Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Kandi Burruss Headed to Broadway

According to reports Kandi Burruss has been booked to play Mama Morton in the musical Chicago on Broadway...

Kandi's assistant Don Juan recently broke the news.

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Anonymous said...

But, her voice is trash.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how. She sounds like a wounded goat impersonating Trey Songs.

Anonymous said...

ugh . . . these no talent persons rising to the top. It's unbelievable. It's as if all the talented people were voted off the island and we're left with the obscene, the vulgar, the trash, strippers, drugggies, sex workers and instagram thots getting all the shine.

ugh-can't stand even LOOKING at Kandi and her voice -- singing and talking -- is just horrible

ugh; somebody help us. Reality tV is killing the entertainment industry, as this is where they go to find celebrity -- the bottom -- and no talent whatsoever, except a desire to be on TV


Anonymous said...

This has to be a "look out" for Kandi b/c she does not have the vocal ability to sing live on Broadway. She couldn't even get her vocals right for the BET Awards that is only 1 nite. Imagine her doing that for 3 to 4 nights in a row. Good luck to her but I am sure they could have asked LaTosha from the group she would have been better than Kandi.

Anonymous said...

isn't that the same role nene leakes had in chicago on broadway?

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