Wednesday, November 22, 2017

David Otunga Wins Thanksgiving Visitation

Last week Jennifer Hudson shocked fans after ending her 10 year engagement to David Otunga and filing for a restraining order against him [click here if you missed that].

Now David has been awarded custody of the couple's son for Thanksgiving...

From TMZ
TMZ has learned both sides squared off in court Tuesday and David made his case to spend the holiday with 8-year-old David Jr. TMZ broke the story, cops threw David out of the family home after Jennifer got an order of protection claiming she was afraid David would hurt her and her son. David says she's lying and vengeful because they were at an impasse over custody.
We've learned, according to the new order, David Jr. will be with his dad from Thanksgiving day at 3 PM to 7 PM the following day.
We're told David will also ask the judge on Monday to give him temporary custody of David Jr., claiming he's the primary caregiver. 
He also wants possession of the residence -- where he pays rent -- during the 2 weeks she'll be traveling for work -- between November 26 and December 8.


Anonymous said...

David, I know Jennifer is lying. Just like she lied about weight watchers. That's a sneak lying ass bitch.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget David is an attorney! Jennifah better tread lightly

JDent said...

I believe David too. She would destroy her son, just to move on from a man. The court shouldn’t have kicked him out of his home. I didn’t know he was paying the rent.

So he been doing his part and keeping rhe boy when she travels. Um yeah girl you fuckin’ wrong for this. That baby must be beside himself.

Besides she the ghetto ratch. Baby daddy Harvard grad.

Anonymous said...

Never trust a person who would sacrifice their family for fame and riches.

Anonymous said...

I believe Jennifer! David works for WWE which is the white mans favorite pasttime and Trump supporters. The judge and WWE helped with this Thanksgiving ruling. Glad the judge didnt go further yet. Something just ain't right with David.

Look at that picture above; he got them crazy eyes. Any decent man that's in his right mind and without an agenda would have never been on I Love New York. Jennifer didn't marry him for 10 years for a reason. She know something aint right with him. He's probably another Tyrese.

It's extremely telling that he wants to keep the boy at the home Jennifer and him share while Jennifer is away. Why can't he take the kid to his parent's home, if he's balling financially why can't he rent a place, where is he staying now? He's after Jennifers coins and he wants to humiliate her. If they broke up months ago why does he say she's cheating. Jennifer better secure her bedroom in the home because I bet he will go thru her belongings while she is gone if the judge allows David to stay in the house.

JDent said...


HE WANTS HIS TO REMAIN STABLE. He also pays the rent. David's eyes look fine Jennifer eyes are EXPRESSIONLESS.

The judge didn't buy her bullshit either. What coinage do dead eyes have? An Harvard educated attorney is not a pushover.

But she gon learn.

Anonymous said...

Great job David and Jennifer is cheating. With who you ask? Here's a hint: try to beat the holiday RUSH HOUR.

Anonymous said...

11:41 he wants life to remain as normal as possible for his son whom he loves.
His sons room and his clothes, toys, belongings are in that home he was raised in.
Thanksgiving is a holiday of comfort and FAMILY. Thats why he wants his son to be in the only home he knows and was raised in for Thanksgiving.
If he was going to be petty and go through her "bedroom" which they shared for a decade, he would have been done it.
Why should he rush and rent an apartment that would be nee to him and his son because this Chicago rat wants to ruin her child's childhood?
The family means so much to her that she will be traveling anyway.
Why should he take him to his parents house ehen he never had to before?
It is obvious who cares about the child and who is a selfish bitch.
Alot of former WWE wrestlers have made it to the big screen and David's time is coming. Jennifuh really played herself looking down on a good loyal man.
And bye the bye New York started on Flavor of Love and has had 3 shows of her own since then and is currently on television. Everyone has to start somewhere.
David isn't after fat girls money and probably would have been long gone if it weren't for lil man.

Anonymous said...

@11:41 You sound like a damn fool.

Anonymous said...

11:41am May sound like a damn fool. You are a damn fool you were born one. You live your life as a damn fool.
Have a bless day FOOL!

Anonymous said...

@1:25pm He can be honest with his son (man up) and tell him that mommy & daddy are having personal issues but those problems aren't the son's issues, both parents love him forever. David can tell the son to bring all the toys, clothes he wants to daddy's new apartment/house and when he gets to the new place, daddy & son can have fun painting the room, decorating and etc..

David probably already rummaged thru Jennifer's room and didn't find anything the first time, wasn't David the one trying to get the son to record Jennifer's so called cheating in the recording studio. However, it's being reported they've been broken up for several months and they're not married, so that makes David look obsessed. He should just move on already.

Yes, he should rush and rent a home because it will prove to the court that he can provide a stable new home for his son. It will show he's over Jennifer and moving on with his life, looking for a new love.

