Friday, November 17, 2017

David Otunga Fighting for Primary Custody

Last night it was revealed Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga were no longer engaged and that Jennifer had been granted a protective order against him [click here if you missed that].

Now David is accusing Jennifer of taking desperate measures to prevent him from being awarded primary custody of their 8-year-old son...

From People Magazine
Otunga’s attorney, Tracy M. Rizzo, released a statement to PEOPLE on behalf of the former pro wrestler following the split news accusing the Oscar winner of getting the protective order to stop him from getting primary custody of their son.
“David Otunga has been trying to negotiate the terms of an amicable parenting agreement with Ms. Hudson for several weeks now,” the statement read.
“However, when it became apparent to Ms. Hudson that Mr. Otunga would be the parent granted residential care of the child, as a result of Mr. Otunga being the child’s primary caregiver while Ms. Hudson pursues her career all over the world, Ms. Hudson decided to file a meritless Petition for Order of Protection in an effort to gain an unfair advantage in the custody dispute,” the statement continued.


JDent said...

I read his account yesterday. Celebs forget they are their brand. Public fighting, especially if considered unreasonable, will lose you fan base and money.

Cryretha, Halle, now this. Even Keisha Cole is privately negotiating custody. Lawyers get straight paid for fuckery when parents resist working through their issues in private.

Anonymous said...

I believe him. Jenifer Hudson is one mean woman. Her meanness is right up there with Jill Scott and Anita Baker. Can you imagine these three women in one room together for 5 hours, I'd be scared to death.

Tiffanyinthecity said...

She doesn’t want to have to pay child support. Hats what that’s about.

Anonymous said...

Remember: Punk is a Harvard Law Grad and Jennifer can barely speak clear English and she's not as famous as she thinks she is. I commended him for not walking away from his child.

Anonymous said...

1:47 I can attest to the meanness of Anita Baker and Jill Scott. Public humiliation of staff and rudeness to fans, respectively.

I've never met Ms. Hudson but she's probably not able to sleep at night. Conspiracy theory or not, William Balfour's DNA wasn't in the car and his prints weren't on the murder weapons.

Anonymous said...

Whether Jennifer Hudson is mean or not, why would she give baby daddy full custody of her son
They are Not married...legally full custody always goes to the mother unless she is proven to be harmful to the child. I heard he didn't want to sign prenup which is why Jennifer never married him. So called smart people ain't so smart.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Liar liar liar^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
What do you mean Jennifer Hudson can't read? She graduated from high school and attended college.
I guess you forgot about the Oscar she won for Dream Girls? Or all the other film and Broadway shows she has done. Which all required excellent reading and comprehension! I going to have to assume that you know nothing, nothing about Jennifer Hudson and that you confused her with the other well known starlet who is known for having a limited education and not speaking well.
In other words

Tippie Toes said...

WOW she's going to regret playing dirty.

Anonymous said...

This lawyer wrestler doctor sous chef is gonna need his check or we about to find out how all them people in her family died and her nasty overbearing ass blew up. Ten year engagement oh he is gonna need that check!

Your Highness said...

They gone end up back together, so just stop it.

And yes she stupid for trying to do a legal battle with a bonafide Harvard Law grad. I guarantee "Punk" ( I can't see him any other way) has a few buddies that'll do the case pro-bono

Anonymous said...

I believe him...

Just an observation said...

They are not married and she has never displayed abuse or any negligence to her son. Why in the hell would he petition for full custody? He may be a lawyer but apparently not so smart because she's one step ahead of him. He never signed the prenup and if that's the only thing that made them part then it wasn't about love. She was not about to shell out money in hindsight of a failed marriage. Attitude or not that's being smart and watching your investments and protecting your future.
He could be reckless with his money and she see it's not worth it to be married unless he signed that prenup.

Anonymous said...

This fake, formerly morbidity obese, insecure, evil ass, hollering ain't singing bitch is really playing herself. If she didn't pay to make that fat go away she think she would have snagged someone with David's education, looks, physic or drive?
This bitch is trying to deflect from her upcoming firing is what she's doing. She is irrelevant and sees how women who were truly done dirty are in the media now and getting sympathy from their dog like husbands so guess who created their own drama? Jenny who didn't lose a damn pound off of weight watchers.

