Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Aretha Franklin Shuts Down Death Reports

Aretha Franklin forced to deny disgusting death reports...

For the past few days #RIPArethaFranklin has been trending on social media after several outlets reported the Queen of Soul was on her deathbed.

She is not.

Aretha Franklin tells Us Weekly,
“I’m doing well generally, all test have come back good.”
“I’ve lost a lot of weight due to side effects of medicine, it affects your weight … Thanxxxx for your concern.”


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness not Auntie Re

Anonymous said...

Well I guess I missed this report. I didnt see no RIP for her

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful news! the queen of soul is a strong woman I'm glad everything is going well

iketernr said...

I never saw this but dayum!

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