Monday, October 30, 2017

Tokyo Toni's Halloween Party Falls Flat

Over the weekend Blac Chyna's mother, who is facing eminent eviction from her home [click here if you missed that], hosted a Halloween house party charging $45 a pop....

Only three people showed up and I'm pretty sure they were already there.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Tokyo Toni,

It's time to get a job...


Anonymous said...

it was just the three of them? chyna come get your mama

Anonymous said...

So she made a whopping 135.00...that really is scary.

Anonymous said...

Damn it, Snitch! Why post that close-up shot? Talk about Fright Night! It's not her looks, it's her aura. You can feel the confusion through the laptop screen.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't she doing club appearances? She would make some change, at least she could pay her damn rent. WTF is she doing with her life!

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Whose mama acts like this? This woman is so embarrassing. No one wanted to come to that raggedy ass party.
She should go move in with her ratchet daughter and call it a day.

prissa o said...

@12:04 - she really could do club appearances. That's a good idea!!
I wouldn't even bothered to post a video if only 3 ppl showed to my party. Embarrassing. 🙁 😢

Anonymous said...

Oooweee! that's a hard look'en woman right there, Pinocchio u have exhausted all options trying to get money except one, going on line and applying for a job, a 9 to 5, you tried to proposition oj that used up ran through coochie, and filing a lawsuit against Wendall and I guess that fell flat, and now these shenanigans, I don't know anyone who would pay $45 dolla's to come to a strip club Halloween party,$5 or $8 yes $45 no! When are going to stop embarrassing yourself woman? it's time to grow up and get serious,jail wasn't enough? Get a job woman u are about to be thrown out of your house! get a job

TheOne said...

Dear Toyko Toni,

Regarding your Halloween event, please answer the following questions:

1. Will you report the $90 (2 guests) as income?
2. Were balloons the only decorations?
3. Was the music being played on a television?
4. Did you prepare any food?
5. Did you get clearance from the landlord to have an income generating event?
6. Will the tape removal from the walls peel the paint?
7. Was parking available?
8. What were the scheduled hours of the event?
9. Did you invite OJ?
10. Please describe your costume?

Please respond in writing using a Times New Roman font.


Anonymous said...

Those are called Rent Parties NOT Holloween Parties. Remember when the Evans threw one for Wanda.

Anonymous said...

That video is disturbing on about 5 levels.

Anonymous said...

2:34pm LoL

Anonymous said...

Her mouth open makes me think the aura of dirty pussy is seeping from it.

Who is paying $45 to party in a empty one bedroom apartment? Who would eat ANYTHING she prepared?

She's acting like she owe the dope man and only has a few more days to pay him.

Court proceedings will NEVER allow her or Chyna to care for Dream.
Tyga probably don't even let the big head little boy use the internet.

And who in the HELL would pay to attend an event she would host?

Anonymous said...

@ The One

From 11:21

I was trying to be Honest but nice about it BUT you went all the way in with your questions LoL
You know that you're wrong for those questions

Anonymous said...

2:13 you made my evening! Well done/I needed a good laugh before bedtime. I love RWS and the loyal posters.

Thanks for the forum, Snitch! (We love you too!)

prissa o said...

😂😂😂 at #3

Cinnamon said...

@12:19 "whose mama act line this" a whole lot you see them on live&hip hop and everywhere else she has a grown child!! Can act how ahe feel just b/c you are someone mom do not mean you can t b yourself no matter the age even when younger and acting this way it stiill will not stop you jus b/c someones mom it is called living your own life ypur child can'tt live your life for you So you live it how you choose!!

Cinnamon said...

"This" "love&hip hop etc

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