Thursday, October 26, 2017

Kim Kardashian Hints at Twins?

Kim Kardashian sets the rumor mill running after hinting she and Kanye West may be expecting twins via surrogate...

This week Kim Kardashian Tweeted her 56 million followers asking who makes the best double stroller.

After about an hour Kim implied the stroller was for North and Saint.


prissa o said...

Ima repost this comment. These folks ain't fooling me! 🙄👎

I have a theory about all of these "pregnancies". If you remember early on when the details came out about Kim's surrogate, there was a clause about how she would get extra $$$ for multiples and even extra money if she loses her reproductive organs. Well I don't think any of the K's/J's are pregnant. They implanted multiple embryos into the surrogate so they could claim Khole and Kylie were preg for maximum PR. The only 1 who really may be preg is Kourtnee (but I won't believe it till I see it). As much as they like to be photographed, funny we haven't seen Kylie yet (except face shots on IG) and the pics I've seen of Khole, she certainly does not look due in Feb. King Pimp Kris thinks she's slick and she thinks the public is stupid.

From TMZ: ...So Kim and Kanye have found a surrogate through an agency and agreed to pay the following:

-- $45,000 in 10, $4,500 monthly installments

-- If there are multiples, the surrogate gets $5k for each additional kid

-- If the surrogate loses reproductive organs, she gets $4,000

Anonymous said...

Where could one loom for lost reproductive organs? The floor? A closet?

Kourtney said out her mouth that she is not pregnant.

Khloe nor any of them made sure to never say she was pregnant. Not even a tweet, so this is a rumor.

Kim did this because she is a thirst bucket. If she wanted to know about strollers she has the access to find out. North is too damn big and grown to be in a stroller anyway.

If you can wear sheer clothing and makeup and curse out the paps, your little ass can walk.

They had pics of Mason in a stroller looking like he belonged in 3rd grade.

Dumb asses.

Sunni Daze said...

@8:08. I am with you 100%. I was wondering way these media whores haven't posted one picture preggo and I thought because they are not. But what you say makes sense they threw all the eggs in one uterus.

Anonymous said...

People can be so dumb and gullible to where Kylie and Khloe can parade around wearing half tops and flat stomach all 9 months, tell TMZ they were rushed to the hospital in labor, walk out with a baby, and fools will be overjoyed and swear up and down that they were actually pregnant and gave birth, and call anyone who says otherwise a conspiracy theorist.

DKB said...

There was just a pic of them on her birthday and she as pushing a double stroller. WTF is wrong with them being thirsty. Khloe is naturally fat so it is very hard to believe she is walking around tummy tea trim while supposedly pregnant and Kylie is one big who gives a fuck her ass seem extra shallow.

Anonymous said...

@8:42 If you can wear sheer clothing and makeup and curse out the paps, your little ass can walk.

They had pics of Mason in a stroller looking like he belonged in 3rd grade.
You said that!!!!! ITA!

JumpingJackFlash said...

Kim threw major shade at Jay Z & Beyonce with her "small compact troller" comment.Jay Z was photographed carrying a small compact carrier that connects to a stroller. The carrier was so small it looked like it was only enough room for one baby but in actually it is designed for two (despite it's size). My neighbor's are wealthy and bougie. We are middle class but live in my parent's house after they retired and sold their company to a friend/business associate. The neighbors have a $11,000 compact carrier/stroller combo similar to the one Jay was carrying his twins inside and their twins are preemies so maybe Beyonce's twin could be also? The Carter's are frugal and the only lavish things we hear of them having is that house in L.A. They always ride in a black basic looking SUV when seen although they definitely may have a few luxury cars and they own their pimped out jet, but I've noticed nothing else extravagant. The West's are Calabasas & France bougie, which is the reason why Kanye is in financial debt and mental instability. As long as E! Network keeps kissing Kardashian inflated lips & asses they will reach billionaire status in no time. Kanye, Tristan Thompson, Blake Griffith, Travis Scott, & Scott Disick are accessories right along with the babies they're making.

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