Saturday, September 30, 2017

Lil Kim's Baby Daddy Hooks-Up with Joseline Hernandez

Lil Kim's baby daddy, rapper Mr. Papers, spotted with the Puerto Rican Princess Joseline Hernandez...


Anonymous said...

Joseline's alllll woman right? ...

iketernr said...

There’s is something really really strange about that Hernandez girl.

Anonymous said...

Stebbie like his girls masculine

Anonymous said...

Nobody's relevant in this post. Nobody has anything going (no music, no shows, no nothing) in this post. Nobody gives a fuck what these 2 could be talking about. Just saying

Magnus 21 Gunz said...

So Joseline got a new pimp....yawn!

Anonymous said...

Jocelyn you've stooped to a new level of bottom, how much lower can u go?

Anonymous said...

I See
He Likes
Type Tranney.

B/c Lil Kim
Is A Man Too

Do Not Let
The Moonbumps
& Make Up Fool U

The King B
& Jose Both
Have An Adonis Belt
& Adams Apple
& Every Other
'Drag' Mark U
Can Think Of

B/c They R Men 100%

Anonymous said...

Is this why everyone goes crazy over all these make up kits and highlighters, blush, concealer etc so they can look like that?
Her face looks terrible!

Anonymous said...

Trash 2x

Anonymous said...

The Z listers keep on ZZZZZingg.
The conversation goes a lil something like did

Papers: I'll fuck you and you could even suck my dick.
Joseline: Yeah Papi what else?
Paprt: But if you ever say a word about my baby mother I'm gon have to kill you bitch!
Joseline: Where Steebie punk ass STEEEBIE STEEEBIE

Lil Kim Queen Bee #brooklynforever

Anonymous said...

3:46 Yess she is the Queen of Rap with a Baby daddy thats broke.

Mr. No Papers.

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