Thursday, October 12, 2017

Bambi Confirms Marriage to Lil Scrappy

For weeks rumors have been swirling that Love and Hip Hop Atlanta castmates Lil Scrappy and Bambi Adiz had secretly gotten married.

The rumors are true...

Bambi tells Sister Circle on TV One,
"Listen, I can't even hide it anymore. I'm married. I'm happy." 
"We were just trying to do something on our own. It's been a month. We weren't really trying to hide it. It was just something for us."
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Anonymous said...

Bambi Girl you got a winner

I troll it like I see it said...

What's the matter this heiffa could not button her shirt, and at least have some semblance of respectability? Instead of investing in hoe gear, weave and plastic surgery, I hope can buy her "huzzband" a tube of Bert's Bees lip balm.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

She's a glutton for punishment.

Tippie Toes said...


Twink said...

She said just something that we were doin like she on a 24 hour fast like an experiment that we all know is gonna fail.

Anonymous said...

Lil Scappy is still and will be screwing his baby mother Erica Dixon. No lie!

Anonymous said...

@3:58 This could be true but if it is it makes Erica look dumb not Bambi. We all saw Erica cry the whole first season begging Scrappy to marry her. I'm not a big fan of Bambi but Scrappy clearly has more love and respect for her than he does Erica - who he dated for years AND is the mother of his child! Scrappy is not a catch in my eyes but Erica has to be humiliated right now.

Anonymous said...

I loathe this pony faced bitch. She feels that she is so fine and any man would be lucky to have her yet she end up with dude that end every sentence, you feel me?

She failed on BBW with a fake storyline about fake sugar daddy.

Then she up in the hot tub with Bobbi V, Kirk, Stevie, and Zino. The only one willing to hit it was Zino.

She walking around faking abortions and giving wide boy ultimatums. She feels she deserves to be taken care of and spoiled by a rapper husband when she has nothing to offer except what EVERY other woman in the world has also, a vagina.
We have all seen Scrappy be interested in, be attracted to and try to get involved with other women.
SHE knows if she doesn't bait him into a sympathy relationship she will never be on TV again.

Now she probably hyoe thinking they gonna be the focus of the new season and I'm thinking thats a no.
She wants Tammi's life so bad NOT knowing what Tammi is really going through.

I hope it ends quickly. Fuck the Bamb and her non acting non singing non rapping no make-up line no bathing suit line shimmer having ass.

Anonymous said...

Why? Stay single and get to know each other more.

Anonymous said...

@4:43 Preach...slow hand clap...preach

Anonymous said...

I love the Bam's confidence, too bad she never backed it up with anything concrete..
Scrappy is a LOSA...I think they gonna be broke and broken up soon.

My real question is about this men biting lip that a gay signal? It's soooo grosss to me, but then again, a man with too many selfies I'm looking at a little sideways too...and no it's not a black man is gay thing, it's a I don't like guys that want more attention than me thing.

Anonymous said...

If SOMEBODY don't give Meek a comment I think I may actually laugh myself to death tonight!!


Just an observation said...

Hmmm, I really don't believe this will last. I like Scrapoy but he isn't really over his baby mother. She wasn't playing games and that's the only reason why they couldn't last. Bambi .... is just another storyline for him it seems.

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