Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Kylie Jenner Tries to Come for Fenty Beauty

Last week pop star Rihanna rocked the cosmetics industry after releasing Fenty Beauty with 40 shades of foundation including a full palette for darker skin girls [click here if you missed that].

Kylie Jenner tries to ride Rihanna's wave...

Just days after Rihanna's launch Kylie Jenner Tweeted her cosmetics lines carries darker shades too, now.

The Tweet was later deleted and Kylie has unfollowed Rihanna on Instagram.


Anonymous said...

They know that black dollar is powerful. I hope Rihanna bankrupt KJ Cosmetics.

And why do ppl delete stuff that they know will get picked up as soon as they hit send.

Anonymous said...

The black dollar is very powerful.

D L said...

Girl all them white companies are now going to have new shades that cater to darker skin tones watch and see. They saw how BW on YouTube looked and reviewed Fenty. Hell, even that racist Jeffry star was sucking on Riri's tities. I saw a lot of white people jumping on the Fenton train, we can't have shit. I'm just happy they are now paying attention to darker skin tones. I don't do make up but I might try a few things since I liked how the YouTube reviews looked after applying the foundation. I hope more sisters come out with cosmetic lines. Grace jones, I'm looking at you. But watch this turn into Kk vs riri. The Ks are going to come out with a black line now. And kim before you do you need to swatch some colors on kanye first before you try to past it off as made for dark tones. Cause your dark tones don't cater to colors darker than Tracey dash skin tone.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think they do that? Use your brain.

Indi_flo said...

Fenty! Eff Mac and mixing shades. When not au narurale I will be au Fenty!!
Wooop wooop

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...



thery're paying Rihanna to endorse products that appeal to black women.

you really think that bitch was in a lab mixing shit?????

Anonymous said...


Who cares party pooper. Always that one negative chick in the bunch "it's a white company" so the fuck what. Majority of big makeup co's are white owned and couldn't care less about catering to the black consumer. So if they care about the black dollar enough to get oNe of the biggest celebs to endorse it I say they're invited to the BBQ "hey cousin"

Anonymous said...

12% of Rihanna's foundation line caters to dark skin. 25% is a good JUMPING OFF POINT and is what other lines are doing.

40 foundation shades and less than 5 for dark skin.

Mac, Fashion Fair, Flori Roberts, Black Opal, Iman Cosmetics, Black Radiance Beauty, ALL crush Fenty's "diversity".

Fenty is made by the same company as Marc Jacobs and Kat Von D. Kat Von D had just as "diverse" a campaign as Rhianna has too lol.

Anonymous said...

But your numbers don't add your quest to be an uninformed petty betty you failed to acknowledge not all black women are dark skin including Rihanna. When you say only 5 shades are available for darkskin women you imply only 5 shades are for black women when its really closer to 17 shades for women of color(5 for our darkest melinated beauties) which is unheard better with your research hun....

Anonymous said...

Kylie needs PANTIES on those lips,smdh.
What a dumb bitch....

Anonymous said...


I was stating facts you dumb bitch.
you muthafuckers kill me talking about staying"woke" but when someone present you with facts...facts that you can reserch on your own, yoiu would rather live in the dream!!!!!

that's why white folks will continue to gain the upper hand with us becuase we so love the dream they sell us.smh

Anonymous said...


she need her lips on my dick.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Where did i state it wasn't a fact that a white company owns her line? I said WHO GIVES A FUCK. 99% of the shit you spend money on is owned by yt. It's about time they cater to all black skin tones.

P.S watch who you're calling a bitch you flunky hoe. I'll buddy pass and whip your well informed ass.

Anonymous said...

To the people saying that Fenty Cosmetics is a white company, let give ya'll the truth. Fenty is formulated and manufactured by a cosmetic manufacturer. They have chemist's that have trained and have the expertise required to make cosmetics. This Rihanna's line period. Do you think Estee or Channel were in a lab testing out different cosmetic or perfume formulations? No, they were not, but no one questions their lines. When will ya'll ninjas stop trying to bring people down another person of color is beyond me or even Willie Lynch at this point! Did you know the ALL sunglasses from cheap ones to the designers are manufactured by the same manufacturer? It happens in many different industries! So pipe down the hate and give this women her due props!

Anonymous said...

You two above are both uninformed! Kyle Jenner owns her shit! 420 million she is worth due to her make up line. RiRi was paid up front for her image to be use. Rihanna does not own shit! So you two birds tell me which one of these two are winning? I'll wait!

Anonymous said...

LADIES, LADIES, LADIES STOP! You don't need FOUNDATION, it clogs your pores make you look flawless but you aren't you have FLAWS. I don't wear foundation, I wear mascara and lip gloss and "gets" the men young and old. They want to talk to someone when they kiss won't get lipstick all over them, they want to hug you and not get makeup all over their clothes, they want to touch your REAL hair and not get smacked. That's wifey material not a plastic fake pumped up azz, boobs and lips.

Chrissy Snow said...

I don't know why folks are getting pissed with the information being dropped in this comment section. Isn't that what we do around here in the NO SPIN ZONE.
Or does that only apply to Kardashian and Carter articles?

I troll it like I see it said...

For the troll saying the k clan bot owns her line. That hooker was not in a lab mixing up shit either. Rhiri will shine with line.

Anonymous said...

@10:05 EXACTLY!!!

Leave it right there.

Don't go back & forth with jealous people

You ALREADY won....

As did RiRi :)

Anonymous said...

@10:19 AM How can a "dumb bitch" be making millions

Anonymous said...


"It's about time they cater to all black skin tones. "

this is the mindset i'm talking about.
alaways waiting for yt folks to give you something.
never do fo'self.

Give us an Oscar ,massa.

Let us play on YOUR football team,massa.
Give us a black POTUS,MASSA

Give us a make-up line,massa.

stupid cotton ear muthafuckers.

bte, I called you as bitch becoz I can't call you intelligent.

I can't call you enlightened.

I'd csll you a bitch becoz you 'll answer to it.

If I called you smart, you 'll be looking around wondering who the hell am I talking to.

stay sleep,bitch.

Anonymous said...

Did Fashion Fair go out of business?

Aye said...

@4:57 No they are still in bussines. I like Fashion Fair lipstick but the foundation gets on everything you touch - at least it use to, I haven't used it since 2002.

Just an observation said...

I'm so dumbstruck with the cattiness.

Good for Rihanna for having a cosmetic line that caters to many complexions. Definitely appreciate the including of darker tones. I swear, Kylie wants to be black so bad!!

Anonymous said...

@ 3:17 Just shut up.

You lost...just accept it and move on.
Your rant / long winded deflection to cover your embarrassment is not working.

Anonymous said...

Both of these talentless cumpdusters need to thank their lucky stars that they got famous because without the many dicks they sucked and adults pimping them out, they would both be on somebody's stripper pole, somebody's street corner, or in somebody's meth lab.

Anonymous said...


Of course you tell me to shut up because you can't call me a liar.

I bet if one of tjose KKKartrashians said her make up wasn't for Black folks , you dumb negroes would line up in droves to buy it just to prove you can.

Anonymous said...

Were you there ?

And if they are as bad as you claim why click on the list? exactly


Anonymous said...



You were told to shut up because you are a very Lonely Liar who is mad/hurt that you lost

So hurt in fact that you are still on here seeking validation.

People like you create contention for Attention.

So YAY!!! I have you a lil bit.

Now Shut up and go to bed in that order

BTW I won't tell anybody that you work for RWS and seek out IP addressed to respond/ retaliate. Uh- huh I see you

(((Let it go & Goodnight)))

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