Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Jhonni Blaze Outs Stevie J and Shauna Brooks

Overnight stripper/reality tv star Jhonni Blaze outed music producer Stevie J for having a sexual relationship with transsexual party girl Shauna Brooks...

It all started after Stevie brought one of Jhonni's rivals to the strip club, words were exchanged, Stevie threatened Jhonni via text and then she spilled his tea.

Jhonni's full rant below plus Stevie J's response..

Fun Fact: Shauna Brooks has been linked to Chris Brown, Tyga, Nick Young and Bobby Valintino [click here here here and here if you missed that].


Laa soul said...

Yawwwn Snitch. And this is news because....
Didn't this come out about Stebbie 50 11 years ago???

Don balee me juh watch said...

All these nikkas is gay

Anonymous said...

She said she had that nigga in a pretzel. Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!! Hilarious!!!!

Tippie Toes said...

Damn Jhonni is hard to take. So hostile.

Anonymous said...

This is very spooky on so many levels. So she openly acknowledges that not only is she a whore but doesn't mind having sex with men who have sex with MEN. WOW

Shit is disgusting!

Anonymous said...

I love Jhonni's music. I want to hear more of her music. Stevie J is scum with mediocre talent.

Anonymous said...

Most women (not all)
Aware or unaware
Are having sex with men who are having
sex with other men

Especially a lot of men who are married to women
Most married women feel so confident that their husband is not cheating on them with other women

Bingo! U are right!
Its other men they are cheating on u with!

That is why they cant see it

They are looking for "the other women"
When instead its "the other man" they should be looking out for

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