!!!!

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