Thursday, October 12, 2017

Being Mary Jane Canceled by BET

Last year Gabrielle Union sued BET after accusing them of trying to circumvent her Being Mary Jane season 5 raise by cramming more episodes into season 4 [click here if you missed that].

Fast forward to this week when BET announces Being Mary Jane has come to an end...

According to reports BET has ordered a two hour Being Mary Jane movie in lieu of a fifth season that will also serve as the series finale.


Anonymous said...

I want miss something that I never seen.

Anonymous said...

thank goodness. now please do not put this no talent hack in any movies or tv shows.

Anonymous said...

Now she can go back to stealing people's children and playing mom like the evil low down bitch that she is. And making sure her huzband's capri's are crisply ironed while applying his lip gloss and handing him his purse.
Of the bitch was truly concerned with acting the money wouldn't have mattered since she has access to his. She thought she was a star and tried to haggle and got the boot. Peace out Gabby Jane. Won't miss you slut now go unpollute that uterus and promote that book no one cares about.

Anonymous said...

Good. it was a corny show.

prissa o said...

She really can not act. Plays the same person in every role - HERSELF.


Anonymous said...

Still the finest Black woman on the planet.

Sunni Daze said...

And this was the only reason I watched BET.

Anonymous said...

mary jane was a good show. it explored contemporary black womanhood in a way that hasn't been portrayed before. i liked how the show mixed in the music of Black women to speak to the way we love, hurt, find joy, etc. the only problem with the show. GABBY lol. i really wish they would've gotten a different actress, maybe an up and coming one. gabby's acting is not only stale, but there is always this disturbing feeling that's really her. the hatefulness is really her. it's off-putting. but then again gabby has self proclaimed to be a mean girl so i guess i shouldn't be surprised. it was a waste of good show with a subpar actress.

I troll it like I see it said...

This was one of my favorite shows, I watch on Netflix. I hope this will be picked up by another network. Loved gabby and the whole cast. Fuck BET.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, LOVED Being Mary Jane.
The only two times I would even watch BET is for Being Mary Jane and the Hip Hop Cyphers.

FUCK YOU, BET. I won't be tuning in to your wack ass channel anymore....

Anonymous said...

I'm going to miss looking at Michael Ealy's sexy ass each week.

Anonymous said...

First Surviror's Remorse now Being Mary Jane!!!
I'm disgusted...

Anonymous said...

@8:38, Sioh is that you? lol The COURTS made the decision to take away custody, not Gabrielle Union. She didn't "steal" any children. Gabby is the wife of their father so of course she's going to be with his kids. Please call your nearest family lawyer for more information on how custody works and stay off the blogs lol

Anonymous said...

she needs a NETFLIX show.

its a shame all these actress were fucking for roles in Hollywood and slimy producers were getting away with it while true actresses like Gabby were being overlooked.

Anonymous said...


stop whining hoe, you man chosed up already.

ya need to learn to keep your game tight at all times.

Anonymous said...

So old girl talk herself out of a job SMDH!

Anonymous said...

Loved the show. Being Mary Jane is the only thing I have ever watched on BET. Job well done Mrs. Wade.

Anonymous said...

Go Gabby !!!!!

On to bigger and better...

Anonymous said...

Being Mary Jane will be picked up by HBO
Watch and see.....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Interesting, first Survivors Remorse and now Being Mary Jane. Since Main Stream Media'a Agenda with Black TV shows is to focus on the Emasculation of Black Males, and push the Gay Agenda. I guess these shows witch emulated strong black males and females loving hating and fighting together in Unity Just put a Itch up Main Stream Media's asshole...So they had to be cancelled. Watch out next season for more black shows to be filled with the usual Coons, Niggas, Gays, Clowns and Thugs. These are the images that Main Stream Media Loves to Emulate on black
Te-Lie-Vision Shows.

Anonymous said...

I am 8:38 and not Dwayne the panty wearers ex wife.
Just noticed since the first season when she was getting fucked every 12 minutes nobody watched the sluts show.

Maybe she can nose twitch her ass into a bewitched movie since she is a bitch in real life.

Anonymous said...

