Saturday, November 18, 2017

Azealia Banks Opens Up About Her Mental Health

Harlem rapper Azealia Banks speaks candidly about her mental health and reveals she's finally been properly medicated...


whomp whomp said...

ADHD makes sense. Unmediated, people with ADHD can be a horror in relationships, not present, impossible to talk to (in one ear and out another), even dangerous drivers. I mean, when you read the symptoms in adults:

Disorganization and problems prioritizing
Poor time management skills
Problems focusing on a task
Trouble multitasking
Excessive activity or restlessness
Poor planning
Low frustration tolerance
Frequent mood swings
Problems following through and completing tasks
Hot temper
Trouble coping with stress

And, then if you read the complications, It sounds just like her:
Poor school or work performance
Trouble with the law
Alcohol or other substance abuse
Frequent car accidents or other accidents
Unstable relationships
Poor physical and mental health
Poor self-image
Suicide attempts

Anonymous said...

i think we all know by now she's crazy.

Anonymous said...


It's ignorant assholes like you that make society difficult for people with mental illness to be accepted. Dumb ass hoodrat.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Hmmmm....I think her problems run deeper than that. Bipolar ilness as well as some forms of schizophrenia can contain all those symptoms and complications. If I was betting my money, I'd bet on her being bipolar. A lot of bipolar people also have ADHD.

Anonymous said...

@12:15 you sound like you have a lot of mental illnesses! go take yo meds dumb ass! Why should society accept crazy people like you and her?? The president is already crazy and it's "ignorant assholes" like you that voted for him to be there! after your done reading my comment, go jump out a window. have a good life in bellevue.

Anonymous said...

@12:15 you sound angry, crazy and triggered... Please take your medications, we don't need no more crazy people like you going around and shooting innocent Americans again.. This is why there is no room for people like you in society. look, you're already triggered in this comments section and this is just a blog. i can't imagine you in real life.. it might be Las Vegas all over again.. Please take your medications. All of them. And go call the national suicide hotline. good day.

Anonymous said...

Yeah we already knew this trick was crazy AF.

She has been nasty to a lot of people, we are not obliged to give her our sympathy.

Anonymous said...


BINGO! I posted years ago if someone refuses to acknowledge their diagnosis and refuse to take their medicine they will eventually graduate to the next level of depression.

Men go from minor to severity women gradually go through the different stages. She should've just said she suffers from depression.

She is deceiving her followers with her word play. Those of us who know about mental illness knows the difference and recognize the word play.

Anonymous said...

Y'all some negative niggas. I guess I would be negative too if I was unemployed and sitting up on a gossip site all day waiting for a child support check.

Anonymous said...

I don’t believe this. I have ADD and I don’t act like her. At worst, it’s hard for me to stay focused. Or I often start but don’t finish things. This bitch is bi-polar. Solange too!

Anon said...

Banks has a personality disorder, it is as clear as day. Her borderline personality disorder has caused much damage to her life. I can imagine she wouldn’t want to share her diagnosis. Hopefully she’s getting treatment and she takes it seriously.

On another note: some of you need to get off of R’ in NYC’s nuts. I’ve always seen R speak honestly and fairly so these garbage talk needs to be directed at the trolls that roll up here to create havoc

BTW Hi, @R.


Anonymous said...

@6:20 maybe you should log off if you can't handle real talk. get off everyone's nuts while you're at it. maybe log off from life if you can't handle the internet cause the real world is way worse. and why are you saying "hi" to that person? what do you think this website is? Speed Dating?? Go drink a glass of bleach and go to sleep dummy.

Tia of fakenewspapersdotcom said...

Good to know that she's getting the help she needs.

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