You must be David, a robot working for his law firm, New York, his relatives, or a Beyonce fan that's still mad at JHud for winning the Oscar because no one curses or gets so uptight as much as you on a Rhymes article. Rhymes commentors are usually calm and use rational when commenting. I'm not the biggest fan of Jennifer but that woman is talented. Yes, I've noticed she has an attitude sometimes but I would too if my baby daddy was switching jobs despite his Harvard law degree thus making me go out in the brutal Hollywood industry to sing for people that don't value real singing or like to hire black actresses (practicing Harvard lawyer would give more money to the family than CTE causing WWE Trump wrestling.).

Anonymous said...

@4:17 David is a man. Why should he have to tell his son that their family is being torn apart at the beginning of the holiday season because his mother is a self centered selfish bitch?
A ten year old boy isn't trying to hear all that nonsense. The only thing he is going to ask is WHY over and over again. He has had the sense that mommy and daddy live together and love each other his whole life. How can you explain that daddy doesn't want this either? That its all the bitches fault?
Who the hell is finding an apartment, furnish it that quick and spend Thanksgiving having a painting party? It sounds stupid and nobody's going through all that while she's gonna be on her back somewhere else.

You keep harping on him going through her things. How old are you. This is bigger than looking through her dresser draws and for what? Anything he needs to be used against her is in her phone, not under THEIR mattress. Yes David did allegedly ask his son to record her worthless ass having their kid areound another man. That would have been AWESOME evidence to submit in court.

If they were broken uo for months why pull the trigger and have the police called this week? Because he told her he shoukd have primary custody so he doesn't become a latch key kid or she allow him to be borrowed and passed through the industry leaving him with anybody with all the molesters where she frequents. Then he became a raging threat to her safety. Bad business.

The court is FULLY aware of who David is and his legal background and his tv fame. He doesnt have to get a last minute apartment to prove this.He doesn't have to prove he is over her to any judge ever. As far as I know he is asking for his son. Not money, not to live with her and not to reconcile but HIS SON.

Nobody cares about that old ass Oscar win. What has she done since then?

I have been on RWS A LONG TIME. So you lie when you say commentators are usually calm and rational when commeting. It gets live in here and people get disrespectful and disrespcted so save that you must be this person or that person or that person. How many people can I be?

I curse ALOT. Every fucking day if you must know. Just finished cursing a bitch out in the supermarket for trying me. I'm from New York and that's what we do. Since what I eat don't make you shit save me the etiquette class.

YOU must be Jen-a-fuh because she is the onky one concerned with what a man does for a living more than his love for her. That man's choice in career is not why she's a saggy skin, snobby bitch.
Oh and we value singing, we love it. Not HOLLERING. And black actresses are working. Rhianna, Lupita, Tiffany Haddish, the actress that plays Mashone on the Walking Dead, Oprah etc. The bitch can't act and she pisses everybody off with her holier than thou attitude.
She's about to get fired from being a judge on a talent show! Too busy worrying about promoting her shit on their time. AND was warned but still doing disrespectful shit.

David can always practice law, whenever he feels like it. He needed his woman's support to achieve his dream further and she scoffed at the idea. And he still is doing it. Don't know or care about your Trump allegations but I do know that the WWE has produced some high profile movie/TV stars.
Hulk Hogan
Kevin Nash
Dwayne Johnson
Steve Austin
David Batista
Rodney Piper
Triple H

So Jen-na-fuh

It's not him it's YOU BITCH.

Anonymous said...

@5:54 you gave me a good laugh. Thanks! Jennifer is done.

I troll it like I see it. said...

@5:54 PM

Could not have said that better myself. Jenifer need to get her saggy ass off this blog, trying to defend her bullshit. Bitch we see right through you. Get your son David!!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Yes your some bitter crazed angry fan of ....And you hate hate hate Jennifer Hudson. Or you are being paid to blocg for David which is why you have so much information. Either way "Choke on Cum weirdo"!

Anonymous said...

10:05 fan NEVER. I felt bad for the fat bitch when she said Beyonce did her dirty, who knew she would end up deserving it?
Hate? I don't think so. I dont give a fuck about that bobble head bitch.
Getting paid? I'm getting tight at this accusation and considering not posting on blogs anymore since I keep getting that my shit garnes wages. Can you ask Snitch to hook a sister up? She be ignoring me lol.
I have this information because I do my homework unlike your dumb ass with the "he going through her stuff yall" "he want her money yall". With the degree that man has and his role in the most famous wrestling organization EVER do you thing he is worried about this greedy bitches money?
Bet money that if her stretch marked up ass was still 430 lbs she'd be tossing his salad and evrything else.
FYI Cum is good for your skin not your throat so I'll pass on the choking on it.
BUT you enjoy all the food you eat and then throw it up Jen-a-furrrrrr

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Proving my point you Sorry Sick Hoe...Look at YOU just sitting on Snitch waiting for anyone to say anything good about Jennifer Hudson. Wack azz Bitch! If you ain't getting Paid for this ....then your just a pathetic lonely crazed crusty lips with mouth splattered with dry cum Looser!!!
Bye looser! Keep trolling on Snitch day and night. (Damn! You really are pathetic if you not getting paid for this)

Anonymous said...

So umm you NOT gonna reverse psychology me into not posting on your gastric bypass ass.

So yea.

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