Thursday, September 28, 2017

Rob Kardashian and Kylie Jenner Suing Blac Chyna

On December 16, 2016 Blac Chyna was hacked and direct messages exposing all the men she cheated on Rob Kardashian with, plus her plot to exploit the Kardashian name were exposed on Instagram [click here if you missed that].

Turns out earlier that week Blac Chyna physically assaulted Rob Kardashian and destroyed Kylie Jenner's house...

...and now they're suing.

From The Blast
According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Kardashian claims that Blac Chyna “consumed a significant amount of drugs and alcohol” on the night of December 14, 2016.
In the lawsuit, Kardashian claims Blac Chyna called two of his friends on FaceTime and was “carelessly playing with Rob’s gun unaware if the gun was loaded or if the safety was on.”
Kardashian claims later in the evening, “Chyna lunged towards Rob with an iPhone charging cable and attempted to strangle Rob with the cord around his neck.” He claims he was able to get away from her, but she “chased” after him and “repeatedly struck him in the head and face.”
Kardashian says Chyna then proceeded to trash the house – which he was renting from his sister, Kylie Jenner — damaging a television, breaking down a door, damaging the walls, destroying cell phones and smashing a gingerbread house that was made for the holidays.
Kardashian says in the lawsuit that he tried to escape the house in his Bentley, but “Chyna threw a nearby chair at Rob’s car causing damage to the vehicle and also used a metal rod to injure Rob.”
In the lawsuit, Kylie is also suing Blac Chyna because it was her house and estimates the damage to the house was in excess of $100,000.
Along with the damage, they claim Chyna terrorized Kylie by “telling her to get tests for sexually transmitted diseases, because Kylie was dating Tyga.”
The suit describes Chyna as a stripper who:
“over the years has created a reputation as a money-hungry, shameless, pseudo-celebrity.” They say she is also known for her “hard-partying and erratic behavior” and has “little, if any, accomplishments in the entertainment industry.”
In another bombshell dig at Chyna, they claim her relationship and baby with Rob were “nothing short of an outright fraud to shake down the Kardashian family without any concern about the consequences.”
Kylie and Rob are suing for assault, battery and vandalism. They are seeking unspecified damages.


lyn said...

I hope they win the lawsuit against her. Chyna and her attorney have always thought they had the upper hand. I also hope that Rob's attorney brings to the attention of the courts those text mails or e mail messages that her and her attorney were having when her attorney said to hurry up and marry him and then she can use the Kardashian name for financial gain. She is nothing but a liar, a opportunist and she likes to play the victim. I have never believed that she loved Rob. She loved what she could get from him. I hope that he finds someone that will truly love him and his child and that person is someone that he can have a future with as man and wife. Chyna needs to get a dose of her own medicine. Also I'll bet my life on it that she won't be able to handle it.

Anonymous said...

I hope they win. Chyna was scheming on them from the moment her friend Kim's little sister started hooking up with her baby daddy. Come on, enemies hide in plain site. Didn't mama Kris teach y'all anything.....

Anonymous said...

Y'all were right. They were waiting until they had enough evidence to drop on her. She should have taken her money and gone back to DC. Now they'll take the baby and put her in jail...Look for a "Khloe miscarries and adopts Chyna's baby" storyline. Khloe's probably not even pregnant. This was all planned down to the letter by PMK and Chyna played right into their hands.

Anonymous said...

~ This is allegedly the double-cross of the century and the entire town is talking. Even seasoned vets going back to the Sue Mengers years can't believe the story

~ Chyna was allegedly told to hire Lisa Bloom/destroy the house/file the "revenge porn" charges all by Kris

~ Chyna thought it was all for a storyline

~ They'll now paint Chyna as a "ghetto" Black woman using the narrative

~ There was a time when Chyna had a low-key older Jewish agent as her alleged sponsor who was trying to help her transition into an actual "brand." She wasn't going to go that far, but she's toned down the hair and clothes and was looking at a few legitimate streams of revenue

~ Somehow/Because she's not a smart girl (she's street smart to a point, but can't work a long con) she wanted quick money of a reality show

~ Her booker and their support staff did research and came to her with her client (who was/is a long-time client of theirs who likes to sponsor younger Black women who are a bit rough around the edges. He likes to play "Henry Higgins" and Polish them up. He does a great job and for that tier the girls have gone on to become the wives of a few investment bankers and a patent lawyer back East) to tell her to avoid a reality show AND the Kardashians

