Thursday, September 14, 2017

Rihanna Raises the Bar

This week pop star Rihanna debuted her Fenty Beauty cosmetics line with a diverse foundation palette ranging from albino white to the deepest of dark chocolates [click here if you missed that].

Now the other cosmetics lines are suddenly promoting their diversity...

In the days following Rihanna's successful launch online advertising for make-up suddenly became much more inclusive.


D L said...

Marc Jacob? The same dueche that said blackwomen appropriate white culture when we wear out hair straight? That monkey selling make up for black women he insulted? Lol@ maybeline 3 dark shades.

Anonymous said...


he was telling the truth. besides,Marc is gay , he can say shit like that BUT don't you dare call him a fag or you're fired!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fuck Marc Jacob and the rest of them jumping on the band wagon.

D L said...

He failed to realize that black people have to settle if they want to work in corporate America. They don't like it when we wear our hair natural. They want you to look like them to be able to get and keep a good paying job, so no to your first sentence. But he had no issue putting dreads on white models for his show that had no black models. But you keep on capping for him, the K, and anything else that contradicts what is true.

Anonymous said...

Estee, Maybeline, etc have been doing this for AWHILE. This is NOT NEW.

Marc Jacobs is made by the same company as Kat Von D and Fenty so this is not a surprise. I mean they are run by the same firm, handles the branding etc.

Indi_flo said...

"You didn't want me then.. so hon don't want me now"

Anonymous said...

The swiatching of colors on different skintones has been a thing for a long time now. See Colourpop and every other company's stuff.

In fact, Estee's line is more diverse than Rihanna's and Lancome is making custom foundations right now.

If anything Fenty is LESS diverse than a Flori Roberts, Fashion Fair, or Black Opal. PLEASE.

Anonymous said...

I'm not excited about anyone's makeup line I don't put any of that shit on my face. So carry on they won't be getting any of my hard earned money.

Sunni Daze said...

The FB foundation is as light as air and literally melts into your skin to give a nice healthy look. I just gave Rhianna FB $300 of my man's hard earned and I am in love with it.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, will ONLY give my money to Fenti Beauty from here on out.

The other cosmetic companies can suck a dick. They won't get another dime out of me....

DaisyDooks said...

"The same dueche that said blackwomen appropriate white culture when we wear out hair straight?"

Straight-hair is a genetic RECESSIVE trait. The linear, limp, lifeless lice-prone strands on the scalps of numerator human APE groups from Asia are a matter of biology...not culture. It is essentially fur that grows all over their bodies if it isn't shaven.

Real hair has a COIL, SPIRAL, KINK, WAVE...a phenomenon that is replicated throughout nature.

The physiology/biology of Black people is based on an AfRAkan gene code that is eternal, non-recessive, fully-coded with regenerative qualities.

Unfortunately, Black people have forgotten that their natural coils contain all the coded secrets of space and time.

I do understand why genetically-inferior human APES want to remove the coil/kink from our hair.

DaisyDooks said...

Anonymous said..."I'm not excited about anyone's makeup line I don't put any of that shit on my face. So carry on they won't be getting any of my hard earned money."-8:19 AM

You are wise. Black women usually have good skin and are facially-attractive without make-up.

A Black woman's skin is even more radiant with balanced hydration, good nutrition and exercise.

You are correct that your hard-earned money could be used toward more productive endeavors.

I recognize your intelligence. Kudos!

Anonymous said...

@1018 "Real hair has a COIL, SPIRAL, KINK, WAVE...a phenomenon that is replicated throughout nature."

"Unfortunately, Black people have forgotten that their natural coils contain all the coded secrets of space and time."


Anonymous said...

8.05 I see you still running down all the white owned companies who wasn't thinking of doing promo towards dark skin women until Rihanna face was attached and it became the IT thing. You must work for the competition because you're giving the same font talk today that you did yesterday until somebody told you to shut up and go to bed.

Anonymous said...

Fashion Fair, Flori Roberts, heavy sigh

Anonymous said...

thank you @10:54...

Anonymous said...

i think the difference with rhi's line she came out the gate wanting to center darker women. these other companies have pretty much treated their darker lines/black women customers as add ons after the fact...their main promotion/advertisement goes to white women...rhi from the jump is saying her line is for those who don't fit in typically with their unique skin tones. the only other person to do that has been Iman. i think the problem with Iman her products tend to be geared towards more for older/professional Black women. Rhi's line is good for the younger women. yeah to both though!! fashion fair is too orange and black opal i haven't tried the makeup only the skincare line.

Anonymous said...

Rihanna is pretty but that pic makes her look like a hammer head.

Anonymous said...

@ DL

Agreed, you stated ALL FACTS.
I'm so glad that those unnecessary restrictions that have been placed on us for so long are becoming a lot less common.
BUT definitely still exist in corporate.

Marc Jacobs tried it, got called out for it and tried to redirect the focus off of him in a bogus attempt at that. Boy Bye!

