Thursday, October 19, 2017

Nicki Minaj to Be the Star Witness in Brother's Rape Trial

According to reports Nicki Minaj will be the star witness in her brother's upcoming rape trial...

From Page Six
Minaj will be, in fact, the crux of the defense. In opening statements in Nassau County, the brother’s lawyer said Thursday the whole case was an attempt to extort $25 million from the hugely successful “Anaconda” rapper.
The little girl’s mother, Jacqueline Robinson, “related to Nicki that, ‘I can make the charges go away for $25 million,’” said David Schwartz, lawyer for Minaj’s brother, Jelani Maraj.
Robinson and the brother had just married when Robinson’s then-11-year-old daughter told officials in graphic detail that her new stepfather was raping her as often as four times a week, prosecutors say.
In her own opening statement, Assistant District Attorney Emma Slane told jurors that the girl’s brother, who was then 8, first revealed the abuse to child services.
The boy said he’d been beaten by his stepdad after walking in on him having sex with his big sister in a spare bedroom, the prosecutor alleged Thursday.
Minaj has stuck by her older brother, posting his $100,000 bond when he was busted in December. Neither the defense nor prosecutor would say whether Minaj will take the stand.
But defense private investigator Les Levine said she will be called on her brother’s behalf. He would not say on which day.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

WOW!! JUST WOW!! That's all I can't say about this right now!

And the little boy walked in on him on the child! Then he was beaten!

The mother allegedly said "she could make the charges go away for $25 million!"

Wow! Just Wow!

Anonymous said...

This is too deep!

Don balee me juh watch said...

This is going to be the demise of her career. She should have no parts in this. Even the wife took off.

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Anonymous said...

I call bullshit!!! This is ridiculous....everybody knows Nicki aint got 25 million!

Just an observation said...

So, Harvey Weinstein's brother have no problem condemning his behavior and this twerp is standing by her brother even though they have his DNA as evidence?!?!?
She better develop a thicker skin because it only goes downhill from here.

Felicia said...

@Just An Observation, are you really thinking Harvey Weinstein didn’t know who his brother WAS???

Anonymous said...

12:36 AM

Really now!

Anonymous said...

12:36 AM. Felicia

I think TPTB and Hollywood mad at Harvey Weinstein for green-lighting so many Black projects especially the Kalief Browder Series....I'm Awake! Stay Awake!

Distraction and Deflection

They've been knew what he and the other casting-couch producers, big-wigs, executives, and directors, and shot callers were and are doing, and they were hushed and OK with it and didn't expose it! But I guess Harvey Weinstein was the only one going against the grain greenlighting these projects! It ain't always what it seems people! Look deeper! See the forest instead of just the trees, The Bigger Picture!

Yeah he was a jerk, not excusing that if itit truly about that The Movie Business would be shut down overnight and people would be replaced and exposed left and right!

#Woke #StayWoke

Anonymous said...

What do Jelani Maraj, Harvey Weinstein & Afrika Bambaataa all have in common....PEDOPHILES & RAPISTS

prissa o said...

I still don't understand the defense's angle. Even if it was extortion, why was his sperm found in her underwear? Why did her poor little body show signs of sexual abuse? Why did the brother get beat when he walked in on Jelani raping that child?

I guess they defense will say it's all made up and they planted his sperm in her underwear. 😒 When this case first broke, I read that when the little girl came forward, he had raped her a day or 2 before, so it's likely his DNA was inside her as well. How will they explain that away?

Sick, disgusting DEMON! He deserves DEATH!

Just an observation said...

I believe he knew his brother was sick but not to the extent of everything he heard after the fact. But my point is that he is condemning his behavior and Nicki is supporting her brothers behavior.

Anonymous said...

5:47 But yet you are not condemning Russell Crowe sick, disgusting, and physically abusive behavior to Azealia Banks in fact you try to justify and support him physically attacking and abusing her! On other hand, you condemn Azealia for being a victim of abuse and speaking about it and you say that she deserves because she spoke against a couple of singers in the past! She defend and excuse rza for abandoning her during the attack and for an entire after the assault who later admitted she was right!
You said that even though Wendy Williams has publicly embarrassed so many people's personal lives and marriages, you said that it was unfair that her embarrassing marriage problems should not be scrutinized and publicized even though Wendy has relished and enjoyed exposing and embarrassing people publicly! You support and excuse H Weinstein's brother! You have some inconsistent, contradicting, and hypocritical double standards! It looks like it depends on the people instead of the people's actions despite how similar the offence or situation! Just saying!

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