Friday, October 06, 2017

Cam Newton Apologizes for Sexist Remark

Earlier this week Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was called out for making a sexist remark after telling a journalist, "It's funny to hear a female talk about routes."

 After losing his endorsement with Dannon Yogurt Cam apologizes...

Shortly after Cam's comments went viral Dannon Yogurt dropped him as a spokesperson.

And that's when Cam apologized.

Later the journalist in question was forced to apologize for Tweets exposing her deep seated, racist family values.


L. Eller said...

No, it’s funny how the white supremacists are changing the narrative and being fake outraged by this shit so they can keep us in check. And this white bitch had racist shit on her twitter but cam
lost an endorsement because he was low key impressed with what the woman said. Smoke and mirrors, folks.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly @ 11:58am, He was not being sarcastic when he said wow thats funny. He was impressed! believe Dannon was pressed to drop endorsement deal because the company's primary target group and marketing objectives are towards WOMEN. I thought his apology was very sincere. And considering, what's come out about this female reporter past twitter rants with racial remark Give the guy his endorsement deal back.

JDent said...

When I was a girl, I wanted to play with the boys. I complained to my grandmother that they were hitting me. She said, if you play with them you have to play the way they play. After that was knocking heads, cussing them back etc. I'm still a huge tomboy.

FAUX politically correct shit can miss me. This dumb ass bitch looking extra now we know how racist she is. I hate that these cracka ass hos out number black women in these jobs. The racist ass team owners and nfl have OK with that.

I hate hearing their voices. It's a man's sport
I prefer to hear from men.

I'm calling the yogurt company today. Trust me I won't buy anymore of their shit. They lost their endorsement with me.

Felicia said...

Thank God I do not eat Dannon’s Yogurt!!!

Anonymous said...

i don't feel sorry for mr. "all lives matter" he learned real quick that wasn't true, eh. they both are losers. i'm ready to move on from this.

The King Of The Real said...

Coontastic baby. You better all lives matter yo ass on. Massa pulling yo chain. Looking like a sad grape ape

Anonymous said...

so, is she gonna lose her job because she uses the "n" word.

the heights of hypocrisy in this era of fake celebrity

Anonymous said...

Oh well, when coons get their n***a wake up calls, I truly couldn’t care any less.

Anonymous said...

Racist white girl=check
Cam's wake up call=check
Racist white girl the victim=check
Cam made to apologize to white racist girl=check
Those white supremacist got Cam's ass all the way together and he bowed to them.

PhxSun said...

Someone needs to come up with a new negro “tragedy” spiritual song that’ll immediately start playing every time these “negros” get themselves into trouble with one of them!

L. Eller said...

I’m hearing some people who sound like they listen to Tariq on here! I’m just waiting for some butta biscuit talk to come out!

Chrissy Snow said...

This is some BULLSHIT! I have worked in predominately white male environments for 20 years. I am all to familiar with gender bias, corporate racism and sexual harassment. Cam's remark was a bit condescending but it wasn't sexist.
It's funny to me how dumb shit like this is publicized immediately all the while it took 20 plus years for Harvey Weinstein's skeletons to hit mainstream media.
Then again, that's what Cam gets for acting so stupid all the damn time. He finally got his wake up call.

Anonymous said...

L Eller4:12pm
Who is Tariq?

Anonymous said...

^ Tariq Nasheed. Check him out on UTube.

I hate that he apologized, or even felt like he had to so so. He should have put it back on her by saying that she misunderstood him. SMH @ another declawed Negro.

I don't eat Dannon yogurt and I'm not about to start, but not because of this incident. Dairy products are not suitable for human beings, but for the most part they won't kill you. To each his or her own.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad for him, he's a bought nig and he NEVER wanted to stand up as a black man in America but when you act like that, they will find any way to bring you down regardless with the help of his own ignorance. Oh well!

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