He is deserving of full custody and he knows his rights VERY well. This miserable BITCH leaves him and the boy at home while she is still chasing happiness and will never find it.

The only thing she cares about is money. She knows wheter or not awarded custody being with David for a decade may entitle him to some compensation, I doubt he would demand it but she knows he is entitled. And with custody out of love for his son she would definitely have to pay.

So now he is abusive, she is not only being an evil, greedy bitch she is trying to ruin his name and brand. But she is and has always been embarrassed by his WWE past. She wanted him in the courtroom fighting cases so she could brag to her non friends that her huzzband is a successful
lawyer. He did what his heart wanted him to do. He remained in the WWE so SHE held up the wedding trying to force him to live his life as an uppity white male.
In that Oprah interview she was so embarrassed and didn't want him there, Oprah hadnto invite him over and have him mic'd.
The problem is she thinks she is pretty she is not, that she can sing she cannot, that she is desirable she is not and that she looks natural at that weight she does not.
To her David is not good enough for her and thats a cool lie she believes.
David will be with another woman soon and she will be equally as attractive as him and not be up her own ass.
I hope he gets his son if he doesn't she is going to oass him off to multiple people and not know what might can happen to him. She isn't an involved mother and his life changing this fast she shouldn't be so vindictful and change what he knows and thats 24/7 with his dad.

Anonymous said...

Please award primary custody to David and pay up Jhud

Anonymous said...

"Jenny's" new approach on life is to treat people as badly as she was treated if not worse.
The bullied has become the bully.
1st characteristic of a WEAK person.

Anonymous said...

Hope he gets full custody.

I troll it like I see it said...

For some reason I don't believe her story. She is lying on this man. Something about her has always rubbed me the wrong way. We will see if this temporary order of protection is extended. I just don't feel she is being honest about being abused. And he is a fool staying for 10 years with her insecure ass, stringing him along because she didn't want anyone else to have him.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Hudson, already lost her entire family SHE WILL NOT GIVE CUSTODY UP TO HER ONLY SON/FAMILY MEMBER
She is not married to her baby daddy
Legally custody automatically goes to unmarried women who have children, unless they are a danger to their children.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer lost her entire family do to her consent. That's why there is no pause or a wet eye when she speaks on it.. Thats why in her statement she says David used a prop gun to intimate her knowing her brother and mother died due to a gun. Why didn't she mention the nephew she claimed to have loved so much?

2 tons of fun though she was going to surpass B with that hollering ass voice and woe is me tale.
WOMP and now she mad at the world.
Oh and FYI since she's so attached to junior she leave him home with dad all the time she doesn't have to give shit. It can be awarded.

Mama June really bit off more than her stink ass could chew. Yea you got money BUT you are still going up against a LAWYER you channel 5 winning BITCH.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else shocked beyond belief that these two never married? I don't get it. I just can't.[/sarcasm].

Does her sister travel with her and work for her or help them out, or is she doing her own thing?

Legal custody does not automatically go to single/divorced/unmarried women. Many celebrity careers require globetrotting for short-term assignments, sort of like some corporate jobs and the military, which is not necessarily the most stable environment for minor age children. Also, not all mothers are suitable or fit for child rearing. It doesn't mean that they are not capable and do not love the child(dren). They just may not be prepared. Anyway, later for this. It's Friday night.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^LIAR LIAR LIAR
There are millions of single mothers unwed mothers who have full custody of their children, It is their given right because they are not married.

Anonymous said...

LMFAO!! I see Jennifer Hudson is here in this comments section!! let's see, @2:22pm, @10:40pm and @12:02am, are all JENNIFER HUDSON!!! Gurl, we see yo dumb ass in the comments, we ain't stupid like you!! LMAO!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen! Free speech babe...we can say what ever we want...

Anonymous said...

i just knew celebrities be up in the comments section!! LMAO!! what a bunch of losers!!! LOL!!!

prissa o said...


Anonymous said...

I'm going to continue say this. I don't believe William Balfour killed her family.

Anonymous said...

Aye was that a threat from "not jenny hudson"?
your url can be sold for a price?

I Can't said...

The comments on all of Rhymes' Jennifer & David's situation are unusually nasty for typical Rhymes comments. I think David has his cleaners in these comments or he's in here trying to do serious damage to JHud.

