Thursday, October 12, 2017

Serena Williams Announces Return to Tennis

Last month Serena Williams gave birth to her first child Alexis Olympia [click here if you missed that].

Now Serena is ready to get back to work...

This week the tournament director for the Australian Open announced Serena Williams plans to defend her title in January 2018.

Serena Williams won the 2017 Australian Open right after finding out she was pregnant [click here if you missed that].

The tournament kicks off Jan. 15 - 18.


Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

I can't wait to see her back in action.
Happy for her.

HHIC said...

I hope so. I won’t even be mad if she loses.

Anonymous said...

This Big Bitch need to be a mother and raise her new born CHILD ....beside trying to prove a point that she still got the GOAT title.......

Anonymous said...

@anon 11:31
you sound dumb. why can't she be both? a great mother and the greatest tennis player of all time? There's plenty of working mothers in the world who raise great kids and STILL GO TO WORK. What makes her any different?! she should quit doing what she loves because she's a mother now? some people are just dumb for no reason.

I troll it like I see it said...

Well she is a warrior Queen, and daughter of Sekhmet and Oya. So I expect no less, whup dem tricks Serena.

JDent said...

So nobody is going to ask what happened to her face? Um OK.

Anonymous said...

& "U Sound"
Even Dumber

"Y Cant
Do Both" ??

B/c Men
R Not Mothers

Dxmn !!

If U Aint Up
On The Williams Bros
U Just Lost
In The Sauce

Ffs They
Aint Even
Lol Man Face
& Traps W/ Adonis
Belt To Boot ..

Last Time
U Seen Th@
On The Female
Anatomy ??



Sophia Isoff said...
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Anonymous said...

Some of you people are so miserable with your life. Not only can she have a child and take care of her child, she has family and can afford a nanny. She also has money in the bank and not sitting around waiting on your taxes for a check. Not to mention, she is a millionaire. Yes, barely making it in life has to hurt.

Anonymous said...

@JDent, It's called pregnancy hormones. Her nose spread during pregnancy and it's taking some time to go back to normal.

Anonymous said...


Please women! Stop with the caterpillars for eyebrows and feather dusters for eyelashes!
They look HORRIBLE!

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