Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Nick Gordon Looks Back on His Relationship with Bobbi Kristina Brown

From the moment they hooked up family, friends and fans were shocked and horrified that Bobbi Kristina Brown's relationship with her informally adopted brother Nick Gordon was turning sexual [click here here here and here if you missed that].

In a new interview Nick admits he would have separated from Bobbi Kristina if only someone had suggested it...

Nick tells The Daily Mail
'If I had somebody tell me this would be a good thing for y'all to separate I would have tried that. 'But I just know it was really just us two. Everybody knew [what was going on]. 
All these family members, all these family members that love and cared for her…everybody knew what was going on and they did nothing. 'People saw her struggling and nobody did anything.'
Nick later admits,
'I'm so happy I got to live with them and give them the little bit of happiness I could towards the end of their journey down here.
'I'd do it all over again knowing the outcome.'
Nick also claims it was Whitney Houston's idea for him and Bobbi Kristina to be together and claims she encouraged them to elope.

Read the full interview here

In 2016 Nick was found legally responsible for Bobbi Kristina's death after he failed to show up for court proceedings [click here if you missed that].


Anonymous said...

Bye Boy!!! We need to quit giving this killer light from taking this girl's life!!

Anonymous said...

BK did have a fucked up life way before this piece of shit but he was the nail in the coffin. No doubt he killed her. She was moving to LA without him so she did suggest they separate So much for that suggestion. The time to tell his trumped up side of the story was when the court wanted him to not after this accurate portrayal of him on tv. Fuck Pat, Bobby, Gary and Cissy but this murderer right here no words, You could see she was a good kid just lost and no one to properly guide her. #RIPBK

OMG some of the memes from the movie specially the one about Brandy realizing she is not BK is hilarious.

Don balee me juh watch said...

^^^^ nobody forced her to do drugs. He is no more responsible than Bobby B.

He was sexin her long as she was having her fun in the sheets I guess there were no complaints from the onlookers.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't he in jail for her murder? There was a well known tennis figure and her husband fell and hit his head. He died and they arrested her thinking she contributed to his death. I find it insulting Nick is walking around free, while most of us know he had something to do with this child's death.

Anonymous said...

With all dad, uncles and brothers she had this motherfucka not missing yet? Bitch out here tweeting and Instagram and beating other peoples daughter like what. He right about one thing NOBODY gave a fuck about her Fucked up she thought he was the only one for her. Poisoning her ass. He need to be shot.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right! So now he see's the light.

Negro, the same reason you stayed is the same reason you wouldn't have left. Money! And of course receiving all the perks that comes with personally knowing Whitney Houston and her family was just another added bonus which put the cherry on top for you. Like we don't know this. Although Chrissy was no angel, she helped make life easier for this negro, even after the death of her mother. He used her and dogged her out. Who else was gonna provide a cushy cozy life of leisure for him? Who was gonna buy his drugs, buy him a car, exquisite food, vacations and a lovely estate to live in...all while not working or biologically being related to this family? If Nick feels anything, it's because he single-handedly ruined his meal ticket.

Anonymous said...

All he needed to do was help her stay clean have a baby and he would of been set the rest of his natural losing life. It is not hard to believe that the part that was portrayed as his character in the movie was accurate. LOL when Pat told him the monthly stipend was for Bobbi. He really thought his bum ass was entitled to one too. She still hit him off monthly. I hope his mother is ashamed of him as she should be.

Good thing Chyna got a uterus or this would be her story. Couldn't hold out any more than she did. She looked so stupid on the award show last night. Talking about I plead the 5th.

Tippie Toes said...

Shut up fool and the publication giving him a voice needs to be banned

Anonymous said...

This movie was horrible.
BKB didn't make one contribution in life.
WH wasn't no damn angel either she clearly tried to serve two masters. Three if you count the drugs.
BB resented feeling inferior to Whitney he is better matched with this nobody that is happy to have him
NIck is a derelict that mooched off mother and daughter.
Pat seemed to play Nicks role in Whitneys life. If she could keep her down she could stay in control. Cissy didn't give a shit either because damn if she didn't know her son molested her daughter and granddaughter.

Anonymous said...

@2:52 PM This is the first I heard of Whitney and BK being raped. Was it Gary? Didn't watch BK biopic. I never saw the rationale for her having a biopic. She had zero talent. BK's problems stemmed from her ghetto immature drugged parents. It was Whitney who allowed Nick into her home and let him have his way with her daughter while she was still a minor. It was Bobby who wasn't there teaching her about life while she was going through her growing pains of adolescence and young adulthood.

Anonymous said...

Mermaid Man's voice * EVILLLLLLLL*

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