Monday, November 27, 2017

Jay Z Cancels Another Tour Stop

Last month on the kick-off of the 4:44 tour tickets were selling for as little as $11 and a date in Fresno had already been canceled [click here if you missed that].

Now the Nebraska stop just got the axe...

In a statement posted on the Pinnacle Bank Arena website Jay Z explains,
Due to the scale of this production, we cannot get the screens up on time into the building in Nebraska.
This tour is too important to me to do it halfway. I have to cancel the show.
Same with Fresno.
I respect you guys too much to take the money and run.
Peace, Hov
Tickets will be refunded at original point of purchase.


Anonymous said...

so let me get this straight.. this guy puts himself out there as some big shot, music industry champion.. uses publicity stunts galore to sell all his artists including his lame wife who can't sing live and uses backing tracks.. puts out these tours with $1K ticket prices because he believes him and his wife is actually worth that much.. attacks the media for reporting the truth that he's not selling out his shows.. slashes the prices of this tickets to $6 a pop.. and now is canceling his tour??? so i take it the era of the carters are finally over and they are going to go back to publicity stunting their new born babies to make up for the lack of money they could not rob and steal from the fans... wow... Kanye was right about everything... LMAO!


"I am the great and powerful... ... Wizard of Oz: Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain."

- OZ From the Wizard of OZ Movie 1939

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Can't get the screen up= LOW TICKET SALES.

Anonymous said...

Smaller venues would have been more than enough room for this guy. Genius, he is not - not even a smart logical manchild.

Anonymous said...

So where all the Hova stans who claimed that since the Rolling Stones can tour into their 80's then why can't Jay Z? Maybe cause Jay can't sell tickets?........

Come on Jay, stop playing said...

Is Puff Daddy on a 50 date tour
Is Dr. DRE
Heck even 50 cent

What do think Puffy, or Dre would say to a Label Executive that offered him a label deal that required him to get on the road and do 50 plus tour dates.

So Mr Jay Z, what the Heck man, seriously like what are you doing, shouldnt you be at some board meeting with Tidal, or something?

I mean come on man, what got you in this hole, because I know you do not want to be out there on the road city to city on grueling tour dates.

Just pay off Live Nation, you got Billions, man

Anonymous said...

Even as a fan I have to call out the Bullshit. The screen worked fine the next night in BK. Then Bey posting him on the jet screamed smoke screen to the obvious. The question now is how long before Live Nation cut ties.

Anonymous said...

Ten more years Jay, ten more years on that new Live Nation contract , Man!

In my Dr, DRE voice....shiiit, I cant see that homie. Wish a nigga would try to get me on the hoe stroll. Im a rich nigga, I paid my dues. What dafuck I need to tour fo, fuck a tour. Da fuck dat nigga Jay doing

Anonymous said...

i'm still trying to find these $11 and $6 tickets! They haven't been that price anywhere I've searched so I'm quite confused to these numbers...

Anon said...

Prince would rock stadiums and then his next venue would be at a place that would have an occupancy of 200. No gimmicks, no props and fancy stage props we’re needed. We need folks like Prince.


Anonymous said...

Blaaa fake news, jay is a BOSS, he is not even on tour, idiots- jay is not an artist, he is an owner

You dont see the owner of the Lakers playing in games do you. Get outta here, the man is worth a BILLI , he aint touring, his artist go on tour NOT Jay.

All this fake News, and fake pitures about him touring in all these cities- you guys are gullible and dumb. Stop hating, Hova is a BOSS

Anonymous said...

1251^^ and you son are LOST

Anonymous said...

@8:14 article reads cancelled two dates NOT cancelled tour specifically reads Fresno and Nebraska!!

Anonymous said...

It's the "holiday season" and people are spending their coin on more important things.

Anonymous said...

Ok read your whole post, sarcasm lol
That nigga aint bit more a boss
He is a lowly pawn that tricked y'all into exalting his pawn azz

Anonymous said...

@8:14 article reads cancelled two dates NOT cancelled tour specifically reads Fresno and Nebraska!!

Anonymous said...

Nobody pays 11 to see a BOSS. Bruce Springsteen type motherfuckas are bosses. Should just make it an even 10. Guess the extra dollar is for his wife to come and shake her old 45 going on 32 cakes. Only way people will pay to see JZ again is if he wakes up the old Kanye and they do an Esxape reunion.

Dear Live Nation! said...

@1:02 and 1:11 lol dont sue us Live Nation!

I know your mad because your not making the money you thought the tour would...

As far as the youth of today, and music consumers, THE TOUR IS DEAD IN THE WATER


Haters are motivation said...

Ive lost track of how many businesses Jay is CEO of

He is an Executives Executive. He runs LIVE NATION. GOOGLE IT!

He owns Tidal GOOGLE IT.

Just those two alone are making him a TON OF MONEY.

So FUCK OUTTA HERE, can YOU buy the NETS, BITCH, and sell the team for profit.

Jay and Beyonce dont ever have to go on tour to get coins, Beyonce tours because she loves it,

Jay hasnt been on tour in 10 years BITCHES ,


Anonymous said...

Delusion at it's finest just accept you got played by their fake news, forbes etc...

Anonymous said...

And if they are doing because they love it why are they charging why not a few shows here and there they are employees, workers and the gig is just about up as it should be

Anonymous said...

They are awful both of them, down talking, promoting nonsense and destruction fake fake and more fake, ugh

Just an observation said...

No one wants to hear his ugly ass rapping about cheating on his doofus wife.
He needs to go home and enjoy her extra $100 million she made for the family cause he will never see numbers like that in his life when it comes to his work.
His reign is up.

Anonymous said...

@The 1st Poster
U Got Th@ St8

Ye Aint
ALL Krazy Lol

@1:29 No. I Can
Not "Buy The Nets "

But U Will Not
C@ch Me Braggn
Like I Own
The Buildin

Come To
Find Out
The Mascot
Had More Pull Lol

Lol @Mr. 00001 %

As Far As
Shawn Goes

It Is
To Humble

& Exalted
By Others
Than To
Exalt UrSelf

& Have
Humble U 100%


Anonymous said...

All this untouchable bs
Boy zero bye

Anonymous said...

and furthermore, remember Tyrese is a singer,actor, author, philanthropist, motivator and model.
He is the star of 2 movie franchises that have grossed over a $1 Billion separately.

Anonymous said...

^^^ you suck as either one of these 2 PR person.

Gabrielle said...

@1:10 pm, you shol right about that

Anonymous said...

How many concerts has this man done? And now all of a sudden this is the one time he has problems getting it together? We know this kind of thing doesn't happen...especially when it's for celebrities like Jay and Beyonce. I remember seeing his wife perform and said while performing..."somebody's getting fired".

Anonymous said...

LOL @ OVA HOVA.. This Is It where that nigga Conrad Murray when you need him.

Anonymous said...

Too bad. I saw the show in Detroit and btw it was sold out. It was amazing!

Anonymous said...

Dumb azz detroiters we know worst schools in nation, paying 20 times what other cities paid, we know, it's nothing to be proud of

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