Yep. 8:38 and 5:19 definitely Wade's bitter ex. Try Jesus baby girl. Let him get down in your heart chile.

Anonymous said...

^^^ okay

Don balee me juh watch said...

You can't steal women's husbands and break up homes and expect God to bless you. God don't bless no mess. You can't build your happiness on somebody else's misery. She's supposed to be so happy and her husband raising kids with other women. Karma karma karma comes back to you hard Gabby. And once Dwayne finally leave your ass like he did Siovaughn you ain't going to have shit to show for it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am the commenter who you all think is his ex wife whose name I can't even spell but I'm her.

Listen if I were her and had shit to spill I would be doing it all over this here blog.

Now all say this for the CAPITALIST above.

YES a lowdown grimey bitch can steal your husband. She can be funny and flirtatious. Then suggestive then make him believe that her gangrene non productive pussy is better than yours.

Yep her family took him in from his abandoned, drug infested dirty family.
Yep he was fortunate enough to become successful. And the first chance he got, he showed that he had no soul, no loyalty and no gratitude for how his bum ass life could have turned out if those people chose to look out for self like he eventually did.

She gave that man BOYS to carry on his legacy and his name. All this bitch can give him is flare ups and dildo penetration.

You see how Kevin Hart is kissing his wife's ass? How Kobe kissed his wife's ass? And how Reggie Bush handled not losing his wife?

DeWayne just hit her with the I'm having a baby from a groupie, you can stay or you can go?

THE DESPERATE BITCH STAYED. But is SOOOO petty she won't acknowledge a BABY. She can acknowledge the ex wife kidd cause her goal was to have HER life. But the younger, lighter chick she's got nada for.

Sometimes just sometimes being betrayed by the ine you thought you loved can break your soul. It can change the entire person you were. So that AND this fag's money attributed to her losing her children.

I would not wish on my worst enemy not being able to see their kids everyday, to be called mommy everyday, to have to say goodbye and send them "home" which is not with the mother and under her roof. To see how they are doing through social media. To see this tramp post shit like me and my boys. To see them in all these beautiful places making memories without their mother.

So you can be all TEAM WHORE. Can't nobody make a man cheat but bet's believe this karma is real GABBY YOU STANK WENCH.

And your pus filled, empty, hollow uterus will never give that bi sexual biotch a child.

A first daughter? Not from you. His youngest child? Not from you.

He leave you? No child support for you.

That baby growing up in your house in front of your eyes? PRICELESS.

The bitch that borrowed your huzband wrote you an open letter YEARS ago that you chose to ignore.

Detailing the house, what was in your dresser draws and everything else for you to have some dignity and leave.

But nah you stayed....what else could you do fall back on your acting career?

Nope you his homey. You at all the games screaming, getting tossed and errthang. You his good friend, meanwhile he pro creates with the chicks he's REALLY feeling.

So get your infertile, basic acting, telling the same damn story all the time ass all the way outta here.

This dude care more about Lebron than he does you.

And karma isn't done with you yet. But it's good for now knowing nobody will ever call your mediocre ass MOMMY.

Maybe if you didn't whore your way up the ladder just to end up on BET your pussy would work and your fallopian tubes wouldn't be scared up with old nut and tissue BUTCH BITCH.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:59 pm...damn. you went in. but hell one can't even defend gabby. in her own book she pretty admits to sleeping around, and being with her first husband for image/status. i mean someone propses to you while eating fried chicken, seems like you would get ghost UNLESS they are a pro football player. well, then you suck it up. gabby has also admitted to not seeing a girlfriend as an obstacle to a man she wanted. probably why she had no qualms cheating frequently on hre first husband. if she could do that, folks don't think she could slink in under wade's first wife. lets keep it real. a regular black woman. she's not ugly, but just an average everyday woman. then comes gabby semi famous and attractive. and has no bones going after your husband to get more shine. then on top of it was so mean to the woman on social media. remember how she used to post pics of monkeys and ish and compare to the ex. yes, that baby was some damn karma.

Anonymous said...

@9:59 No...your not Siovahn,Your just an mentally ill chick or maybe an deranged man who hates Gabby. What ever happened between you and she you GOT TO LET IT GO SEEK GOD AND GET HELP.

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