~ They gave her info on how the family allegedly feels about Black people, as well as the real info on what happened in Brentwood all those years ago. People of color associated with them end up taking the fall for drug-related crimes, end up on drugs, and worse (allegedly)

~ She didn't listen, walked away from her agency, and now look where she is

~ It's a quiet early morning here in LA and I'm up on a business call. Between this news and the death of the #1 procurer of Hollywood starlets for politicians and the B-List Black actor moving to the UAE to allegedly be a live-in rent boy for a minor royal, it's been a busy week

Young people of color, stay safe, fly under the radar, save your money, be well...

prissa o said...

They've got some nerve!!

"money-hungry, shameless, pseudo-celebrity"
"little, if any, accomplishments in the entertainment industry."

I'm sorry but these comments can be used to describe that entire clan. Fuck their reality show. Fuck their lip kits. Fuck their appropriation of the entire black culture. I'm so sick of this parasitic family. GO AWAY!!!

Anonymous said...

^ So Hugh Hef fed hoes to the White House and "Brother Ty" is a fuckboy?

Thanks for the confirmation.

Anonymous said...

Hope they are able to sue her and ultimately she end up in jail for any fucking thing. Say what you want about the Klan but this hood booger ain't seen nothing yet. Chyna outta look at before and after pic of the Artist Formerly Known as Kanye. If they could fry his brain WTF she think wont happen to her. This bitch did all this shameless scheming only to come up short. Stage was set for her receiving the longest money ever for doing shit and she exited stage left. And the Kardashians said unto Felicia,"BYE"

Anonymous said...

The family does have a lot of nerve but they got the coins to back that shit up. Like it or not Kris is not known as PMK for nothing. All her daughters have their own mansions and ot their hand in something that expands the brand. Rob is a lemonhead fuck it.
What makes this second generation pole dancing bitch think she was coming to town to wreck shit.

Anonymous said...

this lawsuit is leverage against BC's lawsuit - nothing more nothing less. she had the upper hand when she filed her revenge porn case so they had to go back to december to dig something up on her to use it against her now. they are using it to get her to settle her lawsuit for a reasonable amount. nothing to see here.

lyn said...

What does PMK stand for?

Anonymous said...

Well, if this isn't the pot calling the kettle black!!!! What that bitches described China as IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE, WHAT THEY ARE/HAVE BEEN DOING.

They are the EPITOME pseudo-celebrities, bunch of whorish, no talent, hairy bitches.
They're famous because of nasty ass Kim's tape with Ray J!

They have some fucking nerve....

Chrissy Snow said...

Pimp Mama Kris

Tippie Toes said...

Please stop everyday a new fabrication about this desperate family is posted. Dang grow up Snitch

DeepSeas said...

Kris Jenner's name is all over that law suit. She's teaching Chyna a lesson.

Rob and Kylie aren't petty like that. You can tell she's forced them to sue.

Granted Blac Chyna is a fool for her actions and they aren't excusable. She gone learn tuhday

Jason Santoro said...

@10:22 The law is plain and simple. You can't sue someone for allegedly releasing naked pictures of you if you yourself already posted them before. Lisa Bloom and Chyna might want you to think otherwise but again the law is plain and simple. Of course the simple minded people believe this shit. Chyna never had a fucking case. As many other commentators already said The Kardashian's have the money to destroy this bitch. And they will. Say what ever you want about them but that family sticks together and will put family first. Again as others have said Chyna should have taken a few coins and walked away.

Anonymous said...

Did this big head bitch bring her Washingtonian South East DC ho tricks to come get PMK family together? She did no such thing. It ain't over til the fat lady sing and she just clearing her throat. Time Kris wicked ass finish with her she will be wishing she could push her lil funny looking daughter right back where she came from. They may have no known talents but its obvious they don't need none. They got the look and they are a brand and an empire. Just because Chyna got to the one weak link does not mean she won anything. In fact its pretty bad when motherfuckas rather see him win just cuz you take POS to a whole new low. And that derelict mother of Chyna's they are all breathing a sigh of relief they don't have to pretend the family don't mind being in the same room with her.

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