Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Beyonce Sells Manhattan Condo

Last month Beyonce and Jay Z picked up new homes on both the East and West Coasts [click here and here if you missed that].

Now Beyonce is letting go of her condo in Manhattan...

According to reports Beyonce just sold her One Beacon Court condo in Manhattan for a cool $9.9 million.

Beyonce bought the pad back in 2005 for $5 million and reportedly used the 3 bedroom 3 1/2 bath condo to house family members.


HHIC said...

That’s a nice little profitšŸ¤”

Anonymous said...

That shade of lipstick looks good on her. Ladies, please remember when wearing any red lipstick you must find a shade for your skin tone. What you like on your friend, will not look good on you. I always see women on the streets, instagram, facebook, with red lipstick and 9 times out of 10 the shade makes them look cheap. Take the time to find YOUR own shade. Thanks for reading.

Kitty B. said...

@11:52, that's the exact reason I don't wear red lipstick, each red fits a specific tone and I still have yet to find one...it's also how you apply the lipstick, many females still can't apply a simple lippy, tsk!

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Jay knew??? Hopefully she keeps her finances separate from his, simply for security.

Anonymous said...

Bullsheet, Beyonce has never owned property in NYC,

She has leased, though, and she still leases an Office there.

Anonymous said...

The real story, is how much did she donate to Houston of this windfall?

Making a song is one thing putting $ and resources for services is better.

I'm not a fan, I think her voice is sub par and has no depth.

Do Reme said...

Was prob to contribute to the down payment on that LA mansion. Would expect more from an alleged “billionaire”

Don balee me juh watch said...

I don't think she ever had a house in NY..these stories are fetch. I guess she wasn't ballin like they portray and she has to choose to afford the California pad. What Cardi B say? "I want both, I ain't gotta choose"

Anonymous said...


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prissa o said...

That shade of lipstick does not look good.

She's been looking so empty and lost lately. Shouldn't she be happy right now? I want to know what's really going on... Sad ☹️

Anonymous said...

Where are the twins?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I understand we age as we grow older, but it's obvious to me she has gone under the knife a few time and changed what she originally looked like before. She used to look so pretty and full of life to me. Now she looks fake and empty. And I just can't understand why she would do these things to herself, when IMO she didn't need to do anything. So instead of "enhancing" her appearance she's kind of ruined it a little. Lipo...I understand, but bigger butt, lips, hips..smaller nose, skin bleaching and always wearing wigs, as well as, other little noticable things...is all a bit much when you were never dog ugly to begin with. Sounds like she's a bit insecure.

Anonymous said...

Mama gotta pay those bills. Why you think she out here on Instagram and getting papped in all this FREE shit she’s been given to advertise for these designers and such. Smoke and mirrors will soon fade.

Anonymous said...

She’s gone, there is nothing behind those eyes. The industry has consumed her.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Beyonce is, was, and 4ever will be...


Magnus 21 Gunz said...

@3:05.....I would say it’s post partum depression but......She’s been looking like this for years. Being the wife of a man whore wears you down mentally and physically.

Anonymous said...

Beyaaaaaawnce is a man!! that bitch got a dick! it's bigger than jay z!!!

Anonymous said...

Why couldn't all of you conspiracy theorists plan an event in Vegas this past week..instead of the country singing music festival. Noone would miss yall haters.

Anonymous said...

^^^ you’re an ignorant piece of shit

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ 10:48 Spot On The question is why does she stay - allegedly years of cheating.

Anonymous said...

@1:26 Lol U Will
Burn Soon Enough; )

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