Saturday, September 09, 2017

Mel B Filmed Sex Tape Entered Into Evidence

A sex tape filmed by Spice Girl Mel B of her husband having sex with another woman will be entered into evidence in their nasty divorce...

From The Sun
A sex tape that Mel B filmed of Stephen Belafonte romping with another woman will be submitted to divorce court to prove threesome claims.
Documents obtained by The Sun show the lewd tape is marked as exhibit 174 of around 2,100 items due to be considered during the divorce hearing.
Its description reads: "Video clip, date currently unknown (Petitioner filming sex between Respondent and female)."
Belafonte is marked down as the 'Respondent' during the divorce battle, while Mel is marked as the 'Petitioner'.
The identity of the second woman has not been revealed but the pair have admitted taking part in threesomes with other women before.


Anonymous said...

What does this prove? They have already admitted to having an open marriage. Their 'union' sounds like hell on earth: multiple partners, domestic abuse, money theft (fraud). They made a child somewhere along the way too. I envy Mel not one bit.

Anonymous said...

I really hopes he loses and comes away with nothing. She stayed out of fear of disappointing her father. She knew this fake Belafonte would pull these stunts. As soon as her dad passed she pulled out of this blackmail marriage.

Anonymous said...

she needs to go ahead and just pay this nigga. his pimp game/extortion game ain't no joke.

Petty White said...

For real, their sex life has nothing to do with his abusiveness. Just because they enjoyed sex with each other and other people doesn't mean he wasn't a scammer or physically abusive.

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