Saturday, November 25, 2017

Denzel Washington Speaks on the Prison Industrial Complex

In his new film Roman Israel Esq. Denzel Washington plays a defense attorney battling the justice system.

In real life Denzel says the prison industrial complex is not the real problem and that the solution starts at home...

Asked his opinions about the industrial prison complex system Denzel explains,
“It starts with how you raise your children. If a young man doesn’t have a father figure, he’ll go find a father figure."
“So you know I can’t blame the system. It’s unfortunate that we make such easy work for them.”


vicki cox said...

OK Bill Cosby. You need to get in touch. It may be
a parent problem and it is a system problem. Are you aware of innocent kids being locked up because they are too poor for a good lawyer. Open your eyes and maybe you will open your wallet to fight the inequities in the system.

Anonymous said...

Yeah he’s getting old. Of course parents are to blame.

However the system still needs work, uncle ’Zel.

Anonymous said...

This type of attitude is so toxic...he's been bitter ever since the uncle denzel memes went viral

Anonymous said...

I blame lustful black men and women who lay down and create children without a solid foundation. Black children deserve a future, it starts with having to co-creators who give a damn. Once black people stop lusting we will start creating children with a purpose not by mistake. Too many desperate for any little bit of man baby mama's and too many ain't shit dead beat baby daddy's...too many black children suffering.

Anonymous said...

Denzel has sold his soul. He did that along time ago. So his answer is not a surprise. He got his and he definitely is not looking back.

JDent said...

Wait a minute he’s only saying what folks say on this blog and others. WTF black ppl know the truth but don’t want anybody so speak it out loud.

He’s right. Why you Pookie won’t snitch on Ray Ray and will do a bid for him. Loyalty to someone he sees as family.

Denzel has been donating time and money to Boys/Girls club for over 30 years.

I blame the system and lazy ass parents. He’s also right we do make it easy for them to incarcerate us. WE DIDN’T USE TO DO THAT!!!

Anonymous said...

He's right to a degree but the system makes it hard for men of color...At any age. If you're not onto the game early on, that can cost you the rest of your life. Not all single mothers choose that situation of raising kids alone. Without a good support system (otherwise known as the village), any kid can fall through the cracks.

I wonder how all of his alleged children are doing. There were rumors in L.A. about his cheating ways long before the internet.

Oh yeah, speaking of my city, he's doing a Bill Cosby for real. While he's behind the expansion of West Angeles Church and the MLK hospital wing, I think he needs to fall back on this one.

Anonymous said...

J dent 10:18am
Fuck YOU! Go and choke on a HIV dick and die. You are a waste of skin and bones. You will not be missed by anyone bitch.

Anonymous said...

Now, Denzel, you know damn well people don't want to get called out on their bullshit. It's much easier to put it all on the system than to acknowledge their trifling, self destructive habits.

JDent said...

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JDENT said...


Those carefully worded instructions are for YOU. Ahhaaaaaa. TRAMPS ARE SO EASY TO DESTROY.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of upbringing, to dismiss the glaring racial inequalities in the "system", is to act like those inequalities haven't played a huge role in the state of our communities' issues. People of color have been targeted and punished differently since the system was built. We're now getting a tiny bird's eye view of the blatantly corrupt with body cams. How does how you raise your child change then from being Black in America? I know many people who work and commit no crimes who've had very bad interactions with last enforcement. No one is saying there isn't a criminal element, but this is like saying that Jim Crow was never a thing. I agree, I think that meme really made him feel disrespected. Hrs becoming uncle Ruckus. With that, I will be keeping my money tucked safely in my wallet from here on when it comes to Denzel projects. He's an actor, bout an activist and not above reproach. He played Brother Malcolm but he damn sure ain't him.

Anonymous said...

It's exhausting to be lectured to be people so far removed from the situation due to their money, power, influence and celebrity. He's an actor, nothing more. Why should his opinion matter more? Ask the people arrested and falsely charged by Sheriff Joe Arpio if thier upbringing ever factored into it. If you research the history of some laws, they were specifically designed to target Black folks after the abolition of slavery. The wording had been tweaked, the legalese more nuanced, but the intent remains the same. We'd be remiss to ignore it. I'm all for the dude who robbed my crib to go to jail, but I'm not with every black dude suddenly "fitting the description" Oh, how the legacy of Dick Gregory will never be repeated.

