Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Shantell Jackson Supports Nelly Amid Rape Allegations

Last week rapper Nelly was arrested in Washington state after he was accused of raping a fan on his tour bus [click here if you missed that].

Nelly's girlfriend Shantell Jackson stands firmly behind her man...

...with a show of support in the form of an Instagram post.

In totally unrelated news, Shantell will be staring in a new reality show on E! called The Platinum Life.


Anonymous said...


D L said...

What’s a Boss? I’m tired of people especially these thots saying they are a Boss and don’t even know the actual definition of the word. Noticed she said that but there was no content after it?im a cricket... but good luck to you sister girl. Being a boss finance by your fiancé. You don’t work, you devalued yourself in that opening clip having him slap you in the ass. He don’t respect you, that’s why he thinks is ok to slap you in the ass for the whole world to see that you are just a piece he paid for. That’s not the clip you should post especially when your man is being accused of rape. You making him look like a sexual deviant.

Anonymous said...

WHo in the fuck is this to have her own show (dumb question lol anybody can get a show) but is nelly supposed to be a selling point or something? You right above, people print out a couple of cards and make a website and they a "boss" with their own business lol. I give this half a season maybe.

Anonymous said...

That's right girl stand behind your check!

Anonymous said...

....ummmm....what else was she going to do.

Anonymous said...

"Stand Behind Him"

To Put H/er
Piece In
If U Aint Up
On Mr Jackson
& Can Not See
Th@ . Man ??

U Might As
Well Get Back
In Bed & Throw
The Cover Over
Ur Head


Anonymous said...

Oh shit she got a job????!! Say Word!!!!?? ***clutches pearls****

Anonymous said...

You're so much of a boss that you have to name drop in order for people to know who you are associated with, which is how you were able to get on the show. P.S. You're not a boss.

Felicia said...


Anonymous said...

nelly didn't rape no woman, cause he's gay. he takes country dick up the ass. Stay woke.

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