@ Daisy Dooks

True, and I've always been a stickler about skin care and encourage everyone to take care of their skin.

Buuuut, I got to admit every now and then a sista has to grab that Black Opal to spot treat that occasional blemish let by hormonal zits.

Although minor, Dealing with those make me more sensitive to those who struggle with Major Acne or other skin conditions that may require full coverage make-up to put their Best Face forward.

When you look good you feel good !

Having said all that, I CANNOT afford to spend my discretion income on Fenty.

But I STILL applaud and congratulate Ri-Ri for doing what needed to be done for US.

Look at the competition trying to hop on the band wagon.

#NAH! We good now
#Fenty Beauty

Anonymous said...

@2:07 from 2:13 EXACTLY!!!!

You hit the nail on the head

Anonymous said...

@1:17--yes. My mother and aunts sold Fashion Fair in the 70s and it was everything seeing them sell black beauty to black beauty. I loved it; I played in the samples sets she'd bring home and it made me feel like a beautiful little girl in a sea of then all-white barbie dolls and commercials. Kudos to Rhianna for taking the time to make black beauty by black beauty a priority. I wish her every success.

Just an observation said...


That's the point. Rihanna cosmetic line came out the gate to show love to all shades not just the lighter ones and now the older well known cosmetic lines who've always had them but didn't market them are shook.
Go Rihanna!!

Unknown said...

Put them all out of business, Rihanna.

Anonymous said...

This is overhyped as hell. MakeupForever and Iman Cosmetics anyone? I hate Rihanna so I hope this fails for her. I would rather see more deserving black women do this. Go support Pat McGrath, a black MUA, not this talentless hammerhead bitch.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Your Jealousy is only hurting you

Good job Rihanna !

DaisyDooks said...

@Anonymous 10:50AM - Much gratitude

@Anonymous 2:13pm - I appreciate your commentary. Your post made me chuckle. You are correct that when one looks good, they feel good!

However, I do speak as an individual who used to have severe acne on my cheeks and forehead. I used foundation to cover it up. Big mistake on my part. My pores were clogged and couldn't breathe. I'd spent a lot of money on skin care products from high end department stores and on topical and oral dermatology medications that did not give me the results I wanted until one day I visited a neighborhood health food store and the Black female owner, upon seeing my facial acne, told me I needed to detox. She explained to me that skin is the body's largest exposed organ and is part of the body's immunology system (i.e. skin, blood and lymph nodes). She cautioned that I must be careful about not only what I put on my skin, but also what I put inside my body. She said my skin problem was evident that internally I was polluted with toxins. Skin eruptions were the body's attempts to expel waste.

She scheduled me for several colonic sessions and recommended a plant-based diet and consumption of alkaline or spring water. She also recommended supplements and herbs that helped expel waste from my blood and lymphatic system. I committed to it. My cells regenerated beautiful, clear skin. That was over 20 years ago.

I do not wear foundation...ever. I appreciate natural beauty. It's what I see in most Black women. Mostly, I'm make-up free and keep my eyebrows groomed through threading. I may wear eyeliner and chap-stick or mascara and chap-stick. On a whole, my entire make-up inventory consists of eye liner, mascara, lip gloss, lipstick, chap-stick and eye shadow.

Isaac Monty said...

@DaisyDooks WOW you really educated me today..... I never comment but your vital info made me come out to applaud you. It's great that we not only have people throwing the best of shade but people like you who extend yourself through spending time to educate a nigga in South Africa. The elements of Summer and Winter can be harsh on the skin here but we're beautiful here. What you say though is SO true.

DaisyDooks said...

@Isaac Monty 11:39AM - Much gratitude. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

@9:44...You really need to calm down. I'm sure Rihanna wont miss your money.

Anonymous said...

@ Daisy Dooks
From 2:13

That's cool and I'm already very aware all of the health info contained in your comment.
BUT I'm still glad that you wrote it for folks that don't know & needed to hear/know that.
And I mean that in a sweet way, no sarcasm.

I see that our make up inventory is about the same except for my black opal for the "monthly" hormonal sit: )

But please know that I wrote my comment from a place of understanding because.....
My ENTIRE family has extremely smooth and healthy young looking skin.

I kid you not, women have ALWAYS asked me if I was wearing foundation as far back as High School so I know that I / We are blessed.

For some people with strong acne, eczema etc
They should definitely take care of skin conditions first with good skin care and proper diet & managed stress levels.

But I have to acknowledge the fact that you can take care of your skin and still incorporate light foundation into your routine

As nice as my skin is I still have to do things to maintain it like avoiding chocolate, drink lots of water and facial steaming.

When I don't do these skin still looks better than most BUT not it's best.

My goal was to be sensitive to others
NOT to encourage being "so- called" beat to the godz with excessive make up or unnecessary contouring.

Because most who do all that, don't need it.

So yeah, I feel you on that.

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