Anonymous said...

You are right on point. I Loved your comment!!!!

Laa soul said...

@Vicki Cox, 11:09 and 11:25am Thank You! I wonder what Uncle Denzel would say to individuals like the Central Park 5 (I grew up with 3 of them) who were wrongly convicted of rape, served years in jail our own now President of the United States took out a full page ad in the newspaper calling for them to executed, only to be proven innocent by DNA evidence and a full confession by the actual perp who finally grew a conscious?

I don't even want to begin about the number of other law suits that are being filed here in NYC where wrongly convicted Black men are being settled in the millions by the Brooklyn DA's office ALONE and the taxpayers, myself included, have to fork over due to negligence and corrupt cops.

I'm not saying some of my people as well as others from other cultures do the crime so they damn sure need to do the time, but don't make it seem like not having a two parent home is the ONLY reason, because there are other factors that must be acknowledged as well.

Anonymous said... could I omit the Central Park 5? Oh, I know because there are so many cases, documented and not, of this same type is racial railroading. It's like people is different races get arrested for the same charge, but one ends up with a misdemeanor because hrs a good kid and the other a felony because he's predisposed to criminal behaviour. Ever read the n y p d web log/msg board thee rant? Oh their hatred for people of color, especially elected officials, is downright frightening. What about COINTELPRO..was that because they weren't raised right? How about the disparity in charges and sentences based on race? Again, comes down to manners? What about the C I A contra crack conspiracy. How many families were destroyed and still reeling from the crack era? Crack, brought into our neighborhoods by our government. He has a right to his opinion, and I have an obligation up tell anyone who will listen that wet lost another one. No one is asking to open the doors to the prison and free those guilty, just treat everyone equally and justice will be served. No one is absolving real crooks, but the game is afoot and we'd be brainwashed not to scream about it from the mountain top.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to those with intelligent comments on just a few examples of how this system is sinister, d3signed to unfairly target and ensare blacks while acknowledging personal responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Denzel you are just an actor...white kids with no dad, don't all end up in prison...there's something else going on...prisons are like plantations!Denzel you haven't lived the life, I seen my blood brother live...I'm a single black light skin female{I know I didn't need to say light skin but hey}...there are no men out here for me ,they all in jail...what do you know smarty pants!? lol

Anonymous said...

He's not all wrong, but it's a complicated matter and there's Ben a concerted effort to incarcerate men of color en masse. It's in UN docs, so it's not a myth.

That said, remember when Cosby was talking like this? And since when does Denzel say anything political? Perhaps someone was facing an allegation of sexual misconduct and was told to say these things to make them go away?

(But only for now, Denzel.)

Anonymous said...

I, Felicia Kelley will no longer support any of Denzel’s movies!! I actually was done with him when he was doing all that extra shit for the Russian prostitute in that dumb ass movie that Antoine whatever his name directed..

Cannot wait until all his skeletons start tumbling out the closet on his black ASS!!

Anonymous said...

Kalief. Browder.
Freddie. Gray.
Philando. Castile.
Tamir. Rice.
Amadou. Diallo.
Ayanna. Stanley. Jones.
Sean. Bell.
Laquan. McDonald.
Mike. (Michael) Brown.
Ramarley. Graham.

Anonymous said...

The CIA (Crack In America) and the crack epidemic.

Anonymous said...

He should shut up and quietly make a donation to The Innocence Project.

Anonymous said...

Denzel is ugly ass hell looking like a stank old freaky grampa.

Candi Jimenez said...

I will shut it all down. The problem is kids are having kids! And we as parents accepted it. Age distant between mother and child is 14 to 16 years of age. And it does not matter if they 18. What is the difference in the mind of 16 and 18? Not a muthafucking thing! So when the kid is 5 and mommy is 21 she is turn up, lit, grove on coming home all hours of the night without a care in the world. Hung over will not get up with her own kid! Children need to be feed, attention, outdoor air. To fucking tired to get your ass up from dropping it like its hot from last night. This happens over and over. Mommy wants to live her life like 1999. That leaves the child to figure out someone to take care of him. And they end up about that fast money...Dough boy money. And people have the fucking nerve to say its the systems fault. Denzel is right. Its a parenting issue. one poster above states
it starts with having to co-creators who give a damn. Once black people stop lusting we will start creating children with a purpose not by mistake. Too many desperate for any man!

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