The former couple should share custody. It's terrible for him to want full custody if he ever loved Jennifer. David is looking for a pay day because wrestling is taking a toll on his body, he jumps from job to job (he's unstable), if he ever loved Jennifer why did he make disparinging statements about her weight loss, if he ever loved her he would had married her right after the engagement by making her feel secure but instead he switched from lawyer to wrestler once he hooked JHUD. He seemed to always want to be able to live out his dream jobs/life but on her dime. JHud better do an interview with Good Morning America and spill it all to prevent David from scheming her like Kendu did to Mary. Let's not forget JHud stated in her police report that her son and several others witnessed David pushing JHud. David gonna have to look forward to his son possibly testifying against him.

Anonymous said...

Hey look everybody!! it's Jen hudson again in the comments section!! it's @12:35pm !!! Nice try Jen, but you got caught cheating!! and we all know you had surgery to lose the the fat, the saggy loose skin was very evident!! LOL!!! Hey Jen, can you hook me up with some of those steak dinners from weight watchers?? my fat ass can't get off the couch!! LMAO!!!

Anonymous said...

wow!! jen hud is actually in the comments!! normally a PR team will come in the comments and do a routine clean up by lying to everyone in here with false information to redirect the attention somewhere else. what happened Jenn? you don't have no money to pay a PR team? so now you're doing the clean up yourself?? LMAO!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm guessing the following people are all J Hudson's lame ass: @2:11pm, @2:22pm, @5:35pm, @12:02am, @12:35pm... Dam, i never saw a celebrity so many times in the comments!! hunny, give it up!! TMZ already exposed you!! you ain't no good church woman either!! LMAO!!

Anonymous said...

David wanted to be on television and found a way to be on television prior to meeting Fats Domino.
David cared about his health and his looks so he always had a NATURALLY great physic.
This butter eating bitch didn't have nothing to do with why we know who David is. Lol he pursued his dream on her dime.

She really need to get out of here trying to defend some hoe shit amd make this man look bad.

If you remember he said NOTHING negative about her fat ass becoming anorexic. He said he loved her when she was a step away from a fat ass heart attack.
You can see in red carpet clips he was always afraid to approach her or even stand next to her. He always waited for some kind of sign from her and she rarely gave it and took most pics alone. One of these posts has the pic from the Oprah interview and you can see the tension because Oprah asked him to sit, you can see the annoyed look in her eyes and eyebrows.
We should have seen the writing on the wall though because as soon as she won a mediocre talent show she ditched her HS boyfriend.

The comments are nasty and are from REAL people because this bitch tried to play victim when in actually she victimizes people.
She said Beyoncé treated her like shit and made her have low self esteem and if its true and she knows how that feels why is she doing it to people now?

She is a fucking fraud and didn't expect this shit to play out the way it did. No sympathy for you bitch. We have Seen David's true personality and he is a sweetheart. He lets you wear the pants and knows not to step into your little flashlight shine. But that wasn't enough for your musty ass.
He will find a beautiful woman like I said before. Instead of sniffing behind some Al Roker headed bitch having him be a fiancé for ten fucking years.

You can the love that man has for his first son in EVERY picture he has with him. You can compare the smile to when he is in a pic with his abuser.

Don't really see many pics of HER with her first born....

Country said...

@ 1:41 pm " Al Roker headed bitch" I'm laughing so hard I'm screaming!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^ no offense to Al's wrinkly ass but this bitch got me tight lol

Anonymous said...

"You love your family, right?"
"Yes, I do."
"Do you think they love you?"
"Do you think there's not anything they wouldn't do, anything they wouldn't sacrifice for you to make your dreams come true?"
"No. They love me a lot."
(((Exec))) smiles. "Thank you. That's all I need. Sign here."

I'll just throw this out there. Implied consent is still consent, even when you feign ignorance but your soul still knows what you signed off on or sold. Satanists work off free will. You have to consent to it. Just like all the pedos in Hollywood-- you let your 10 year old go into a room with the casting director, 30 minutes later he/she comes out crying, *you know* what went down, but the money is just too attractive so it's easier to just *pretend*, just go into denial.

But your soul knows. Deep down, your soul knows. So no, no man in a red suit is going to come up to you holding a pitchfork, but you know what you're consenting to.

Again, just throwing this out into the ether-- no need to "buy" my url (lol). Just reminding Everybody in the world to *know* what they're consenting to.

Be blessed, y'all.

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